Brazil’s Gov Declassified UFO File: CENDOC_ENVELOPE_03_1972.pdf (20.451 mb)

FOLDER: 03 – 1972
File Size: 20.451 mb
File Name: CENDOC_ENVELOPE_03_1972.pdf
Pages: 15.

Brief Outline: Newspaper clippings reporting UFO sightings followed up by military and police forces at the time. One case describes how two UFOs chased a bus carrying 34 students onboard. Military telegrams including one from the Air Base in Rio de Janeiro informing a UFO sighting at Morro da Onsa – the landing site was spotted by a FAB aircraft. A document from the Division for Flight Protection on the 3rd Air Zone describing UFO sightings in June 1972 as a “swarm of fish”. Letters and instructions.

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