The Right Do Something Wrong And The WORLD IS DOOMED!!!

EPA Charged with Lethal Experiments on Hundreds of Unsuspecting Subjects 11/13/2012 Forbes / Infowars
The EPA illegally used social media to push for new EPA regulations 06/28/2017 Judicial Watch
A subpoena was issued after McCarthy deleted nearly 6,000 text messages 03/26/2015 The Washington Times
Articles of impeachment were introduced against McCarthy after she was caught repeatedly lying to Congress 09/09/2015 Rep. Paul Gosar
The EPA inspector general said McCarthy was lying when she said Michigan deserved blame for the Flint crisis 10/20/2016 The Washington Post
After the Colo. mine disaster, the EPA covered up incriminating evidence to shield its agents from prosecution 08/15/2017 The Daily Signal
The EPA knew risk of a “blowout” before the Colorado mine disaster, and then later covered up this evidence 08/22/2015 NBC News
The EPA allowed a known, convicted child molester to remain on the payroll for years, putting him in a position to interact with the public. 05/18/2016 American Greatness
McCarthy was accused of permitting a workplace hostile to women, including letting workers download porn (even child porn) 04/30/2015 The House Oversight Committee
Gina McCarthy spent $630,000 on international travel from 2013-2016 03/21/2018 The Washington Free Beacon
Obama’s EPA hid experimental data debunking the 2015 ozone rule 09/12/2017 JunkScience
Obama EPA employees earned overtime without justification 08/14/2017 The Washington Free Beacon
The EPA warned Alaskans to stop burning wood to keep warm. 01/01/2017 Townhall
While conducting water tests in Alaska, EPA agents treated locals like enemy combatants, even pointing a shotgun at a septuagenarian. 09/29/2016 Alaska Daily News
After committing one of the worst environmental atrocities in Colorado history with the Gold King Mine disaster, the EPA still insisted it should have control over the nearby Animas River. 02/23/2016 The Daily Caller
Even as the Obama Administration portrayed the Flint, Mich., water crisis as a failure of Michigan’s Republican governor, records show his EPA knew about the issue but didn’t tell anyone. 01/12/2016 The Detroit News
The EPA threatened a Wyoming man with $20 million in fines for creating an ecologically beneficial pond for his farm livestock. 08/27/2015 The Washington Times
The EPA’s WaterSense program urged kids not to take too many baths. 04/19/2015 Front Page Mag
The EPA is creating a wireless system to track how long hotel guests spend in the shower as part of an effort to “modify their behavior.” 03/17/2015 The Washington Free Beacon
The EPA exposed the elderly and other people with health issues to lethal pollutants as part of a study hoping to show the need for new EPA rules. 04/02/2014 The Daily Caller
A Bloomberg reporter was detained after attempting to ask the EPA administrator a question. 03/28/2014 The Daily Caller
A former EPA adviser pleaded guilty to $900,000 in pay fraud; administrator McCarthy blamed a colleague not acting. 09/04/2013 The Washington Post
The EPA gave an ethics award to a fake employee, “Richard Windsor,” which was actually an alias the EPA administrator used to avoid federal record keeping laws. 06/10/2013 HotAir
The EPA leaked private information on farmers to radical environmental groups. 06/07/2013 Townhall
EPA workers at a Landover warehouse turned the space into a personal rec room/gym. 06/05/2013 The Washington Post
An inspector general’s report found that conditions at an EPA warehouse included mold, rot, vermin feces, and “generally deplorable conditions.” 06/04/2013 Reason
An EPA mandated vehicle emissions reduction device forced an ambulance to shut down on the way to the hospital; the patient died. 05/31/2013 The Daily Caller
A study found the EPA routinely waives fees for environmental groups seeking informatiom from the agency (more than 90 percent), while the media and watchdog groups received no such favors. 05/14/2013 The Washington Examiner
The EPA conducted a study in which children were intentionally exposed to diesel exhaust; when asked about it, they deleted all records of it from their website. 02/25/2013 JunkScience
Emails from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s secret account reveal her contempt for congressional oversight, the Wall Street Journal, and attempts to borrow art work from the Smithsonian for the EPA’s office. 02/20/2013 The Washington Free Beacon
The EPA mandated gasoline blenders use a fuel … that doesn’t exist. 02/05/2013 The Christian Science Monitor
The EPA’s mandated ethanol blend E15 has been discovered to destroy engines — but the rule has not been repealed. 01/31/2013 The Blaze
The EPA mandate that cars in 2025 get 54.5 miles per gallon will effectively outlaw cars under $15,000, and will increase the average price of a car by $3,000. 12/26/2012 The Daily Signal
To avoid federal laws governing electronic record keeping, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used “alias” email accounts. 11/20/2012 NewsBusters
The EPA celebrated “Children Health Month” by encouraging schools to create “energy patrols” aimed at making students feel guilty for using electricity. 10/05/2012 CNS News
Obama’s coal regulations led to Alpha Natural Resources to cut 1,200 jobs and close 8 mines. 09/18/2012 Associated Press
The EPA honored Hispanic Heritage Month with a poster of Che Guevara “and a bit of plagiarism.” 09/13/2012 BuzzFeed
The EPA funneled money to a newspaper that largely focused on covering the EPA. 09/12/2012 The Washington Guardian
Obama’s coal regulations led to PBS Coals to lay off 225 works, about 30 percent of its workforce. 07/23/2012 The Washington Examiner
The EPA ruled that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant — as a means to enact global warming regulations — even though life on earth could not exist without it. 06/26/2012 The Daily Signal
Under Obama, the EPA ordained that “environmental justice” must govern their every decision; one effect was that people could sue a polluter, claiming racism. 05/17/2012 Breitbart
Obama’s EPA imposed burdensome regulations instructing how to put canoes in the water in Canton, Conn. 01/13/2012 Patch
After Obama’s EPA enacted new rules on greenhouse gases, political ally General Electric received an exemption. 02/04/2011 The Blaze
After a Democrat-led Senate rejects his global warming emissions law, Obama uses the EPA to impose them anyway 01/20/2010 The Heritage Foundation


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