Jihad Watch: Detailed Full Report March 2019 (THE MOST INCONVENIENT TRUTH)


pay attention Australia

1400 hear of Islamic Political Religious History doesn’t lie and the pattern **never never changes**

they are doing exactly what is in their holy scriptures SO WAKE UP!

Jihad Report March 2019

Attacks 105
Killed 590
Injured 683
Suicide Blasts 7
Countries 21

Source: thereligionofpeace.com

Note: These are not incidents of ordinary crime involving nominal Muslims killing for money or vendetta.  We only include incidents of deadly violence that are reasonably determined to have been committed out of religious duty – as interpreted by the perpetrator.  Islam needs to be a motive, but it need not be the only factor.

March 2019

* 31st: Country: India; City/State/Region: Baramulla; Dead: 1 [A chemist is murdered in his shop by suspected Mujahideen.]

* 31st: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Muqdadiya; Dead: 1; Injured: 2 [Terrorists kill a civilian and injure a father and daughter.]

* 31st: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Balkh-Jawzjan; Dead: 1; Injured: 2 [Religious extremists attack a governor’s convoy, killing a member.]

* 31st: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Kamsuma; Dead: 4 [Four civilians are stood up and mowed down by an al-Shabaab firing squad.]

*  30th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Yathrib; Dead: 2; Injured: 1 [An ISIS attack leaves two dead.]

* 30th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Andar; Dead: 4; Injured: 17 [A ‘projectile’ hits a school during a Taliban attack, killing four young students.]

* 30th: Country: Thailand; City/State/Region: Songkhla; Dead: 2 [A latex trader and clerk are shot to death in their truck by Muslim militants.]

* 30th: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Dharkenley; Dead: 1 [Islamists fit a bomb onto a civilian car, sending the driver into the hereafter.]

* 30th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Hammam al-Alil; Dead: 2 [Two fishermen are shot to death by the Islamic State.]

* 30th: Country: Burkina Faso; City/State/Region: Yendere; Dead: 3 [Three civilians are murdered by Jihadists.]

* 29th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Boya; Dead: 1; Injured: 1 [A civilian is sectionalized by a terrorist landmine.]

* 29th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Siory; Dead: 9; Injured: 6 [Nine local police lose their lives when armed religious extremists attack their checkpoint.]

* 28th: Country: Burkina Faso; City/State/Region: Barani; Dead: 4 [Suspected Jihadists kill four policemen and burn their vehicle.]

* 28th: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Mogadishu; Dead: 15; Injured: 17 [Over a dozen patrons are cut down in mid-bite by a car bombing outside a restaurant.]

* 28th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Shinkay; Dead: 5 [Five local cops are massacred by the Taliban.]

* 28th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Laghman; Dead: 2 [A child is among two killed when fundamentalists manage to hit their house with a mortar.]

* 28th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Gatamarwa; Dead: 1 [One resident is killed when Islamic extremists burn down a village.]

* 27th: Country: India; City/State/Region: Jamia Masjid; Dead: 1 [A 24-year-old man is murdered by Muslim militants.]

* 27th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Miringa; Dead: 2 [A motorist is among two people killed during a Boko Haram attack.]

* 27th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Tell Jabin; Dead: 9; Injured: 3 [An ISIS booby-trap claims nine civilians.]

* 27th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Lakki Marwat; Dead: 2; Injured: 4 [A woman is among two killed when terrorists open fire on a group from the education department.]

* * 26th: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Hodan; Dead: 1; Injured: 1 [Suspected al-Shabaab plant a bomb under a luxury car, killing the driver.]

* 26th: Country: Niger; City/State/Region: N’Guigmi; Dead: 10; Injured: 8 [Two female suicide bombers coordinate with gunmen to massacre ten villagers.]

* 26th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Shireen Tagab; Dead: 1; Injured: 6 [Terrorists sent a mortar round into a home, killing a woman.]

* 25th: Country: Libya; City/State/Region: Ghadwa; Dead: 1; Injured: 3 [A civilian is kidnapped and murdered by the Islamic State.]

* 25th: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Mogadishu; Dead: 1; Injured: 3 [Muslim militants kill a university professor by fitting his car with an IED.]

* 25th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Manbij; Dead: 7 [Seven guards are killed by ISIS at the entrance to a city.]

* 25th: Country: Israel; City/State/Region: Mishmeret; Injured: 7 [Children are among the casualties when Hamas sends a rocket into a home.]

* 24th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Chichawatni; Dead: 1 [A man honour-strangles his 20-year-old sister for ‘having relations’.]

* 24th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Lahore; Dead: 1; Injured: 1 [A woman is chopped up with an axe for marrying without her family’s permission.]

* 24th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Sheikh al-Nasser; Dead: 2 [ISIS shrapnel claims two civilians.]

* 24th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Sangin; Dead: 65; Injured: 38 [Armed fundamentalists overrun two local security bases and murder dozens.]

* 24th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Jalalabad; Injured: 7 [A bomb outside a clinic sends shrapnel into women and children.]

* 23rd: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Mante; Dead: 1; Injured: 2 [Muslim militants attack three Christian teen sisters, raping and killing the oldest.]

* 23rd: Country: Niger; City/State/Region: Diffa; Dead: 7; Injured: 2 [Boko Haram burn down three villages, kill seven and abduct two women.]

* 23rd: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Lashkar Gah; Dead: 4; Injured: 31 [Bombs placed by religious radicals in tents at a Farmer’s Day ceremony kill four.]

* 23rd: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Mogadishu; Dead: 11; Injured: 15 [Sharia proponents send a suicide bomber into a government building, killing about a dozen.]

* 22nd: Country: Niger; City/State/Region: Dewa Kargueri; Dead: 8; Injured: 20 [Eight villagers are butchered with knives by Boko Haram.]

* 22nd: Country: Kenya; City/State/Region: Elwak; Dead: 5 [al-Shabaab stage a cross-border ambush that kills five Kenyan border guards.]

* 22nd: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Karachi; Dead: 2; Injured: 1 [An assassination attempt on a cleric by sectarian rivals kills two guards.]

* 22nd: Country: Chad; City/State/Region: Dangdala; Dead: 23 [A Boko Haram attack on a Chadian soldier leaves two dozen dead.]

* 22nd: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Chinar; Dead: 1; Injured: 4 [A suicide bomber strikes a family on their way to a party, killing one member.]

22nd: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Deir Ezzor; Dead: 5 [Five members of a family hunting mushrooms are executed in cold blood by ISIS.]

22nd: Country: India; City/State/Region: Hajin; Dead: 1; Injured: 1 [A 12-year-old boy is kidnapped and shot to death by Lashkar-e-Taiba.]

* 22nd: Country: Sudan; City/State/Region: Nyala; Dead: 1; Injured: 2 [Arab militia shoot a local man to death.]

* 21st: Country: Yemen; City/State/Region: Shabwa; Dead: 2 [Two people ‘on the scene’ are levelled by a Religion of Peace car bomb blast.]

* 21st: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Mogadishu; Dead: 1 [Suspected al-Shabaab bombers send a civil engineer to Allah.]

* 21st: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Kabul; Dead: 6; Injured: 23 [Six people are blown up for celebrating the Persian New Year.]

* 20th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Bahawalpur; Dead: 1 [A student stabs a professor to death for ‘anti-Islam’ remarks endorsing gender mixing at a party.]

* 20th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Lassa; Dead: 4 [Four farmers in a field make easy pickings for Boko Haram gunmen.]

* 20th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Sanjawi; Dead: 6 [The Taliban fire point-blank into a check post, eliminating six local cops.]

* 20th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Khanna Dak; Dead: 1 [A 17-year-old girl is  honour killed by her conservative father.]

* 19th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Tarfaya; Dead: 2 [Two children are pulled into pieces by a planted bomb.]

* 19th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Aleppo; Dead: 2; Injured: 1 [Sunni snipers fire into a school bus, killing a 12-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl.]

* 19th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Tarmiyah; Dead: 3; Injured: 5 [The Islamic State fire on a local security patrol, killing three members.]

* 19th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Tarmiyah; Dead: 2 [An ISIS bomb left at an orchard causes two deaths.]

* 18th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Michika; Dead: 4 [At least five people, including a girl, are slaughtered by Jihadists during a raid on a bank.]

* 18th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Gwoza; Dead: 8; Injured: 7 [Boko Haram aerate a bus with shrapnel, killing all eight passengers.]

* 18th: Country: Netherlands; City/State/Region: Utrecht; Dead: 4; Injured: 2 [A ‘strict Muslim’ with Jihadi ties opens fire on strangers riding a tram, killing four, including a woman.]

* 18th: Country: India; City/State/Region: Reshipora; Dead: 1 [A 25-year-old labourer is taken down by Mujahid gunmen.]

* 17th: Country: Burkina Faso; City/State/Region: Djibo; Dead: 3; Injured: 1 [A priest is kidnapped, and three security personnel are killed by militant Islamists.]

* 17th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Khogyani; Dead: 1; Injured: 10 [A child is disassembled by a bomb left outside a shrine.]

* 17th: Country: DRC; City/State/Region: Kalau; Dead: 6 [Three women and a 9-year-old child are massacred by ADF Islamists.]

* 17th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Qabasin; Dead: 1 [A bomb left by ISIS kills a civilian.]

* 17th: Country: Mali; City/State/Region: Dioura; Dead: 23 [At least twenty-three are killed when Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin attacks a local army base.]

* 17th: Country: Israel; City/State/Region: Ariel Junction; Dead: 2; Injured: 1 [A rabbi is among two Israelis shot to death by a Palestinian terrorist.]

* 16th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Sar-iPul; Dead: 4; Injured: 3 [Four local cops are cut down by Taliban gunmen.]

* 16th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Arghandab; Dead: 4 [Four people are liquidated by Taliban shrapnel.]

* 16th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Sawanah; Dead: 4 [Four civilians are shot dead by Islamic State gunmen.]

* 16th: Country: India; City/State/Region: Shopian; Dead: 1 [A female police officer is gunned down outside her home by Muslim terrorists.]

* 16th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Suqaylabiyah; Dead: 1; Injured: 4 [Militant Sunnis send missiles into a neighbourhood, killing a resident.]

* 16th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Bala Murghab; Dead: 22; Injured: 20 [Twenty-two Afghans lose their lives to Taliban attacks on checkpoints.]

* 16th: Country: Burkina Faso; City/State/Region: Kompienga; Dead: 2 [Two are killed by Jihadist shrapnel.]

* 15th: Country: Mozambique; City/State/Region: Cabo Delgado; Dead: 13 [Thirteen villagers are hacked to death by Sharia proponents.]

* 15th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Baghouz; Dead: 6 [Three female suicide bombers strike families fleeing the caliphate, killing six members.]

* 15th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Helmand; Dead: 1 [A TV journalist is shot to death in his car by suspected radicals.]

* 14th: Country: Cameroon; City/State/Region: Sandawadjiri; Dead: 3 [Three villagers are murdered in the middle of the night by Boko Haram.]

* 14th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Sawki; Dead: 1; Injured: 13 [Suspected Taliban clear out a bazaar with a deadly bomb blast.]

* 14th: Country: India; City/State/Region: Gulzarpora; Dead: 1 [A civilian is abducted and killed by Islamic militants.]

* 14th: Country: Niger; City/State/Region: Toumour; Dead: 4 [A Jihadist car bombing claims at least four lives.]

* 13th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Qara Tapa; Dead: 1; Injured: 6 [Women and children are among the casualties of an ISIS rocket attack.]

* 13th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Rutba; Dead: 1 [A man collecting truffles is captured and executed by the Islamic State.]

* 13th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Dhok Soba; Dead: 2 [Two Ahmadi doctors are abducted and killed by suspected Sunni extremists.]

* 13th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Farah; Dead: 1 [A local official is murdered by suspected terrorists.]

* 13th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Farah; Dead: 10 [The Taliban storm a checkpoint and massacre ten local security personnel.]

* 13th: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Gof-Gadud; Dead: 8; Injured: 40 [al-Shabaab bombers murder eight patrons at a livestock market.]

* 13th: Country: India; City/State/Region: Pingleena; Dead: 1 [Islamic militants’ gun down a 25-year-old civilian.]

* 12th: Country: Burkina Faso; City/State/Region: Banh; Dead: 1 [Suspected Jihadists murder a local constable.]

* 12th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Amour; Dead: 4; Injured: 2 [Four people searching for mushrooms are aerated by Sunni shrapnel.]

* 12th: Country: Mali; City/State/Region: Dialoube; Dead: 6 [Six local security personnel are killed by a landmine planted by extremists.]

* 11th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Uzbekparida; Dead: 4; Injured: 4 [Four policemen are shot to death by the Taliban.]

* 11th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Anguwan Gamu; Dead: 46 [A pastor and his wife are among forty-six villagers massacred by Fulani terrorists.]

* 11th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Bala Murghab; Dead: 16; Injured: 13 [The Taliban massacre sixteen local soldiers.]

* 10th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Suwaiyah; Dead: 1; Injured: 1 [Sunni shrapnel brings down a civilian.]

* 10th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Shuwa; Injured: 1 [A girl is injured when two suicide bombers detonate prematurely during an attempt to kill church-goers.]

* 09th: Country: Niger; City/State/Region: Gueskerou; Dead: 7 [A Boko Haram attack on a border patrol kills seven.]

* 09th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Najm al-Zuhour; Dead: 2 [Two children are sectionalized by an ISIS landmine.]

* 09th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Arak; Dead: 8; Injured: 11 [ISIS explosives claim the lives of eight civilians.]

* 09th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Daman; Dead: 1 [A local farmer is disintegrated by an Islamist IED.]

* 08th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Mosul; Dead: 2; Injured: 10 [A child is among two Iraqis picked off by Jihadi bombers.]

* 08th: Country: DRC; City/State/Region: Virunga; Dead: 1 [A park ranger is murdered by the ADF.]

* 08th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Anar Dara; Dead: 3; Injured: 3 [A Taliban attack on a security post leaves three dead.]

* 08th: Country: DRC; City/State/Region: Beni; Dead: 6 [At least one woman is among six civilians hacked to death by ADF Islamists.]

* 07th: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Mogadishu; Dead: 2; Injured: 5 [An al-Shabaab near a theatre leaves two dead.]

* 07th: Country: Yemen; City/State/Region: Aden; Dead: 1; Injured: 5 [Religious extremists open fire on a police patrol, killing one.]

* 07th: Country: India; City/State/Region: Jammu; Dead: 2; Injured: 32 [Hizb-ul-Mujahideen throw a grenade into a bus station, killing a teenager and one other.]

* 07th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Kabul; Dead: 11; Injured: 90 [Sunni bombers strike a Shiite political gathering, killing eleven.]

* 07th: Country: Somalia; City/State/Region: Mogadishu; Dead: 7; Injured: 9 [A group fighting for Sharia sets off a car bomb outside a restaurant, killing seven.]

* 06th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Khewa; Dead: 3 [A schoolteacher is among three gunned down in cold blood by Islamic militants.]

* 06th: Country: Pakistan; City/State/Region: Abbottabad; Dead: 1 [A man is shot dead by extremists linked to an earlier honour killing.]

* 06th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Jawzjan; Dead: 1 [Fundamentalists shoot an 8-year-old child to death.]

* 06th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Makhmur; Dead: 6; Injured: 31 [An attack by ISIS leaves six dead.]

* 06th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Qala-e-Zal; Dead: 10; Injured: 12 [The Taliban storm a government check post, killing ten.]

* 06th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Jalalabad; Dead: 16; Injured: 10 [Sixteen employees at a construction company are massacred by Fedayeen in a massive suicide assault.]

* 06th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Jourin; Dead: 1; Injured: 6 [Sunnis send a rocket into a Shiite village, killing one.]

* 06th: Country: Iraq; City/State/Region: Tawakol; Dead: 1; Injured: 3 [An ISIS bomb blast leaves one dead.]

* 06th: Country: Nigeria; City/State/Region: Addamari; Dead: 5; Injured: 20 [Five farmers are blown to bits by a Boko Haram landmine.]

* 05th: Country: Syria; City/State/Region: Sha’afah; Dead: 2 [Two civilians lose their lives to an ISIS IED.]

* 05th: Country: France; City/State/Region: Normandy; Injured: 2 [A ‘radicalized’ inmate screams “Allah Akbar” as he stabs two guards with a knife smuggled to him.]

* 04th: Country: Yemen; City/State/Region: Hodeidah; Dead: 3; Injured: 6 Children are among three family members dispatched by an Ansar Allah rocket.

* 04th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Yangi Qala; Dead: 3; Injured: 7 The Taliban storm a market and kill three civilians.

* 04th: Country: Afghanistan; City/State/Region: Imam Sahib; Dead: 10; Injured: 9 Ten people are killed when Islamic militants storm a security checkpoint.

* 04th: Country: Yemen; City/State/Region: Taiz; Dead: 1; Injured: 11 A bomb planted at a market kills one bystander.

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