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M600 SR Squad-Level Precision-Guided 5.56 Service Rifle (Truth and Action)

Their arrows will be like a skilled warrior; they won’t miss their targets. — Jeremiah 50:9, (ISV)

Another way of rendering this verse would be “They are archers who kill what they aim at and never miss the mark.” The word “arrow” is chets, which can mean an arrow, or javelin; or, “any missile fired from an engine of war.” In modern parlance it could also mean a bullet.

There are new technologies that will change the nature of warfare.

The Exacto Bullet
DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is developing a self-guided .50-caliber bullet that hits long-range moving targets whether fired by expert or novice. The secret to the bullet is that it is self-steering. EXACTO is an acronym for EXtreme ACcuracy Tasked Ordnance. The Exact technologies used in the bullets were not publicized, but the EXACTO bullet illustrations show no visible fins or other steering mechanism on its guidance system. Footage released showed the rifle used intentionally aiming off target so the bullets could correct their flight path. EXACTO technology is claimed to markedly extend the day and nighttime range of current sniper systems. How the ammunition is designed to change direction in midair is classified.

The Mi-Bullet
Advanced Ballistics Concepts has invented a new high-tech bullet engineered to greatly increase accuracy. The Mi-Bullet, or multiple impact bullet, expands into four interconnected parts as it exits the barrel, improving accuracy thanks to an accelerated barrel speed and the increased diameter of the shot.

According to Concepts’ officials, the bullet is designed to increase first and second shot accuracy for shooters in “high pressure situations,” and the company has designed ammunition compatible with 99.9 percent of existing weapons on the market.

The handgun Mi-Bullet ammunition spreads to 14 inches after exiting the barrel, while shotgun ammunition expands to 24 inches. Concepts has engineered three different lethality grades of the bullet including the non-lethal Mi-Stinger, the semi-lethal Mi-Stunner, and the fully-lethal Mi-Stopper.

The XM–25
There is also a new weapons systems being tested now called the XM25. The gun only weighs about 6kg (13lb) and fires a 25mm round. This system is unusual because the round only has to be aimed close to the target, not directly at it. Once the round gets near its target, it explodes—just like an artillery shell. The fragments can then hit the target. The bullet is timed to explode with the use of a timed fuse. The XM25 uses a small computer inside the bullet that monitors details of the projectile’s flight and determines the precise time to detonate.

A handful of XM25 weapon systems have been tested in Afghanistan by United States forces. The tests result were reported as “successful.” The tests were so successful that the United States Army has ordered at least 36 rifles.

The M600 and M800 Rifles

In most recent news, Taya Kyle, the widow of Navy SEAL sharpshooter Chris Kyle, won the ‘American Sniper Shootout’ charity event named after him early in December.

The novice shooter used a new technology to beat the best shooters on the range. She used computer-equipped M600 and M800 rifles with precision-guiding technology made by TrackingPoint to defeat the reigning National Rifle Association champion Bruce Piatt.

The rifles, which were developed with input from Kyle’s husband, all feature ‘RapidLok Target Acquisition’ technology to automatically acquire and track a target while the trigger is pulled. The company was so confident in its technology they offered to pay Piatt $1 million if he was able to win the contest.

In addition to help her raise money for charity, Kyle also thinks the technology could help save lives.

She said:

Our first responders and military members regularly face situations most of us cannot imagine. They need every advantage for precision and efficiency to protect and serve while minimizing collateral damage and risk to themselves. [The technology] would have saved lives of friends we have lost and will save life and/or limb of those who put it all on the line for the 99 percent of us they choose to give their life for.

Using that technology she was able to defeat Piatt, even at a distance of 2100 yards — the same distance Chris Kyle successfully hit an enemy insurgent in Sadr City, Iraq, famously depicted in the film American Sniper. Bruce Piatt competed with the M4A1, M110, and M2010 military rifles and hit 58.4 percent of his shots while Kyle made 100 percent of hers.

Having a weapon that truly cannot miss would change the equation in a combat situation and could be the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy.

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December 28, 2015 eNews issue | Source:  khouse.org "A Bullet That Always Finds Its Target"

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