Brazil’s Gov Declassified UFO File: CENDOC_ENVELOPE_04_1973.pdf (36.756 mb)

FOLDER: 04 – 1973
File Size: 36.756 mb
File Name: CENDOC_ENVELOPE_04_1973.pdf
Pages: 26.

Brief Outline: DOPS report containing statements delivered by Sao Paulo city teachers on UFO sightings occurred between municipalities of Ubirajara and Galia in August-October 1972. UFOs there seen had the ability to split and rejoin their pieces which illustrates their intelligent behavior towards the witnesses. Bulletins from the Sociedade Pelotense de Investigação e Pesquisa de Discos Voadores, from April to October 1973 containing articles on the Brazilian cases emphasizing several occurrences registered in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The fact suggests that Brazilian researchers had been monitored by the Air Force.

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