Senator Lambie responded: Sharia law, you have no place in Australia

Pay attention Mr. Abbot what the Palmer United Party Senator believes: Gets 6 Ticks of approval by far more Australians than the media & the politically correct mob let on.
Palmer United Party Senator believes the
Islamic legal system “obviously involves terrorism” and its followers need to instead follow Australian law “100 per cent”.
If you are not going to show your allegiance to our constitution and to Australian law, then get out,” she told ABC’s Insiders program this morning
She is also sticking by her push to:
ban the burqa headdress, arguing it is a security risk. “I believe it is a national security issue,” she said.
“It is just like anything else, it is like a motorbike helmet. It’s like a balaclava. I will not allow you to wear that into my office because it is a security risk.” People should be able to show their faces and “they shouldn’t feel that they need to be oppressed, to be able to hide their faces,” she said. “I think that’s the way for the future of Australia.” Senator Lambie also said she “absolutely” stood by her call for:
Sharia law supporters to pack their bags and leave Australia.
When asked what she understands Sharia law to mean, the PUP Senator said it:
obviously involves terrorism”. “It involves a power that is not a healthy power.” You can’t follow both Sharia law and Australian law, she claimed. “You can’t have 50-50.”
“You are saying, though, if they follow their faith, they have no place in Australia?” Barry Cassidy asked. “That’s what I’m saying, yes:
If you are an extremist towards Sharia law, you have no place in Australia,” Senator Lambie responded.
The former soldier said the government was“heading in the right direction” tackling the issue of terrorism at home.
“It needs to go in hard and fast.”
The Coalition will have her support for legislation to beef up counter-terror laws, to be debated this week.
“They can certainly rely on me,” she said.
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