Nigel Farage delievers some Home Truths to the biased media to their faces at media conference

Nigel Farage has sent the international establishment media into a tailspin by telling them that they are wrong on climate change, wrong on immigraion, wrong on radical Islam – and that they need to change.

Appearing in Copenhagen at the News Xchange annual conference for the international broadcast news industry Farage addressed the audience of around 630 journalists from around the world and promptly sent them into a Twitter frenzy by informing them they were out of touch.

Nigel Farage Opens with this observation that the masses of “The Ordinary People” have shifted their view on main stream media >> The Main Stream Media are now on a Parr with the Political Class

= People who can not be Trusted or Believed

Below: Watch Farage speak at Copenhagen at the News Xchange annual conference 2016 attended by 630 journalists from around the world.

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