Nicholas Winton’s ‘Most Emotional Moment’

Nicholas Winton, who died Wednesday at 106,1) went 50 years without telling anyone about how he had rescued 669 children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

Even after his anonymity ended in 1988, when his wife’s discovery of an old scrapbook in their attic set off a wave of public recognition, he never fully explained why he did it.

One especially poignant appearance came in 1988 on the BBC program2) “That’s Life,” when for the first time, dozens of people who owed their lives to him assembled to thank him.

In the video, he dabs tears as a woman hugs him.

Then he is surprised to learn that the dozens of people seated around him were also children he had saved.

By Daniel Victor | July 1, 2015 | Source: "Nicholas Winton’s ‘Most Emotional Moment’ "

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