Brazil’s Gov Declassified UFO File: CENDOC_ENVELOPE_11_1978.pdf (52.615 Mb)

FOLDER: 11 – 1978
File Size: 52.615 mb
File Name: CENDOC_ENVELOPE_11_1978.pdf
Pages: 66.

Brief Outline: Reports from a serious occurrence registered by the I Integrate Center for Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (Cindacta) on the night of June 20th, 1978. A multicolored UFO performed maneuvers at high speed causing panic. The object showed intelligent behavior and ability to vanish from one spot to reappear in another. The chief of police and 20 of his men were witnesses to that. There is also a transcription of talks between radar operators and three civilian aircraft over a UFO sighting among Campinas, Marilia, Pirasununga and Brasilia cities.

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