The Rape of Sweden

» Swedish woman raped for hours by migrant “children” (Google Translated)
» The truth about the “children” swarming into Sweden…
» My previous video on the same subject, The Invasion of Europe…
» Migrant raped a 3 year-old child. Swedish Migration Board tried to conceal the incident

» Yet another Swedish rape case. This video provides a good summary of Sweden’s immigration hypocrisy…
» Afghan found Jesus after raping 14 year-old Swedish girl
» Iraqi “refugee” rapes Swedish woman on overnight train. Local newspaper conceals the story. (Google Translated)
» Swedes’ homes may be confiscated to accommodate asylum seekers

» Hundreds of thousands of third world immigrants and nowhere to house them
» Tents for “refugees”
» When journalists rape
» Media described Somali gang rapists as Swedes

» Police hide the identity of 4 immigrant rapists
» Swedish woman gang raped by “paperless immigrants”
» Woman raped twice in an hour by different men. Police refuse to give a description.
» Unconscious woman raped in broad daylight in front of witnesses. Rapist arrested. Identity “not known”.

» Swedish “justice”. Somali who raped a 12 year-old gets community service
» 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped
» Feminist hijab solidarity: Swedish derangement syndrome reaches new heights
» Swedish newspaper works with far-left group to ‘out’ right-wing commenters

» Expressen newspaper hires left-wing hacker group to steal people personal information and blackmail them
» Stalinist intimidation by Sweden’s media
» Swedish news editor confronted on his hypocrisy
» Swedish media harass retired journalist who criticises Sweden’s insane immigration policy (Google Translated)

» Victims of rape – Domestic refugee in Sweden
» Sweden – A raped country

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