Rebuttal to an “Against Tommy Robinson Reasoning”

2019 JUL 13: Tommy Robinson
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2019 JUL 10 UK This Might Be Tommy Robinson’s Last Interview I Wilkow.

FB user wrote to us on a posting

Try to concentrate: –

1. Yaxley-Lennon has never assisted in stopping a paedophile attack, rape, grooming attempt, or in the apprehension of a perpetrator.

2. His actions outside Leeds Crown Court almost caused guilty paedophiles getting off on a technicality.

3. Yaxley-Lennon is not a “political entity”, he is a common thug and criminal with convictions which include:

– violent assault on a female
– fraud
– football hooliganism
– trying to enter the US with false ID
– contempt of court.

Some of his fellow former EDL members are actually paedophiles. What part of that record do you admire so much?

What is there to admire about this pint-sized wife-beater?


Apostle Paul was a murderer, King David was a murderer and Adulterer, they did NOT stay that way and they impacted the known world and let’s get closer to your home.

“What SINS” have you racked up upon this earth before the eyes of God Almighty?

What skeletons do you have in your past or present unknown to the public?

What deviant habits might you practice?

Your diatribe against Tommy reflects your disconnection from realities.

The very reason the government want him; gone is he’s forced the issue of Islamic Rape Gangs into the eyes of the UK Population as the scumbag Main Stream Media are complicit with the ruling class to cover and hide the gross horrors within the British communities perpetrated by Islamic grooming sex trafficking of minors which has been happening for 20 plus years with the full knowledge of the “Governmental / Legal / Policing and Social Welfare System” all because they were afraid to appear “Anti Islam” and suffering the disease of PC Madness or as in some cause they had their fingers in the pie enjoying its fruits.

Try with-drawing your head from where the sun does not shine and just look at this current incident, the trail of evidence screams against the Government Crown from day one; of the Kangaroo court process which saw him unlawfully incarcerated (in a 5 hour period) and that incarceration in itself has a truckload of murky waters with clear intent of the Prison system on influences from Government to place him in his risk of DEATH and frustrate and hinder his appeal process.

We see the Appeal Courts throw this case out because of a huge range of procedural and legal infractions of the court.

We see the Second attempt was rejected by the judge on-the-basis of the first charges and it never got to that retrial.

We see a 3rd attempt to lock him up now on contrived twisting of the intent of the law, (they call this trumpeted up charges out in the real world), this all based on the “contempt” on the day of sentencing of rapists of children and they had been already found guilty, they now were fronting the bench for their sentence to be pronounced.

Absolutely nothing he said was going to jeopardise the case. These prison sentence terms had already been decided the judge did not wander into court without knowing exactly what he was going to pronounce and why and had already placed it in writing.

In this 3rd attempt to incarcerate him the Facebook video evidence the crown used was “removed clearly and undeniably out of context” to contrive a situation which did not in fact, actually take place.

So watch out Journalists the courts have demonstrated they are willing to edit the content from the evidence to make it something that it was not if you’re a journalist this should make you wet your pants as it means they can get you anytime they want.

It appears the days of the Tower of London are back 9003 unfortunate Political opponents or “ dissidents with an alternative view or just someone the monarchy did like were taken into the Tower under cover never to be seen again Heads UP only 3 kept their heads attached to their bodies the rest had their heads on a pike and food for the royal ravens, does this sound familiar to 2019


Question: Is this courtesy of and thanks to the Prime Minister or Home Secretary or Attorney General? My Guess ALL Three of them have colluded.

Finally, do not use the conduct of others as evidence against him he answers for only one person his own actions if you’re a journalist you need to get out of the business as you seriously lack objective ethical commentary

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