Could this happen to you?


Thank you for signing the petition to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton calling on him to reverse the decision not grant Troy Newman a visa.

We only have a few hours to build momentum to have this decision overturned before Troy’s case is heard by the High Court.

Please forward this email to your friends now and ask them to sign the petition.

If someone has forwarded you this email, you can find out more about Troy Newman’s case and sign the petition by clicking on the button at the bottom of this email.

Thanks again for taking action.

Please be praying that the Turnbull Government will change it’s mind.

God bless

Lyle Shelton, ACL

Date: 2 October 2015

From: Lyle Shelton, ACL

Subject: Could this happen to you?

Dear Friend–

I’m going to be very brief because we only have a few hours to act.

Right now a prominent pro-life advocate from the US is being detained by Australian immigration officials in Melbourne.

You can read more about the case here – but essentially he has been denied a visa simply because he holds unpopular views about abortion.

Right now I’m asking you to sign this petition to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton calling on him to reinstate Troy Newman’s visa.

You can read more about Troy Newman’s case at this website.

Please act quickly and forward this email to all your church friends and family.

Let’s pray that Minister Dutton reverses his decision.

God bless

Lyle Shelton, ACL


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