Fukushima Radiation Levels On The Rise

Radiation levels “unimaginable.”

Radiation levels inside the containment vessel of reactor No. 2 at Fukushima has reached 530 sieverts per hour — a figure described by experts as “unimaginable.”

The new readings were taken by a state-of-the-art robotic which quickly malfunctioned in the high-level radiation zone, but not before capturing images of a gaping 6.5 ft hole in a grate below the pressure valve.

This reading was taken from the deepest point inside the reactor to date, which could explain why it’s the highest level that’s been recorded since the reactor was struck by a tsunami in March 2011 – but scientists aren’t quite sure why this particular part of the reactor is so radioactive.

The previous maximum radiation level recorded in the reactor was 73 sieverts per hour. This latest reading from deep inside the reactor was more than seven times that amount.

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