The Traitor Class MEDIA ASSASSINATION of The BNP hijacked my film

2004: Documentary: Edge Of The City Channel 4

Article Title 03: ‘The BNP hijacked my film’
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Date-stamped: Mon 9 Aug 2004 
Time-stamped: 10.35 AEST
Author: Anthea Milnes

Article Lead In: Anna Hall was devastated when her Channel 4 film, which investigated allegations that young white girls in Bradford were being groomed for sex, was used as rightwing propaganda. She talks to Anthea Milnes This month, Channel 4 will finally screen Edge of the City, its controversial documentary depicting the bleak realities of life in the most deprived parts of Bradford. The film was originally due to go out in May, but hours before transmission it was pulled from the schedules, after it was advertised on the British National Party website as a “party political broadcast”, and the chief constable of West Yorkshire warned that its screening could provoke community disorder in the run-up to the local and European elections. The controversy centred on the film’s claims that men – most of them British Asians – in Bradford and neighbouring Keighley were grooming under-age white schoolgirls for sex. At the eye of the storm was the film’s producer and director, Anna Hall. Hall’s initial idea, she explains, was to make an observational documentary focusing on the daily lives of social workers. “Unlike doctors, fire-fighters, the police and other frontline services,” she says, “there have been few films about social workers. The only time you hear about them is when things go wrong; you never hear what they do the rest of the time.” 

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