Dashcam Footage Shows Massive Bright Light UFO Hovering Over Scottish Highway

An amazing piece of dashcam footage has emerged online, showing a mystery UFO craft with huge bright lights hovering over a busy highway near Edinburgh in Scotland as stunned drivers watched in awe and amazement. The footage was captured by Scottish driver Lee Frame, 32, one of hundreds of drivers who witnessed the mysterious bright lights in the sky along the M8 motorway — the busiest motorway in Scotland — near city of Edinburgh.

The shocked motorist filmed the bright lights hovering in the sky as he drove along the highway. The lights disappeared after appearing to circle above the Hermiston Gait roundabout, the Sun reports.

Although baffled at the sighting, Frame was certain he hadn’t seen and filmed a plane. But he admitted he had no idea what the lights were.

He was also convinced that despite appearing to move along the road and also later appearing to circle above the Hermiston Gait roundabout before disappearing, the lights were not moving but simply hovering at a point in the sky.

“I was just completely taken aback, the road was quite busy so I think lots of other people must have seen it too,” he said.

“I don’t know what it was but it was definitely not a plane.”

“The lights did not seem to be moving — they just seemed to [hover] in the sky. I think it could have been a UFO,” he added. “I just could not believe what I was seeing.”

“I think it could have been a UFO. I just could not believe what I was seeing.”

Scottish driver Lee Frame

Some reports described the lights as coming from multiple UFOs hovering in a cluster over the highway while others described them as lights from a single large UFO in the sky.

UFO blogger Scott Waring noted that the UFO appeared over a mountain and that it was the size of a “giant 727” jet. He also said it was “as big as the moon.” But the size of the massive-looking object as shown in the footage is uncertain because it is not possible to estimate its altitude.

Waring claimed that similar UFOs have been seen around the world, especially in Colorado.

The UFO hunter may have been referring to recurrent sightings by hundreds of witnesses of a bright UFO disc over southern Colorado. The mysterious UFO caused a media sensation in November, 2014, after several witnesses reported sightings over the city of Hooper that continued for more than a month.

The latest UFO sighting over Scotland has caused many UFO enthusiasts to remark that Scotland is emerging as a UFO hotspot. The Inquisitr reported earlier in the week that 65-year-old John MacDonald, a pensioner form Dysart in Fife, Scotland, reported sighting and snapping an amazing photograph (see below) of a UFO while driving late in the night in rural Perthshire, Scotland.

Macdonald said he was driving home from his friend’s home in Rossie Ochil, south of Perth, at about 11 p.m. on Sunday, February 28, 2016, when he heard strange noises like a “thousand hoovers” in the sky. He looked up and saw a huge UFO with rows of lights hovering in the sky. He was able to snap a photo of the UFO before it disappeared.

“It’s definitely a spacecraft of some sort. I don’t know whether I frightened it with the flash of the camera, because in the beat of a heart it was gone.”

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Members of the online UFO community quickly declared the photo the “best photo of a UFO ever.” But skeptics dismissed it as a hoax, noting the remarkable similarity to the UFO in the Stephen Spielberg movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

The Daily Mail also reports a recent sighting in Bristol, England by Fiona Powell, 41. While walking with her family along Severn Beach, she snapped a photo of a UFO that appeared to be a flying saucer.

The amazed mother told reporters that the experience has ended her skepticism about UFO phenomenon.


March 13, 2016 | by johnthomas didymus | Source: inquisitr.com "Dashcam Footage Shows Massive Bright Light UFO Hovering Over Scottish Highway"

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