Sydney 15th December Martin Place

john-blaxlandRead an interesting article by John Blaxland is a senior fellow at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University. printed in “The Drum – ABC

Lone madman or a networked holy warrior  article

My observations about the Sydney incident and Islamic Terror: by GEG

for-what-its-worthIt would appear the perpetrator Man Haron Monis wasn’t trained for the task, he lacked the resources to execute the plan.

Professional ISIS personal would have truly rigged the place to become dust along with a big bunch of hostages and armed forces.

Thank Goodness Man Haron Monis wasn’t skilled.

Be asured ISIS will be studying carefully how Australia handled the event with the intent to engineer better outcomes when they do act.

This event may well be the fuel for ISIS to really exact revenge at a scale of 9/11 proportions, these types of people have very long memories and unforgiving natures to accompany their blood lusts to kill infidels and the Apostates to Islam.

Our Security Forces may well be catching heat at present as this nutter had a high profile with the security organisations yet he managed to waltz into a downtown cafe lay siege kill at least the Cafe Manager Tori Johnson whilst wrestling the weapon from him in the early hours of today. We have not heard whose bullets killed the 38 year old mother of 3 Katrina Dawson, we shouldn’t rule out friendly fire; with the amount of bullets that went flying she may well be collateral damage when the strike force entered the cafe blazing. An unavoidable risk in such a “no win” situations.

The Bitter Facts:
Sadly in such events like Martin Place Siege somebody is not going to be alive at the end its just how do we minimise that number.

When “IS” terror does come:
I think when it does come it will be just a “Huge Explosion” and Mass Carnage; ISIS won’t be laying sieges the question will be how big is the Explosion and what high populated location will it be.

We can not afford to rule out:
This could have been a planned distraction and testing of our resources and this nutter was played as a pawn to achieve set objectives, we know only all too well the killing their own for the cause is well within the rules they live by. Why He’s a martyr for the greater cause.

We would do well to understand Fundamental Islamic Believers do not think like we do:
These followers of Islam are driven by a religious fervor unparalleled in society Past and Present, we have a vast storehouse of Historical events and evidence which goes right back to the very days of the Prophet Muhammad displaying the Terror and Killing trail they leave in their Conquest to establish Islam as they ruling Power. Strangely they could be label globalists however they are not the same as the globalist currently taking the world by stealth. via Commerce / Law and Politics via bodies like UN, IMF, AGENDA 21, G20, G10, G7,EU and many more Global Governance organizations.

Actually the Islamic Caliphate agenda currently being worked by ISIS must be causing the true World Order real grief; I feel they’ve been playing this Tiger for their own purposes within the middle east however its becoming a Tiger out of control whose eyes have moved well past the middle east.

The Creep: 
Islamic strategy is currently what I term “The Creep” slowly but surely they are becoming entrenched within the power structures of the western world powers, integration but not integrating; rather Sanitizing Islam and congregating within communities to gain control by numbers and within the local councils of the communities they dominate. Where by the  islamification process commences generally unchallenged. Shariah Law covertly established initially enforced on Islamic followers. Bringing in practices which our Western Societies have laws against.

The Creep within some nations is at the level where the push is to have Shariah Law Recognised as a legitimate Law within that land any nation foolish enough to court this idea is racing down the slide to an Islamic Horror, I would liken this act to selling your soul to the devil for a slice of bread. True Madness.

Radicals Fundamentalists Islamic Followers:
its being said the people whom have displayed this terror and Horror is a small percentage of Islamic Followers with numbers like 15 – 25% of all islamic followers falling under the umbrella of Radical Fundamentalists well lets place some perspective on this.


Total estimated Followers of Islam = 1.6 billion or 23% of earth’s population, Islam

Radicals Fundamentalists World Wide:

15% of 1.6 billion = 240  Million Radicals in the world today

20% of 1.6 billion =  320  Million Radicals in the world today

25% of 1.6 billion =  400 Million Radicals in the world today

payattentionTotal estimated Followers of Islam Australia 476,291 people, or 2.2% of the total Australian population.

Radicals Fundamentalists Australia est, Factor

15% of  476,291 = 71,433

20% of  476,291 = 95,258

25% of  476,291 = 119,072

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