The Traitor Class MEDIA ASSASSINATION of Review: Edge of the City

2004: Documentary: Edge Of The City Channel 4

Article Title 05: Review: Edge of the City
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Date-stamped: Friday, 27 August, 2004  
Time-stamped: 14:42 GMT 15:42 UK
Author: Dominic Casciani

Article Lead In: Edge of the City, a documentary on Bradford’s social services, has been screened by Channel 4 after being dropped in May after police warned it could inflame racial tensions at local election time. There’s been a lot said about Edge of the City – almost all of it by people who had not actually seen the controversial documentary on Bradford’s social services. More than a year in the making, Edge of the City follows social workers with difficult cases in one inner city. The most controversial of these witnesses authorities and parents trying to stop groups of young men who are grooming girls as young as 11 for sex. Although none of the officials in the film raise race as the issue in these predatory relationships, the filmmakers make it perfectly clear that the abusers are predominantly Asian, and all of the abused girls are white. This is the controversy at the heart of the film which cries out for explanation. But instead, the story is shoe-horned into 90 minutes, along with those of an elderly man fighting for independence, a troubled couple dealing with disability and alcoholism and a trainee social worker’s determination to help a serial teenager offender…

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