A Comparison of Violence in the Bible & the Koran

by Bill Warner PhD (Politicalislam.com)

A recent study (by Tom Anderson) makes the claim that the Bible is as violent as the Koran. Hence there is no need to worry about with Islam. It is just like Christianity and Judaism.

My only interest is in political violence, not when Cain killed Able. Political violence is when a group attack those outsides of it. It is political when Muslims kill Kafirs in jihad, for instance. This eliminates counting personal violence and internal wars.

Bill Warner PhD said

? We want to measure ideas, so we count more than individual sentences.

? We need to count all the content that applies to ‘the political’ violence.




0 (zero)
words about political violence

words about political violence

words about political violence

Not on One occassion is there a record in the New Testament that Jesus himself or the first Generation leaders of Christianity preceeding the Death of Jesus taught/teaching Violence as a being part of a disciple of Jesus. Nor is it so today 2019

The violence in the Old Testament is historical in nature, not prescriptive, Nor is it so today 2019

The violence in Islam is prescriptively applicable to all people and times. Jihad is forever. This data makes sense. 2019 It will be jihadists committing murder in the morning news, not Methodists or Mennonites.

In short, there are nearly 10 times as much political violence in Islamic doctrine that there is in the Bible.

Above: Chart by Bill Warner PhD [1]Source: see URL http://cspipublishing.com/statistical/charts.html#Bible Raw Data: PDF BELOW

[pdf-embedder url=”http://4cminews.com/wp-content/uploads/OldTestamentViolentPassages.pdf”]
Prime Source: Political Islam | Published on Apr 13, 2016 Other sources: independent.co.uk | 9 February 2016 | Titled: 'Violence more common' in Bible than Quran, text analysis reveals


1 Source: see URL http://cspipublishing.com/statistical/charts.html#Bible
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