Update 31 JAN: 6 DEAD & LARGE NUMBER Injured: Turnbull say criminal Attack Hanson said Terror Attack. WHAT SAY YOU?

Bourke Street incident: Six dead, man arrested after car hits pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD

31 JAN updated: Bourke Street attack: Sixth person dies following car rampage as floral tribute removed

the incident was not terrorism related.????

Senator Pauline Hanson said Terror Attack for Melbourne Incident


 He stabbed his Gay Brother in an attempt to kill him because he was Gay hours before the rampage, his brother is still in a critical condition in Hospital as reported on channel 7 news interview with his mother.

 It is reported his Facebook dialogue was radicalized Islam rhetoric

 Approx Three days earlier he had posted a clip of burning a bible in front of his family.

 A witness of the rampage says clearly he was shouting: Allahu Akbar “God is Great” as part of his action that killed 4 innocent people and injured 20 others. (see the Channel 7 clip below)

 Senator Pauline Hanson calls it a Terror attack

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