Jizya poll tax for non-Muslims.

RAW: Islamic Ideology constantly displays 
debased animalistic depraved actions.
History repeating itself over and over when will we ever learn Islam is not a friend its your worst nightmare
mother and daughter were raped

extracts below from latest news: Published 25 June 2014  |   

ISIS has demanded that all non-Muslims pay the jizya tax and abide by strict Sharia regulations.
“The nightmare continues for Christians living in ISIS-controlled areas as militants exact brutal punishment for those who fall short of their strict and violent interpretation of Islam.”

“The AINA news agency is reporting that an Assyrian mother and daughter were raped by militants in Mosul after saying they did not have the money to pay the jizya poll tax for non-Muslims.

“The rapes were carried out in front of the father who was so traumatised that he committed suicide, reports Dr Sallama Al Khafaji, a member of the Iraq High Commission for Human Rights.”

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