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Clinton Body Count (CBC)

Name: Victor Raiser II


Robert Horan | @Robby12692 | Jun 11, 2018

Details: Victor Raiser II: A major player in the Clinton Organization and former Finance Chairman at the DNC. Victor and his son (Montgomery Raiser) were killed in a plane crash on July 30, 1992. 5 civilian casualties. A year later, Clinton hired his widow, Molly Raiser, as an Ambassador.

Image: CBC36 Victor Raiser II

MOLLY RAISER[1]SEE URL https://lagruacenter.org/event/detail/2017/7/9/5/00/pm/373-sfl_molly_raiser

Molly was Chief of Protocol during the first Clinton Administration from 1993-1997. She represented the President to foreign heads of state as well as ambassadors to this country. She coordinated all Presidential trips overseas.

She has forty years of political; and educational experience.  She taught American Literature for four years at the University of Jordan in Amman.  She is past Chair of the US committee; to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  Ambassador Raiser has also served on the Board of the National Democratic Institute for two decades.  As a member of that Board, she visited pre-intifada Palestine to work on civic education programs and was an official observer for the Palestine presidential election.

Image: CBC36B Molly Raiser


1 SEE URL https://lagruacenter.org/event/detail/2017/7/9/5/00/pm/373-sfl_molly_raiser
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