Calls for Manchester venue to be fined for hosting David Icke

Manchester Council have been urged to penalise the O2 Apollo for allowing a ‘modern day hate preacher’ a platform to speak

4cm Editors reply to the article

Seriously what a load of crock Icke is not anti-Semitic or a hate preacher try attending a complete 12 hours session or listen to all his videos and get the information right before you cry anti-Semitic, the royal family have more to gripe about he speaks of the Royal Family’s having Reptilian heritage.. LOL

Icke considers labels and race are illusionally nonsense as we when it’s all boiled down we are mere dust! What you are printing is fake news! David Icke is against Political system called Zionism and the Secret Societies he speaks out against which have linkage to Zionism.

He just asks the hard questions and explores the possibilities linked to the question. If you don’t like what he putting forward then provide in-depth factual clear articulated rebuttals to any premises he may be putting forward. 

Gagging is what Hitler did remember, so engage in intelligent dialogue

In view of all I’ve said about Icke I would like to Clearly State I don’t agree with his overall perceptions of Israel and Palestine he leaves out a critical factor in his premise as he has dismissed it as non-existent 

“The Biblical Accounts of God and his Dealings with mankind” as Icke would suggest the God of the Bible was an alien etc., so the mix of his world view is diametrically opposite to a person who adheres to the Biblical account of God and Mankind.

Any attempt to boil down the major drivers in David is a monumental task, nor is everything he says far-fetched, many observations he makes are solid and valid particularly secret societies, shadow governments and one world order agenda, which by all appearance has just suffered a serious blow with Clinton’s loss in the 2016 elections. Time will tell which side of the line President Trump actually settles on, I’m hearing signals in his speech which indicates he’s been made aware of things only a handful get to know which applies massive force on his position he’s entered office under. 

It only took a month and the smile was wiped of Obama’s face when he first took office. Probably after the fireside chat from Players we know not what I’d call the shadow people. The test is will he blow their cover and lift the lid on all the secrets which have manipulated all Presidents since the 1940’s

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