Police Confirm Bomb Caused Explosion That Injured 21 in Jerusalem

Israeli authorities have confirmed that a bomb was responsible for a blast in southeast Jerusalem that injured 21 people on Monday, Haaretz reported. The explosion tore through a bus in the city’s Talpiot neighborhood at about 5:45 PM, engulfing it and a nearby bus and car in flames.

“Based on a professional investigation by police demolitions experts it appears that a bomb went off in the back of the bus which caused injuries to passengers, and the bus to catch fire,” said a Jerusalem Police spokesperson. “In addition another bus and a private vehicle nearby were also damaged.”

Two of the 21 victims evacuated by paramedics are reported to be in serious condition, while seven are moderately wounded and the remaining are lightly injured. Israel is investigating whether one of those injured may have been the bomber.

Despite initial reports that the explosion may have been caused by a technical malfunction on one of the buses, a spokesperson for Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat later confirmed that the blast was the result of a “small” bomb. Israel’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, said the explosion was a terror attack.

April 18, 2016| by TheTower.org Staff | Source: TheTower.org “Police Confirm Bomb Caused Explosion That Injured 21 in Jerusalem”

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