Lt. Walter G. Haut: ‘Roswell’ base public information officer “deathbed” affidavit.

Lt. Walter G. Haut Roswell base public information officer “deathbed” affidavit to seeing spacecraft & bodies

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Walter Haut was the public information officer at Roswell base during the Roswell incident of July 1947. In interviews dating back to the 1980s, he said he was mostly out-of-the-loop. His basic story was that on the morning of July 8, base commander Col. William Blanchard had dictated to him a press release that they had obtained a flying disc from a nearby ranch and were flying it on to “higher headquarters.” He said he thought the original press release was the truth and he was convinced “the material recovered was some type of craft from outer space.” (1993 affidavit) He was pretty sure Blanchard must have seen the debris before issuing the press release and said Blanchard would never make a mistake of confusing the recovered material with a weather balloon..

Haut, who lived in Roswell, became one of the most interviewed and public Roswell witnesses and key advocate of a saucer crash, yet continued to publicly disclaim personal knowledge of the debris or of the actual craft and recovered bodies as reported by other witnesses.

However, Haut’s on-the-record public statements differed from some of his private ones. E.g., Robert Shirkey Jr., son of Robert Shirkey, base assistant operations officer, disclosed on a recent Art Bell show that Haut told his father, a good friend, about seeing the bodies clear back in 1989. Shirkey Jr., said his father also told him this in 1989. (Art Bell show, June 30, 2007, 3rd hour) Shirkey Sr. in his 1991 affidavit also hinted at this when he stated “I learned later that… the bodies were laid out in Hanger 84.” An excerpt of Shirkey Jr.’s comments about being told of the bodies are below, including statements about the character of the men involved, whom he knew personally, having grown up in Roswell. (See 2 minutes into clip for body comments.)

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On UFO Updates on November 17, 2007, Kevin Randle also wrote that a man he interviewed in the mid-1990s, 1st Lt. Richard C. Harris, Jr., said that he met Haut near a base hangar and Haut told him at that time about seeing a dead alien body. Harris said Haut suggested he take a quick look, but Harris decided against this. (Harris, the base asst. financial officer, also said he helped cover up the paper trail of expenses involved in the recovery.)

Tom Carey and Donald Schmitt also remark how Haut commonly dropped hints that he knew more than he was letting on to. Haut’s common closing remarks in public appearances or in interviews was, “It wasn’t any type of weather balloon. I believe it was a UFO! Just don’t ask me why!

Haut started to become more publicly forthcoming in 2000. He gave a lengthy recorded oral history with researchers Wendy Connors and Dennis Balthauser, people he knew well and trusted. Haut stipulated the interview was not to be released until after his death. (Haut died in December 2005). In the interview (transcript) Haut first disclosed he saw the craft and small bodies in one of the hangars. He also disclosed that Gen. Roger Ramey, one of the architects of the weather balloon cover-up, had flown in for the staff morning meeting on July 8, and helped decide on how to deal with the situation. (Wendy Connors in private email, told me that Haut was already telling her privately about Ramey and knowing something about the bodies even before this interview.)

In December 2002, Haut filled out a notarized affidavit (immediately below), that was sealed and again not to be publicly disclosed until after his death. A copy first appeared in the June 2007 book Witness to Roswell by Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, released with permission of Haut’s surviving family.

New Nov. 2008! Schmitt and Haut’s daughter Julie Shuster afterwards revealed that the affidavit was drafted by Schmitt, with Haut’s approval, after years of conversations with Haut. Haut then carefully reviewed Schmitt’s emailed draft for accuracy, both privately and with Shuster present. He made no changes before signing in front of Shuster, a notary, and an outside witness. According to Schmitt, a doctor had just reviewed the status of Haut’s health and judged him to be of sound mind. For Shuster’s detailed comments in the September MUFON Journal 2007 about the process behind the affidavit,[1]click here. How Walter Haut’s affidavit was written, reviewed, and signed

  In the affidavit, Haut again said that he had seen the crash object and bodies in a hangar (Hangar 84 or P-3). Col. Blanchard, a close friend his entire life, made a point of taking him out there.

  Haut also disclosed new information, such as personally handling the debris during the morning meeting, which he said was unlike anything he or anyone else there had ever seen before, going out to one of the crash sites (probably the large Foster Ranch debris field) and bringing debris back to his office. He also revealed that the second main crash site with the object and bodies was about 40 miles north of Roswell and had been found by civilians on July 7. He first became aware of both crash sites by the afternoon of Monday, July 7, after returning to duty from the 4th of July weekend.

  A key topic of discussion at the morning meeting was how to deal with the situation, since members of the press and public already knew something was going on. Haut gave insight into the reasoning behind Blanchard’s perplexing flying disc press release which Haut delivered to the local Roswell media. Gen. Ramey wished to divert attention away from the more important craft/body site by acknowledging the remoter, less accessible debris site, but providing few details. Haut believed Ramey was acting under direction of his superiors at the Pentagon. It was discussed whether to tell the public the full truth, but this was decided against, and thus began a cover-up that continues to this day.

  Haut also mentioned being aware of teams sent out to both sites for months afterwards to search for any remaining evidence. This provided some corroboration for Bill Brazel’s story (son of rancher Mack Brazel) of having debris samples confiscated from him by such a team a few months later.

  Haut is far from alone in his claims to seeing alien bodies, a spacecraft or strange debris. Click on the links at the top for other such accounts about non-human bodies or strange debris, such as Frederick Benthal and Eli Benjamin, two other military alien body eyewitnesses. The write-up on mortician Glenn Dennis has numerous other mostly second-hand accounts. A number of these center around base Hangar 84 or P-3 mentioned by Haut, where crash debris, craft, and bodies were taken for processing and shipment. The heavily guarded B-29 crate flight to Fort Worth on July 9, the day after Haut’s viewing of the bodies/craft in the hangar, is strongly suspected of carrying bodies. See also my review of the Carey/Schmitt book  (‘Witness to Roswell‘) for an overview of the accounts.

According to Carey & Schmitt, Haut waited until the end of his life to reveal this information because he had promised Col. Blanchard to not disclose it while he was alive. Haut may have had another personal reason. He was well-aware how other major Roswell witnesses had been savaged by debunkers, a prime example being Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer. By initially denying direct knowledge of the more controversial aspects about Roswell, Haut would be denying critics a convenient target. However, with Haut’s now-public interview and affidavit confessing to being an eyewitness to the debris, spacecraft, and bodies, he will no doubt be attacked as a liar who changed his story, a senile old man, or even worse.

Haut’s “deathbed” affidavit is sure to stir up a huge heated controversy. Once a public figure like Haut states that there really was a flying saucer crash and alien bodies and he saw it with his own eyes, there is never any returning to the quiet life.

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1 click here. How Walter Haut’s affidavit was written, reviewed, and signed
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