Cancer Cluster Closes a Perth Fire Station

PERTH fire station will no longer be staffed by firefighters after four were diagnosed with kidney cancer within six years.

FIRE and Emergency Services Commissioner Wayne Gregson announced on Saturday all staff from the Success fire station will be permanently relocated.

“I have come to a decision that I cannot, in good conscience, direct any firefighter to return to the Hammond Road site,” he said.
The four firefighters were diagnosed with kidney cancer between 2008 and 2014.

Last year an internal review was undertaken by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), with testing carried out at Hammond Road station by an independent environmental agency.

The Department of Health also launched its own investigation.

However, none of the probes were able to determine what could have caused the cancer.

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4cminews writes to WA Minister of Health see below

Minister in light of the announcement re the fire station cancer cluster and the inability to identify the cause within the facility; one must ask is there a cluster issue in a wider geographical view.

I note residential and schools and sporting facilities are in close proximity; will the health department do a full study of the community residents and facility users in near proximity ie a 2km rad.

To ensure we do not have a far bigger cluster issue going unnoticed currently.

We have an effect and there is a cause it’s not random bad luck.

Gary Green

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