Urgent call on Australian parents to oppose LGBT indoctrination

Urgent call on Australian parents to oppose LGBT indoctrination schools program » LINK

Seriously, this may be the most important petition you ever sign. For our children’s sake.

Please, if you are not familiar with it, look it up, click on title above or copy and put in browser

And look at following links from yours truly if you need more persuading

FSG and the SSCA  (Safe Schools Coalition Australia) – what do they have in common?

The “Safe Schools” program…

Even the name itself seems purposefully designed to lull parents into a false sense of security.

But, this new program, which has already been accepted into 487 Australian primary and high schools, is anything but safe.

In fact, this program is actually an LGBT indoctrination program , designed to get impressionable school-aged children to agree that, amongst other things:

 There is no such thing as physical/biological gender – that gender is something that you make up, so having a penis or a vagina doesn’t matter in determining someone’s sex.

 Gender-confusing activities, like cross-dressing, and downright dangerous activities, like breast binding (where a girl physically suppresses the growth of her breasts, on purpose) are acceptable in schools.

 Every type of family structure is equally good – so that there is no particular benefit to children being raised by both a mother and father, when possible.

Schools has just started back…so, this is a very urgent petition to the major Australian Parents’ Associations (please click the link to see the list), as well as to the Federal Minister for Education and the Minister for Education of NSW.

We need to STOP so-called “Safe-Schools” in its tracks, and restore parents’ rights to vet programs, as well as opt-out their children from objectionable programs.

   Please click on this link for more information and to SIGN this critical petition:   


While no-one should be bullied or harassed because they are confused about their sex, this type of confusion should not be be tacitly or vocally promoted in schools. If some children experience this type of confusion, that is no reason for educators to suggest that their confusion is somehow normative (typical).

No. What those confused children need is specialist care .

More generally, however, educators need to stay out of these areas of personal sexual ethics, which should be the special preserve of parents alone.

What parent wants their child’s teacher to speak to that child (whether in a group or individual setting) about such intimate matters? Many parents are rightly worried about possible violations of their children’s’ innocence, privacy and dignity.

Given these serious concerns, questions are being raised, by parents , about the rush to implement this noxious program around the country.

Please sign this petition which asks the Parent Associations of Australia (click on the link to see the list) to both raise the alarm with parents all over Australia, and also defend parents’ rights to be the principal educator where personal sexual ethics are concerned:


Make no mistake, with programs like the so-called “Safe Schools” program, parents’ rights are under attack.

Now is the time for parents to act!

Please sign and share this urgent petition with your like minded friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues, to put the brakes on this LGBT indoctrination program, to protect the innocence of children, and to defend the rights of parents!

Ultimately, that’s what the other side want: to strip parents of their right to raise their own children. By not acting, we are giving into their noxious plans.

Now is the time to stand up for Family and Freedom.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Schittl and the whole team at CitizenGO


School has just started.

Please sign and share this petition now!

And then, do your own investigations at your local school.

Try to ensure that this harmful program is never adopted, or withdrawn from the curriculum (if already adopted). Thank you!

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