Did the Sign of the Third Abomination Appear in America?

Americans hoisted the god of darkness above the Big Apple in recent months in a move Rabbi Jonathan Cahn calls the “third abomination.”

During a light show on the Empire State Building in August, Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, made her debut.

While some Christians sounded the alarm, others had no idea what was even happening.

Jim Bakker is quick to point out that having Jesus on the building would have been illegal, but the image of Kali appears to be perfectly acceptable by American standards.

Cahn sees the parallels to the last days of Israel, when the true God was made illegal.

Watch the video to see more.

11/10/2015 | Jessilyn Justice | Source: charismanews.com "Did the Sign of the Third Abomination Appear in America?"
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