Marriage Alliance Advert & Channel 10 and Channel 7 censorship.

Copy of email sent to channel 10 and 7 executive board.

Attention Executive board of management of Channel 10 and Channel 7

Australian Christian Lobby has brought to my attention the deliberate act of censorship concerning a well made non offensive advert addressing an important issue being addressed in the nation.

ACL Newsletter: Read Here 

The last time I looked Australia was a democratic country with freedom to speak the truth and that we are an educated society well able to handle alternative debate and opinion, this censorship executed by channel 10 and 7 is a assault on the intelligence of Australians, and raises serious doubts and questions about the integrity of the channel 10 and 7 organization and its independence from political and corporate agendas seeking to influence outcomes without effective opposition. ie Gagging opinion.

I will make it a point to tell people what channel 10 & 7 does and why we as viewers should disconnect from your programming as content is manipulated to shape political & corporate outcomes

Editor: 4cminews

Email Channel 10

Or you can phone the networks

Channel 7 (02) 8777 7777

Channel 10 (02) 9650 1010


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pseudonym: Ball-peen Hammer Green

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