ISLAMIC CONQUERED LAND in Australia “NO GO ZONES” Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone

Lauren Southern
Published on 27 Jul 2018

1. Islam is not a race it’s a philosophical and political ideology
2. My (work/purpose/chat/whatever is current) is for the robust political discussions which include immigration policy, policing, and Commonwealth Constitutional power Rule 10.3 of the New South Wales police media policy assured the right of persons to record the police.

“As far as I’m concerned, you have sharia law here,” she said. “Lakemba is a monoculture, and it is one that does not allow critique of Islam and does not allow free speech because it’s conquered land.”

The justification given for stopping her is that her presence in the area may provoke violence against her.
 This perversion of the rule of law is becoming increasingly common in the West whereby we see a shift in the onus of responsibility for any violence that occurs onto the victim rather than the perpetrator based on the race or creed of the lawbreaker.

FACT-CHECK: We (Australia) do not have integration of Islamic culture in Australia we have conclaves of Islamic culture and social/political (Sharia) law operating within Australia outside the laws of the land. 

FACT-CHECK: We are by this type of action of Police supporting the conclaves of Islamic culture and social/political (Sharia) law as any unbeliever (infidel) should be able to walk and talk about Islam in “Australia” without fear of abuse or physical threat “PERIOD” and this should be enforced at all times, time to send the message to Islamic followers in Australia “integrate or migrate”

FACT-CHECK: After viewing the News Headlines and editorial content of articles in Australia one could easily lead to believe “Australian media appears to be clearly demonstrating that it is on its knees to Islam.” (some might say butt kissing the master)

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