COVID-19 in Focus

4cminews tweet: 2020 JUN 10 The Retractions Of 2 COVID19 Studies; Fraudulent Nature of Scientist Has Been Revealed

2020 MAY 29 CDC Admits COVID-19 Antibody Tests Are Wrong Half The Time & Virus Isn’t That Deadly

2020 MAY 23 The Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out: Drug Only Helped Those On Oxygen, Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment

2020 MAR 27 AU Police, Zero Tolerance to Cavalier Covid19 Attitudes Before Alf Garnett Kicks-In

2020 MAR 15 AN OPEN LETTER FROM SPAIN – Life in Spain with COVID-19

2020 JUL 15 Africa to Become Testing Ground for “Trust Stamp” Vaccine Record and Payment System

2020 AUG 13 Melbourne, Elderly people infected with COVID-19, Hospital does not want them, say relatives

2020 APR 05 Navarro confronts head on Fauci’s ongoing resistance to the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

2017 MAR 24 China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative

@4cminews tweet: VIDEOS 2020 APR 11 Google/Apple JV’S Dystopian COVID-19 Tracker Could Be Straight Out of Orwell’s 1984

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 MAY 19 Trump; Hydroxychloroquine, FDA & Media’s VA Study Not VA or Clinically & Peer Reviewed

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 MAY 19 Trump Advises He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine as A Preventative Measure

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 MAY 17 Pres. Trump Vaccine Development, Distribution to Us Community and Beyond

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 JAN 31 Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Discusses the Spread of Coronavirus & Solutions for Combating It

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 FEB 24 Pelosi (Anti-Social Distancing Policy) Encourages People to Come to Chinatown in COVID-19 CRISIS

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 17 Not going get Australian’s to buy the big brother ticket tracking all your population is tyrannical globalising 1984 Orwellian utopia that’s not going to fly prime minister tag the sick in home isolation remove tag – test you’re not going to get the people tick for wholesale tracking

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 17 How Sweden Is Responding to The Coronavirus; With Johan Norberg

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 17 Dr John Ioannidis COVID 19 Serology Study True Infection Rate Fatality in Ballpark of Seasonal Influenza

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 15 Coronavirus Origins Chinese Laboratory (Foxnews)

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 13 Obama, Fauci, China, Wuhan Lab 4, $3.7M USD Grant Results In COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 10 Victory in Wuhan Is Not All It Seems; Still in Lockdown & Beijing Not Open for Business

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 10 N.Y. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Success Treating COVID-19 Patients Reaches the White House

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 09 Pres. Trump Defunding World Health Organization; The Hammer Is Falling On (Who China Centric)

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 09 Dr. Shiva Saving the Critically Ill & Immune Health; nCoV19 VIT A, D, C & Hydroxychloroquine

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 09 Dr. Shiva Exposes Fauci, Birx, Gates, And the W.H.O. COVID-19 Endgame

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 07 China’s CCP Act of Bio-War nCoV19; Our Strategy Recover, Reparations And-Or Destruction of the CCP

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO: 2020 APR 14 Disproportionate Impact; AL SHARPTON Talks Coronavirus Ethnic Disparity with Dr. Fauci (Full Interview to Allow Contextual Viewing)

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 MAR 15 ORIGINS COVID-19 & VACCINES; WARNING PS SANDY ARMSTRONG YOUTUBE within minutes censored our posting

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 MAR 15 Origins COVID-19 & Vaccines; WARNING PS SANDY ARMSTRONG

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 MAR 15 Major Product Release COVID-19 MASK part number NCv19 Coronavirus

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 25 CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With COVID-19, Is this a deliberate action to exacerbate the crisis and keep American on lockdown?

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 21 Australian Politicians (Do not Have the Guts to Admit COVID-19 Was Exaggerated)

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 20 Politicians ‘Freaked’ About ‘Plainly Wrong’ Coronavirus Predictions

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 19 Please Explain Andrew Cuomo; NYC Nurse Speaks Out While Under Gag Order

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 19 Dr Ahmed, Treatments & Scale Of New York’s Coronavirus Devastation & Difficult for Outsiders to Understand

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 18 Australia When Did the Government Forget They Are There to Serve Its People

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 15 Fanos Panayides The Hidden Truth; A Passionate Rebuttal to Current Affair & Anti-Vaxxers Attack

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 13 nCoV19 PM Morrison Let us Unlock Our Water, Free Our Farmers and Feed Australia

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 13 China: New Wave of Infections on the Way, A province in northern China is preparing thousands of hospital beds

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 13 Ch9 and the ABC ‘wouldn’t dare mention MORE THAN HALF OF TOTAL SUFFERERS HAVE RECOVERED IN AUSTRALIA

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO 2020 APR 04 Non-Fiction; Bill Gates; ID2020 & Microchips for The Planned Cashless Society

@4cminews tweet: VIDEO (FULL): 2020 APR 14 Pres Trump’s Steps Outlines Restart Commerce; States to Administrate & With Fed Overwatch & Q & A

@4cminews tweet: Government rebuffs Virgin Airline’s bailout please. Right decision Branson pays no tax to any gov. Hides his wealth! (Novel idea: use your own money DICK)

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 20 China Outraged After Largest German Newspaper Accuses Beijing of “Exporting” Coronavirus Pandemic, Demands & Euro 149 Billion in Damages

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 19 Young COVID-Positive Redditors Describe Agony of Ongoing Symptoms Nearly Two Months After Getting Sick

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 18 US Launches ‘Full-Scale Investigation’ Into Wuhan Lab

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 18 Did Xi Jinping Deliberately Sicken the World

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 17 COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says “Could Only Have Been Created in a Lab”

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 16 2nd Wave of Virus Outbreak Erupts in Northern Chinese City of Harbin

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 09: In Rare Statement, Pentagon Denies ABC Report on Early CCP Virus Intelligence

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL: 2020 APR 09 Leaked Documents from District Authorities in Wuhan Reveal Scale of Virus Data Coverup

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL 2020 APR 14 Chairman of Jt. Chiefs Admits US Intel Has Taken ‘Hard Look’ At Wuhan Lab as Origin Of COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: EDITORIAL 2020 APR 02 Woolworths, Coles to raise tap-and-go limit to $200 Rape and Pillage Folks the Vikings Have Landed Again (cauliflower $9.00) business that’s LEGALLY PRICE GOUGING “SUPERMARKETS” GOV. Turns Blind Eye

@4cminews tweet: A Person Can Carry and Transmit COVID-19 Without Showing Symptoms, Scientists Confirm

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 28 Death of 30-year-old Nathan Turner from coronavirus has officials worried; SPECULATION FAKE NEWS THE CAUSE OF DEATH IS YET TO BE ESTABLISHED OK

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 26 COVID-19, 5G, Fanos Panayides Speaks to Avi Yemini

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 24 Prof Petrovsky; Like It Was Designed to Infect Humans; COVID-19 ‘Cell Culture’

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 22 COVID-19 Pres Trump Declares Houses of Worship Are Essential Effectively Immediately

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 21 The Full Fauci Timeline: Sorting Fact from Fiction

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 21 Chinese newspaper labels Australia ‘a giant kangaroo that serves as a dog to the US’

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 21 “Trust Is Being Undermined” – Harvard Medical School Prof Questions Fauci’s “Shading” Vaccine Results

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 21 ‘We stand with Australia’: US Secretary of State

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 20 Dr. Zelenko Promises; Use of Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc ‘Will End Coronavirus Plague

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 19 Security concerns sufficient to ‘break China’s lease on the Port of Darwin’

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 19 Nolte: The One Fact that Shuts Down Media & Fake Outrage About Trump & Hydroxychloroquine

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 18 Over 100 Million in China’s Northeast Face Renewed Lockdown

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 18 Judge Declares Oregon Governor’s Restrictions on Religious Gatherings ‘Null and Void’

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 18 Can’t Make This Up: Beijing Begins Construction of a P-3 Biolab

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 16 Supreme Court judges Justice Wilson, Hulme and Hamill give paedophiles a get out of jail free card during the Coronavirus crisis

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 16 FDA Halts Bill Gates-Backed COVID-19 Testing Program

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 15 COVID-19 Deaths & Pre-Existing Conditions. What Illinois’ Data Says About Who’s at Risk

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAY 08 YouTube Targets Chinese Blogger After She Posts Video on Coronavirus Origins

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 27 US. Coronavirus Task Force, Press Briefing

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 27 New York ER DR. Reports COVID-19 Take This Very Seriously; It Does Not Spare Anyone

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 26 DCMO Dr Paul Kelly; Updates the Latest COVID-19 Cases Across Australia

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 26 CPC Ordered Stripping Globally Essential Medical Supplies Jan-Feb Concealing COVID – 19 Crisis

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 26 China to Shut Borders to Foreigners Ok What’s Happening in China That They Want to Hide

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 25 PM Live in Canberra Update on The Coronavirus Outbreak & Gov Responses (FULL COPY) with Q & A

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 25 COVID-19 The DC Med Officer Paul Kelly Says Cases Rise & Now Reached 2252

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 25 China reports 21 Million Drops in Mobile Users In The Last Three Months

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 24 Super-fit Cycling Fanatic, 40, With No Underlying Health Conditions, Battles COVID-19 As Wife Tells Young People ‘You Are Not Invincible

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 24 ER DR. Gives A Rare Look Inside an Elmhurst Hospital, Queens A Center Of COVID-19 Pandemic

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 Lockdown; Scott Morrison Reveals Long List Of Restricted Activities

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 AU This Is Not A Drill; Your Actions Flattening the Curve Will Save Or Kill A Massive Number of Australians

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 24 Appalling Miscommunication’ Over the Magnifica Cruise Ship ‘Triggers Panic In WA

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 23 Closing AU Borders to China Will Hopefully Have A Huge Impact On Virus Death Rate

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 23 Australian PM Summons Spirit of The Anzacs In Fight Against COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 23 Australia What will be open? Under the new measures, “Essential Services” And Their Suppliers Will Remain Open

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 23 AU Prime Minister Orders Total Shutdown of All Non-Essential Services from Today

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 22, Australian PM Morrison & Treasurer Unveil A Second Stimulus Package

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 22 Coronavirus: 12-year-old girl ‘fighting for life’ on ventilator one day after testing COVID-19 positive

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 19 Now 3 Int. Studies Find Chloroquine with Azithromycin Shows 100% Success Rate in Treating Coronavirus In 6 Days

@4cminews tweet: 2020 Mar 18 Italian Doctor on What Medications NOT to Take for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 10 Dealer vs. Entrepreneur in today’s world it could become a very thin line ie paper thin Thanks to COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 08 The New Level of Human Coronavirus Insanity This Reflects the Pure Heart of Humanity SELFISHNESS So Much for Our Intelligence Seriously What Did Humans Do Before Toilet Paper

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 07 Costco Runs Out of Toilet Paper (Won’t Have More for Centuries)

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 07 Australia in the Clutches of Toilet Paper Hysteria; Woolworths, Sydney

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 07 Australia in the Clutches of Toilet Paper Hysteria; Coles, Melbourne

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 04 Forty staff members who work closely with the 53-year-old male doctor at Ryde Hospital have been isolated

@4cminews tweet: 2020 MAR 04 Australians panic buy, toilet paper suppliers out of stock

@4cminews tweet: 2020 Mar 04 AUSTRALIA New coronavirus screening measures, travel bans

@4cminews tweet: 2020 JUN 07 Black Lives protesters are ‘recklessly endangering lives or this COVID-19 all a con?

@4cminews tweet: 2020 JUN 05 Hundreds of Recovered Virus Patients in China Have Relapsed, Leaked Documents Show A growing number of patients in China are relapsing

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 28 Kevin Rudd; your Rhetoric is just political ALP dribble COVID-19 should teach us not to put everything in one Chinese basket

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 27 Scientists Discover HIV-Like “Mutation” Which Makes Coronavirus Extremely Infectious

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 19 Mrs. X in Wuhan Speaks Out

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 15 Wuhan’s Hastily – Constructed 1,000-Bed Coronavirus Hospital Is Already Falling Apart

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 15 Wuhan’s Hastily – Constructed 1,000-Bed Coronavirus Hospital Is Already Falling Apart

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 15 Wuhan’s Hastily – Constructed 1,000-Bed Coronavirus Hospital Is Already Falling Apart

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 14 They cannot keep up with cremation from deaths from COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 14 COVID-19; China Sends 25,000 Medical Personnel to Hubei

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 14 China Has Ground to A Halt: “On the Ground” Indicators Confirm Worst-Case Scenario; COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 14 ‘It’s Coming’: CDC Director Warns Coronavirus to Become Widespread Throughout United States, ‘Probably Beyond 2020

@4cminews tweet: 2020 FEB 05 The Lies We Are Being Told About the Coronavirus

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 22 Sorry folks that’s not what doctors in us are experiencing they key to success you do not wait till you cannot breathe first of all

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 21 NNN Early Antibody Testing Indicates Far More COVID-19 Cases, Lower Mortality Rate

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 20 Dr. Sood; LA County DPH nCoV19 Serology Study; Exposure (Significantly Higher) Mortality Rate (Significantly Lower)

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 19 Gary Franchi Next News Network; I Just Got Tested For COVID-19 ANTIBODIES & MODELLING The simulations driving the world & response to COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 17 Say #NoMobTrackPM

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 15 Navy removes 116 from hospital ship after virus infects 7

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 14 Scott Morrison MP on lifting restrictions, unemployment everyone except the disability pensioners Doubled??? $750/12=$62.50 far short of doubling benefit ps. NO help for rent difficulties. No Moratorium Rent


@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 07 Coronavirus: Victorian school students to spend term 2 at home

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 Ruby Princess; Disembarkment Community Transmitted nCoV19 Victims Absolutely Livered

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 Coronavirus: Queen addresses the Commonwealth on COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 CN Really Screwed AU, What Is Our Government Going to Do About This? AU Still stockpiling Med Supplies

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 China’s screwed the world nCoV19 Now Blackmailing Nation’s for Trade Rights vs PPE What Will the French Do?

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 AU Private Health Insurers Silent Still collecting premiums for Hospital Cover When in Fact All Beds in Private Hospitals Have Been Sold to The Government Health Depart

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 AU Private Health Insurers Silent Still Collecting Premiums for Hospital Cover When in Fact All Beds in Private Hospitals Have Been Sold to The Government Health Depart

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 A Massive Shout Out to Ferngrove Wines, Whipper Snapper Distillery and LabWest HAN-SAN: W.H.O. Formulation 1 Sanitising Hand Rub

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 “Where’s Harry” Your Country Needs You! “40 Yrs. Of Privilege Life and Wealth and You Are Where?”

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 “Where’s Harry” Your Country Needs You! “40 Yrs. Of Privilege Life and Wealth and You Are Where?”

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 05 Navarro Confronts Head on Fauci’s Ongoing Resistance to The Use of Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID-19

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 05 Hydroxychloroquine; The US Media Is Demented with Trump Hatred

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 04 President Trump & Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing Also Q & A Time

@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 03 Family Lockdown Boogie

@4cminews Retweet Comment: VIDEO: 2020 APR 17 Why Lockdowns Are the Wrong Policy; Swedish Expert Prof. Johan Giesecke

@4cminews Retweet Comment: Pigs fly what supermarket did they checkout Within day’s discount on everyday items Gone full max retail and in one IGA

@4cminews Retweet Comment: Chloroquine They know it works and its dirt cheap been on the market 20 years I bet that’s given big pharm. a serious case of the trots. 5c tablet

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 11 What lot of crock Chris Kenny?

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 11 Well done Scott Morrison MP this is your creation GREAT OPTICS! (The best of Australia) are you a GLOBALIST at present you are sure looking like it. Still bending over for CCP acquisitions do you want a CCP glass of MILK

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 10 This is pure propaganda manipulation: (ANTI-VAXXERS NEED TO TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM) if vaccine protects against getting flu i.e. Vax works?? Then anti-vaxxers are not a threat (your vaccinated) so what the drama it does not matter it is their right to say no

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 10 Great optics prime minister Scott Morrison MP a virus and now were are a police state and a mother protesting is a major criminal threat meanwhile CCP own most of our manufacturing our farming, water rights, control ports own massive portions of AU prime real-estate.

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 10 Federal and State Governments Are Coming Under Increasing Scrutiny Over the Coronavirus Crisis with Solid Reasons

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 10 FAILED Former PM Theresa May Globalist blames nationalism for Wuhan coronavirus pandemic as a globalist would LIARS LIE

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 10 Congratulations Scott Morrison MP there’s nothing right about this and it is not the parents, it’s your creation AU under draconian police state insanity meanwhile the real crooks walk packing heat doing as they will! we unarmed the cannon fodder 0/10 Scott Morrison MP thanks for 0

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 10 CCP spread the virus so Gavin Newsom gives CCP billion dollar order for PPE & it is faulty rejected product, only a Democrat is that stupid reward the dog whose attacking your family Surely CA citizens aren’t that stupid to re-elect this stupidity

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 09 Scott Morrison MP PM please tells us this will not be happening. (Australia is selling the farm again. Are we one step closer to drinking Chinese milk?)

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 08 WELL! WELL! The app is not what its hyped up to be! and now a Lack of honesty from the Government on virus app having in fact real problems with security & functionality

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 08 Just open your churches “full stop” freedom to worship. its time these Gov. Pritzker “mini me” Hitler types were miss piggy slapped into constitutional place.

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 Why is the brakes still on elective surgery there is no evidential reason being provided for such actions time to pull the plug on this Scott Morrison MP

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 Standing Too Close. Not Covering Coughs. If someone is violating social distancing rules, what should you do? RELAX – wear a mask & gloves (if you are in the people group more vulnerable)

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 Scott Morrison MP Doctors find hydroxychloroquine success rate at 91%. What is happening in AU to legalise its treatment use?

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 Imperial model was wildly inaccurate just like the Gates/Fauci fairy-tale and the tales of these players show a great lack of moral ethical compass as well this could be the blind trying tell us which way to go

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 Donald Trump here is another crime of corruption that is running deep with your Health advisors what are going to do about the rot in your Gov. Departments (follow patterns and who’s making the Dollars)

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 Doctors find hydroxychloroquine success rate at 91%. Donald Trump crash goes Fauci antidotal theory’s far cheaper than remdesivir

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 De Blasio, NYPD commissioner: No protests allowed in NYC; Sieg Heils Mein Fuhrer De Blasio (Fourth Riech)

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 07 Bill de Blasio: NYC Preparing to Furlough, Lay Off Essential Workers Sieg Heils Mein Fuhrer de Blasio your Empire is insolvent Resign fall on your sword display some humility

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 05 Here comes the twist of the knife politicians always conceal lie & break their promises WHAT SAY YOU Scott Morrison MP

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 05 Congressman: Pelosi Blocking Investigation into China Coronavirus Origins she must be comprised by CCP they got Dirt on top Democrats revoke Pelosi security status to [mushroom] keep in dirt feed with BS {a national threat} to humanity

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 04 Postpone elections it’s a no brainer 2024

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 04 Only the self-enrichment mob want to dance with CCP their hip pocket is the depth of their motivations this lot make Judas a sweet girl guide

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 04 Little more details i.e. they are sick? They are Asymptotic positives which means little to the real threat FEAR bubble MSM is driving 22 out of 13000 is just a nothing

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 04 Donald Trump Time to Quarantine Fauci & Birx. Fauci & Gates need to be integrated at Gitmo Fauci $3.7m to CCP lab to study what was illegal in USA & Gates holds pattens of this designer COVID strain WHY?

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 03 YouTube delete theorist David Icke account after he made coronavirus claims YouTube fake censorship Real London will stream to more than 1m live Ickes interview

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 03 Time to take back your country America the real virus I’d FEAR and media and experts so called experts build on bases of fear there’s no substance to their assumptions 2.5 million dead remember 67k died a universe apart from forecasted to actual folks

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 03 Time to bitch slap CCP Scott Morrison MP the sure screwed us over. Seize all China owned assets and funds in AU as a start towards reparations block all CN business investment/ownership nationalise all seized assets and funds to help bring our small business and most disadvantaged

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 03 Hong Kong CCP scumbags’ imports to the Hong Kong police force the CCP thuggery brigade at work. CCP is invading Hong Kong under COVID19 shadows

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 03 Feds Probe ‘Substantial Contractual Relations’ Between University of Texas And Wuhan Biolab. Donald Trump: Gates owns licence on the created COVID 19 virus

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 03 Do we want migrants to return in the same numbers? NO PROTECT AUSTRALIANS WORK BASE

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 02 Yuan Crashes After Trump Weighs Blocking Retirement Fund Access to Chinese Stocks as War of Words Escalates. Scott Morrison MP what are we doing to China it is time for them to pay the bill for COVID-19 nationwide defence measures CN pay up

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 02 Scott Morrison MP Dozens of Patients in Wuhan Have Developed ‘Chronic’ Coronavirus Infections post, the first exposure. it’s not what came it’s what is coming next that nobody’s talking about

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 01 No mail vote if COVID prevents in person votes then postpone elections till 2024 COVID free voting 52 state national disaster response executive order maintaining continuity of government in a pandemic

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 01 Make sure he’s not using CCP money tree to allow covert Chinese ownership never to trust a twiggy news conference rule 101

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAY 01 Evidence COVID-19 came from Wuhan institute Virology level 4 Lab: shame MSM have TRUMP TWISTED BOWEL SYNDROME and spent all its energy trying to debunk the Lab original source theory blame Obama, fort Detrick, Chapel Hill, Fauci, Gates & CCP Dr. Shi

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 31 Well Deserved Classic Trump Slap Down for Imbecile ‘Acosta’ Of CNN. #OXYGENTHIEF

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 31 We are at War COVID19 WWIII

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 31 QLD Premiers’ Public Servants ‘Fat Cats’ Pay Rise W.T.F. Try 30% COVID19 ‘PAY CUT’

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 31 Excuse me what happened to the Fourteen Day isolated cycle are you telling me royals have pull with COVID 19

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 31 Confused COVID19 Cornstalks, Cockroaches, Welshies; NSW Is in Lockdown

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 31 AU Prime Minister Scott Morrison Streams A Devotional, Exhortation & Prayer for Australia & The Nations of The World During This #COVID19 Calamity

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 30 Not a backflip moron just responding to medical advice from professionals based on best current indicators and logistics to execute any changes

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 30 Mypillow Mike Lindell Speech Causes MSM To Suffer Major Brain-In-Fart

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 30 Jessica Pinili quarantine in five-star hotel & worse than being a prisoner – What a sook baby dribble Jessica Pinili

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 30 Doctor Shares the Biggest Lie About COVID-19 (UK DATA)

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 30 Clearly, they think they came out of a test tube and a machine wipe their shitty arses and spoon feed them till Adult hood kicked in

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 30 “Quarantine” a song by Mat Best and Tim Montana

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 29 Pentagon Orders Essential Staff to Deep Underground Mountain Bunker as Pandemic Prep Escalates

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 29 Facemask COVID 19 Shortage Solution People in general

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 29 Audi driver, 25 spitting in a cop’s face while claiming she could have coronavirus’

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 28 Gov Cuomo needs to identify the morons who were holding them and not screaming out Ventilators Available where do you want them There’s no such excuse Hey that not my responsibility

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 28 A Tip For US. Hospital Management: Pull Your Head Out of Your Arse Listen to The Front Line

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 27 St Kilda Beach Those morons just don’t get or don’t give a toss, fine every one of them $1000 per person let’s see if that motivates them

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 27 Reason it’s making Trump looking to good and they can’t play the usual BS against trump time they shut the doors at NBC and CNN

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 27 Great all lectures should be public keep the intellectual ants honest

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 27 DR Zelenko Update: Hydroxychloroquine

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 26 Start Tagging and Incarnation to A Quarantine Site These AO’s Don’t Deserve Any Concessions Lock Them Down Seriously Stop Tolerating Such BS Put A Tracker on Them Like A Prisoner

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 26 Second developer flew 82 tonnes of medical supplies to China

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 26 Pres Trump calls out FakeNews and if the outcome if FakeNews agenda ran the country i.e. there wouldn’t be an America

@4cminews Retweet Comment: 2020 MAR 26 Pres Trump calls out FakeNews and if the outcome if FakeNews agenda ran the country i.e. there wouldn’t be an America

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