1963 JUN 06 President John F Kennedy’s Peace Speech

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Speech Transcript: 1963-JUN-06-Pres.-JF-Kennedy-Peace-Speech-Transcript.pdf 

Remarks: American University, in the John M. Reeves Athletic Center on the campus of American University in Washington DC

This speech was delivered at the height of the Cold War – an appeal for peace at a time when what President Eisenhower had described as the Military-Industrial complex was much more interested in weapons and war than peace.

It was also a time when President Kennedy was sending personal representatives to Cuba in order to eventually achieve a rapprochement with Fidel Castro.

The CIA was aware of these contacts by tapping the telephones of the representatives – and its leaders and right-wing friends, and above all the anti-Castro Cubans, were fiercely opposed.

They were also opposed to Kennedy’s plans to withdraw from Viet Nam. It was also a time when Robert F. Kennedy was making it hot for the mafia.

Because of the Military and Intelligence Community strength in the United States and Russia, Both Kennedy and Kruschev were forced to work for Peace behind the backs of the War Hawks.

These discussions behind the backs of top Military Personnel and Top Factions within the CIA1)John McCone, 1961–1965 and FBI2)J. Edgar Hoover viewed Kennedy/Kruschev peace negotiations as Treasonous…

Which obviously to them was punishable by death, as we saw with the Killing of JFK.

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