Location Of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ‘Being Withheld,’ Claims Emirates Boss

 November 22, 2014: Sir Tim Clark, the chief executive of Emirates, said in a recent interview with aviation journalist Andreas Spaeth, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, that to his mind information regarding the location of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is being withheld by certain authorities.

In the interview, Clark also questioned what the role of the Malaysian military was after the plane disappeared on March 8, carrying 239 people on board.

Clark raised a lot of questions about the incident, asking his interviewer a rhetorical question.

“I think we will know more if there is full transparency of everything that everybody knows. I do not believe that the information held by some is on the table. Who actually disabled ACARS [the plane’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System], who knew how to do it? If you eliminate the pilot on a suicide mission, I’m sure you could have put the aircraft in the South China Sea, rather than fly it for seven hours. So if he was on a suicide mission, he would have done it then. Who then took control of the aircraft? Who then knew how to disable ACARS and turn the transponder off? That is a huge challenge.”

As far as Clark is concerned, it is virtually impossible for an aircraft of that size to go missing off the face of the earth in this modern day and age.

Full article here: inquisitr.com

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