With X-Files hitting our screens, we take you through Australia’s scariest abductions

A UFO is sighted somewhere in the world every six minutes.

But there could be even more seen, with many sightings and experiences going unreported, according to close encounter therapist Mary Rodwell.

She never strongly believed in extraterrestrial life herself, but when a family experiencing paranormal activity came to her some 20 years ago, they changed her convictions.

Ms Rodwell has now counselled more than 3000 people who claim to have been abducted and said the stories she has been told have many commonalities.

“People experience the same anomalies, they wake in the morning after having a strange night and feel like they were taken somewhere else,” she said.

“Others have strange marks on their body or a bloody nose, with no idea of how they got them.”

Ms Rodwell, Australian Close Encounter Resource Network director, said these experiences had nothing to do with believers.

“It often happens to people who have no interest in UFOs or aliens and my clients are anybody from lawyers, doctors, nurses to pilots, police, housewives and children,” she said.

One of Ms Rodwell’s practises is hypnosis, for people to discover “missing time”.

Missing time is when you move from one point to another, with no recollection of how you got there.

“Clients often find out they have interacted with extraterrestrial life,” she said.

“Children learn things on the craft and they talk about complex things they shouldn’t know about like black holes.”

Ms Rodwell said extraterrestrial life could be confused for ghosts and other paranormal beings.

She believes they aren’t necessarily something to fear and said some were healers.

Ms Rodwell said she treated a Victorian woman in her 60s with chronic back pain.

She was told she would end up wheelchair-bound and only had morphine for relief.

“After she had a levitating experience, her condition was gone, she is no longer on medication,” Ms Rodwell said.

“I did hypnosis and we discovered she went onto a craft and was healed.

“Now she’s almost 70 and has more energy than her children.

Mary Rodwell, director of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, believes aliens exist. Source News Limited

“Part of her mission has been to prove to her family and partner that this is real, they find it difficult to believe her.”

Ms Rodwell said many were closed-minded when it came to the possibility of other intelligence and some refused to report their experiences at the risk of sounding “crazy”.

“After people have experiences their whole life is transformed,” she said.

“They are less materialistic and get involved with healing and caring for the planet.”

After 20 years of studying extraterrestrial life, Ms Rodwell said she had come to understand how common experiences are.

“People need to come out of the space closet,” she said.

With FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully re-hitting our television screens in the new series of The X-Files, we divulge some of Australia’s scariest and most unbelievable abduction reports.

Frederick Valentich went missing in 1978 while flying his plane to King Island. Source: Supplied Source: Supplied

“The thing is just orbiting on top of me.”

That was one of the last things 20-year-old pilot Frederick Valentich said before disappearing into thin air, with no trace of oil or metal on land or in sea.

He was flying over the Bass Strait in October 1978, when he called air traffic control to find out more about the aircraft flying just above him.

But air traffic control did not see a blip, except for Valentich, on the radar.

“What type of aircraft is it?” air traffic control asked.

Valentich replied, “I cannot affirm, it is four bright — it seems to me like landing lights”.

The pilot was at 4500 feet and said the “long-shaped” aircraft was playing some sort of a game.

“He’s flying over me two, three times, with speeds I cannot identify,” he told air traffic control.

Valentich then says the aircraft is orbiting above him, and he’s orbiting with it.

“It’s got a green light and sort of metallic,” he said.

Air traffic control attempted to get more details about the aircraft and Valentich cut in on the radio “it is hovering and it is not an aircraft”.

Valentich went silent and 17 seconds later an unidentified, metallic sound seeped through the radio transmission. He was never heard from again.

Almost 40 years on, a scrap of metal from his plane still hasn’t been recovered and it’s as if he disappeared from the face of the earth.

A computer-generated image of what Kelly Cahill claims to have seen on a drive home. Source youtube

The 1993 abduction of Kelly Cahill was actually mentioned on the first new episode of The X-Files.

Ms Cahill was driving home with her husband in Dandenong, Victoria, when a craft flew overhead.

She claims they lost an hour of time and she was rushed to hospital with stomach pains after discovering a small triangle abrasion on her body.

Ms Cahill had no interest in extraterrestrial life and as she drove home with her partner, she thought she saw a bright blimp.

She has recounted her experience in a number of interviews, and said as their vehicle neared closer to the brightness, the lights began to separate into a row of round, orange lights.

“It appeared like there were silhouettes standing in these round, orange circles, like people,” she said in one interview.

The craft then flew away from the field it was sitting in, and Ms Cahill said further down the road they met a bright light, which was like a wall across the road.

Next thing she remembered was driving on the usual dark road, arguing with her husband.

Weeks later, she had recollections of getting out of the car and walking towards the craft.

She said dark beings began to approach her.

“This energy went through me,” she said.

“It was a low level frequency that came in waves, so dense I could physically feel it.

“That absolutely terrified me, I can’t explain the horror I felt and I just began screaming and the minute I did, the eyes on these things lit up and they came charging across the field.”

She said she was lifted off her feet and thrown back and when she sat up, she couldn’t see anything.

She then developed the triangle on her body, and extraterrestrial experts researching Ms Cahill’s case found there were three other people who stopped their cars that night, who describe the same experience as Ms Cahill.

To this day she still doesn’t know what happened to her.

Faye Knowles and her sons Patrick, 24, Sean, 21, and Wayne, 18, claim to have been terrorised by a UFO as they travelled across the Nullarbor towards the South Australian border in 1988. Source: News Corp Australia

Extraterrestrial life experts say the Knowles family case is one of the most significant close encounters in history.

Faye Knowles was heading to Perth along the Nullarbor Plain in January 1998.

She was with her three sons Patrick, 24, Sean, 21, and Wayne, 18.

The road was deserted at the time and Sean was driving, with his older brother beside him.

Ahead of them was a bright light and Sean decided to chase it.

The light was shaped like an egg and was moving back and forth just above the road.

Sean swerved to miss the object and continued driving.

The egg was now following them and they started to feel the car being lifted off the road.

The mother stuck her arm out the window and felt something soft, rubbery and hot, her arm was then covered in a black dust.

The voices of everybody in the car then became distorted, their talking had slowed and Patrick said after the experience it was as if his brains were being sucked out.

The car then thudded back onto the road and the back tyre burst.

The Adelaide Advertiser reports the family hid in a bush for 30 minutes before heading to the police station.

Ceduna Sergeant Fred Longley said the family was distressed, according to the Adelaide Advertiser.

“They were in a terrible state — even though it was five hours after the incident. Something happened out there. Their car, even after being driven all that way, still had black ash — or dust — over it. Even on the inside,” he said.

February 6, 2016 | by Olivia Lambert | news.com.au "With X-Files hitting our screens, we take you through Australia’s scariest abductions"

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