The Traitor Class MEDIA ASSASSINATION of Anger in Bradford over portrayal of city on TV drama

2004: Documentary: Edge Of The City Channel 4

Article Title 06: Anger in Bradford over portrayal of city on TV drama
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Date-stamped: Monday 26 November 2007 
Time-stamped: 01:00
Author: Jerome Taylor

Article Lead In: Two new BBC dramas that highlight racial tensions in Bradford have come under fire from community leaders, who say the media persistently portrays their city in a negative light. BBC 2 has commissioned a series of dramas and documentaries for its winter season under the title “White” , which the corporation says will explore why some white working-class people “feel under siege”. But people in Bradford, which has already featured in dramas depicting racial tension, are incensed that their city will again be a backdrop in two of the dramas. Ian Greenwood, leader of Bradford Council’s Labour group, said: “I’m sick to death of the negative coverage Bradford gets…. 

Film set for racial drama

Britz A fictional drama also directed by Peter Kosminsky, it tells the story of a Muslim brother and sister yanked in opposite directions by their feelings over the way Muslims are treated in Britain. While the brother joins MI5 to fight extremism, the sister becomes a suicide bomber. Shot in Leeds, but the story was set in Bradford

Bradford Riots Drama based on the 2001 riots from the point of view of a group of angry Asian youths and the effects of the riots on their families. More than 100 Asian youths were convicted for involvement and the majority handed themselves in to the police.

The Last White Kids Channel 4 documentary that followed the story of the teenager Ashleene Gallagher who began attending her local mosque in Manningham, Bradford, and won the approval of the imam there with her ability to memorise passages from the Koran.

Edge of the City Channel 4 documentary on Bradford’s social services in which one of the stories controversially followed authorities and parents trying to stop groups of predominantly Asian men grooming girls as young as 11 for sex. The BNP based an election broadcast on the film.

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