@4cminews tweet: 2020 APR 06 AU Private Health Insurers Silent Still collecting premiums for Hospital Cover When in Fact All Beds in Private Hospitals Have Been Sold to The Government Health Depart


Hospital Cover ceased the day Elective Surgery was Mandatorily stopped in ALL Public and PRIVATE HOSPITALS by Order of the Australian Government; and within days the Government leased all beds in all private hospitals throughout Australia , there by taking full control of Admissions and health services within the Private Hospitals.

Australian Government partnership with private health sector secures 30,000 hospital beds and 105,000 nurses and staff, to help fight COVID-19 pandemic

A joint media release with Dr Nick Coatsworth, Australian Deputy Chief Medical Officer, and Alison McMillan, Australian Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, about the Australian Government partnership with the private hospital sector to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.[1]SOURCE … Continue reading

(thereby rendering Private Health Insurance Defunct as they can not provide the Major portion of their cover HOSPITAL COVER as the ensured have no private hospital services to access the government owns all the beds)

PRIVATE HEALTH INSURERS STILL COLLECTING PREMIUMS FOR HOSPITAL COVER WHEN IN FACT ALL BEDS IN PRIVATE HOSPITALS HAVE BEEN SOLD TO THE GOVERNMENT HEALTH DEPART and they have full control over who goes to a bed and when and where; as admissions are controlled by emergency departments which is government controlled

To Be Exact Private Health Insurers Are Fraudulently Collecting Funds for A Service Which Does Not Exist at This Present Time.  “WHY!” is our Government failing to address this?

Private health insurers are trying to hide and avoid taking a hit like every other industry and service provider and working Australia, and are happy to be taking hard earn funds that are desperately needed to manage in this crisis

“WHY!” is our Government failing to address this?



1 SOURCE https://www.health.gov.au/ministers/the-hon-greg-hunt-mp/media/australian-government-partnership-with-private-health-sector-secures-30000-hospital-beds-and-105000-nurses-and-staff-to-help-fight-covid-19-pandemic
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