Islam vs. Christianity

Catholic & Church of England Clergy Welcomes Islam in Church, Then Bows to It

Last July, for the first time during a Mass in Italy, a verse of the Koran was recited from the altar.   A priest in the south of Italy enraged parishioners by dressing the Virgin Mary in a Muslim burqa… Continue Reading

No Gay Marriage Button

Well-Known Evangelical Leader Now Embraces Gay Marriage — but Critics Claim His Announcement Is Missing Something Profound.

A well-known progressive pastor who is in the headlines after announcing his support for the inclusion of same-sex couples in American churches is being accused by some of his fellow faith leaders of abandoning scripture by green-lighting committed homosexual relationships without… Continue Reading

Profile: Franklin Graham (03)

Franklin Graham Responds to Presbyterian Church’s Apostasy

The Apostate Presbyterian church USA: It wasn’t really surprising when the Presbyterian church USA moved to fully embrace same-sex marriage by changing the wording of its constitution earlier this week. But the fallout could be wider than first believed. Reuters… Continue Reading

Book Cover: Faith to Reason

Images of Apostates: From Faith to Reason – Former Pentecostal Mega Church Pastor

Quote: Brian Baker January 16, 2010, 4:01 pm by Brian Baker My own sexuality had haunted me for much of my life: At school I was attracted to guys also during my two years National Service in the British Army although… Continue Reading

Book Cover: Faith to Reason

Brian Baker book review – Faith to Reason

Justifying apostasy: A formerly well-known Australian pastor goes off the rails—and tries to persuade others to follow. A review of From Faith to Reason, by Brian Baker. by Carl Wieland Brian Baker’s book From Faith to Reason might not rate as… Continue Reading

Graphic: Apostasy (01)

Going Atheist: Newsboys George Perdikis and the Apostasy of Christian Believers

The news that George Perdikis, co-founder of The Newsboys, has renounced the Lord and proclaimed himself an atheist brought shock and pain to believers who have been blessed by their music for years. But now, rather than attacking him as… Continue Reading



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