2020 JUN 23 NZ Elections 2020; Billy Te Kahika, 90 Days to go. is NZ standing at the brink of plunging into Socialistic Global Communism


All evidences show that NZ has less than 90 days to change the direction it has been hijacked to, How? By voting at the next election to change direction from Socialistic Global Communism back to a true democracy and to fix current corrupt governmental system – Kiwi you must act. 

Vote …

Billy Te Kahika, Open Letter/Facebook Post[1]SEE URL: https://www.facebook.com/billy.tekahika/posts/10157889664327663

Morena, (Good morning) Everyone: I got up extra early this morning because I woke up with buzzing energy but also with real clarity about our situation in NZ and the world..

I thought Id write about it.

This election is the most important, pivotal election I think NZ will ever have.


Because this is the election that will either protect us or condemn us to a life of control & misery that we freedom loving, critical thinking people will be forced to endure.

Many are not yet awake to this – many ‘political’ people are not yet awake to this reality.

Our job is to ‘calmly’ but urgently let people know that our freedoms are greatly at risk and threatened beyond what any foreign invasion force could do to us.


Because this threat emanates from our very own government.

‘They’ believe that what ‘they’ are doing is right – but the issue, and the most important issue is – what ‘they’ consider is ‘right’ is evil at it’s core. And that’s the issue.

Evil in a sense that the entire pretence of the COVID 19 crisis is founded upon now proven lies (fact), that this crisis looks extremely like the opportunity to destroy freedom and democracy across the globe and that this is the very real, tangible plan to control all nations through the establishment of the UN Agenda 30[2]Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ‘sustainable’ control program. SEE N1529189.pdf URL: … Continue reading

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You see, freedom is not to be tolerated, or permissively given by a Government — it is the God given right of everyone human on our planet – it’s already ours.

We have forgotten that we the public have put the Government into power.

We have seen that our Government and all parties in it are untrustworthy and it is time we the public take the power back.

I have had people debate me that what we are seeing is not democracy being destroyed but something else.

I have had people tell me that the fact a military commander now manages the quarantine aspect of the COVID 19 Health Response act is not Military Law and that ‘they’ cannot enter your homes…

I have had people who believe this law is about our safety.

I quietly listen or read and then I pick their position apart with logic and facts.

Its a weary process it really is – but an important one as they have the right to believe what they will but they also have the right to be presented information without it being spun or twisted by this Government that has the Master Certificate of Dishonest and Deceptive behaviour.

We now have less than 90 days to change things by voting at the next election to get this government out and to fix the corrupt system – so we must act.

Billy Te Kahika

As you all know, I have spoken with the minor political parties about uniting under the NZPP banner.

As you also know this movement that you the public started is massive in it’s appeal, support and the broad policy program we have that is focused number 1 on protecting our freedoms.

Aside from this nothing else will mean anything because if we do not have our freedoms and have a true democracy…

We will never stop 1080, medical criminality, economic disaster, loss of National sovereignty, further loss of our environmental sovereignty and the list goes on – but defending our freedom, real government accountability and creating the constitutional framework to protect all NZ citizens has to be the most important issues envelope.

None of the parties I have spoken with have understood this – and I say, have truly understood this and that worries me.

I have tried with all of my heart to invite the other parties to come into your movement that you have put me in front of so that we can end the tyrannical behaviour that we are seeing from this Government.

I have one intent and focus only – and this is to serve us all and get into Parliament to fix this.

Aside from my faith and whanau – nothing else matters. I have simply the best people in my immediate team that have achieved so much in such a short time at such a high level – this should give you confidence that we know what we are doing.

I also have the most incredible people across New Zealand that have risen up to help NZPP do the incredible things we are doing – it truly is a people’s movement….and it is on this basis that I invited parties that have a niche profile to join us so that we help them to go into parliament with us – together.

It remains to be seen if anymore will join us. It was not a dictatorial invitation. I have not seen in any one party anything that gives me confidence enough to know that their policies and capacity of their organisation will get them into parliament and it is with this view that I protect what we have all achieved in just 10 days.

NZPP as a broad based movement cannot be absorbed into very narrow, niche parties – this would ultimately destroy our chance to reach the slowly awakening masses and this is a great concern if we are to get the massive voting numbers I believe we can.

Most minor parties are polling well under 1% – combined they would not have 5%.

If just 35% of the people who have engaged in our message voted for NZPP we would have 10% of the house – that is huge.

So why would we marginalise NZPP into these other parties? We wouldn’t.

I’m pragmatic and one in intent and that is to work for you all to change things and actually win the result we desperately need – you have given me the mandate -this mandate and our policies are not something I dreamed up alone to talk a voting public into… it is how we all genuinely feel and what you have pushed for – because this makes sense and what is most important.

In closing, this is much longer than I intended… but it is important that we clear the decks so we can all move forward together and work like we never have before as we count down to the election. And yes we will have something exciting to announce shortly about completing our ‘registration process’.

So now my day starts..busy as I prepare to meet you all in person and present NZPP to you…have a great day and keep spreading the message that is more truer each day – that the New Zealand Public Party is Your Voice, Your Power and Your Party.

Take care dear all.

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Published: 2020 JUN 23
Author: Billy Te Kahika Open Letter/Facebook Post
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1 SEE URL: https://www.facebook.com/billy.tekahika/posts/10157889664327663
2 Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ‘sustainable’ control program. SEE N1529189.pdf URL: https://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A/RES/70/1&Lang=E