Georgia Church Kicks Out 92-Y-O Woman for Not Tithing; Nephew Speaks Out: Church ‘Is Not About Money, It’s About God’

A Georgia church has kicked out a 92-year-old woman from its congregation for allegedly failing to tithe what it considers to be an adequate amount of money, despite the fact that she’s been a member for more than 50 years.

The woman, Josephine King, attended First African Baptist Church in Bainsbridge, and was told she was no longer welcome to worship there in a letter which discussed her financial contributions to the church.

The letter was signed by the church’s Senior Pastor Derrick Mike and said King “has shown non-support” in areas of “constant and consistent financial and physical participation.”

It also said she was “no longer considered a member” of the church.

Pastor Derrick MikePastor: Derrick Mike

King’s nephew, Gerald Simmons, is now speaking out against what happened to his aunt.

“You shouldn’t chase the individuals down,” said Simmons to WALB-TV. “You shouldn’t do that. If that’s the case, you’re money hungry.”

King is not the first person to be kicked out of the church for financial reasons, according to her nephew, who said the reason she was not giving and not physically present at the church was due to health reasons.

“You have to have money to make these churches run, but it’s not about money,” asserted Simmons. “It’s about God. You have to put God first.”

He also said his aunt has greatly supported the church in the past and believes this letter is completely uncalled for. He now hopes to raise awareness for people being kicked out of churches for not tithing.

The Christian Post was not able to reach First African Baptist Church for comment by press time.

Last month, a young Florida woman ran into a similar issue after she graduated from high school and failed to pay her monthly tithe to the church.

Candance Peterson was issued a letter from Greater Mount Moriah Primitive Baptist Church in Tampa which said she’d be removed from the membership roll if she did not pay her dues, which was a minimum of $50 per month.

She posted the letter on her Facebook profile named Pretty Peterson. The post included a message stating that she was surprised the church would go that far to collect money.

“What Church does this … why would I want to go to a church that everybody talk about everybody. … I just haven’t been back to that church. … If I’m such a member why no one called to check on me,” wrote Peterson in July.

The letter was sent from the church’s assistant administrator, Ladreda Spencer, and B.R. Fulton Jr., the pastor of the church.

Bonnie Maxwell, a member of the church in “good standing” defended the letter while speaking with CP last month.

“I am a member of Greater Mount Moriah P.B. Church. I love my church and my pastor. I know people have their opinions regarding the letter that was sent out to this young lady and put over social media,” said Maxwell to CP in July.

“I don’t understand why so much negativity about paying a monthly assessment of $50 a month, that you already knew about. If you go to a club or a bar — whatever you wish to call it — every weekend, you are paying about $10 or maybe more to get in the door, and then paying again for drinks.”

(Photo: Facebook/ First African Baptist Church)
This letter was issued by First African Baptist Church in Bainsbridge, Georgia to let 92-Y-O Josephine King know that she was suspended from active membership for failing to contribute to the church physically and financially.
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August 13, 2015 | by Vincent Funaro , Christian Post Reporter | Source: "Georgia Church Kicks Out 92-Y-O Woman for Not Tithing; Nephew Speaks Out: Church 'Is Not About Money, It's About God'"

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