The Traitor Class MEDIA ASSASSINATION of Blame on the edge

2004: Documentary: Edge Of The City Channel 4

Article Title 04: Blame on the edge
Article Link:
Date-stamped: Tue 17 Aug 2004 
Time-stamped: 16.22 AEST
Author: Tania Branigan

Article Lead In: A TV documentary on the ‘grooming’ of white girls by Asian men tells us more about complacency over child abuse than race Moral panics have a life of their own, but the 19th-century fear of the “white slave trade” was peculiarly tenacious. What began with concern for the plight of prostitutes soon became a racial witchhunt pandering to sexual anxieties about the debauching of innocent lilies by fiendish orientals and other foreigners. British writers blamed wicked Jews and continental roués; American campaigners preferred to pinpoint devious Chinese immigrants. Two centuries on, I wonder how much we have learned. Last week Channel 4 announced that it will, after all, air a controversial documentary hastily pulled off the air in May. The British National party had described Edge of the City as “a party political broadcast” and the chief constable of West Yorkshire warned that it could spark disorder in the run-up to elections…

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