“Marriage equality in Australia” Open Letter: to incumbent Local Federal Member

Subject: Bill Shorten’s bill “Marriage equality in Australia”

Dear “Name of Local Federal Member of Parliament“,

The Liberal Party should vote as one to defeat Bill Shorten’s bill “Marriage equality in Australia”. The Morality of Marriage is no different than Defining what Murder is a process I’m sure the incumbent political party would not classify as a conscience vote issue or just as issues like Asylum Seekers or Climate Change Policies are not considered a conscience vote issue.

Hetrosexual Marriage is indisputably a rightly, natural timeless and sustainable foundation for our society dating back to the earliest records of mankind. Any alternative will erode the environment of our society for the raising and nurturing of the next generation and others to follow.

Failure to vote as one to defeat the same-sex marriage bill will be an action to “FAIL AUSTRALIA’S BEST INTERESTS AND FUTURE” and an act of betrayl to Hetrosexual Marriage which is the absolute core to any civilised society.

Such Failure will not be forgotten by many like myself who believe in these fundamental core values at the next election and many more to come.


Gary Green
dated: 31st May 2015

acl_logoYour voice is needed now to preserve marriage
On Monday Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will introduce a bill to redefine marriage in Australia.

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman, voluntarily entered into for life.

It provides a natural, timeless and sustainable foundation for our society.

Marriage secures a better future for society by providing the best environment for raising society’s next generation.

Redefining marriage would redefine family.

By definition same-sex parenting means intentionally removing a child from either their mum or dad.

Experience overseas has demonstrated that people who disagree with same-sex marriage are often punished by law.

Please email your MP today and ask them to vote against Bill Shorten’s same-sex marriage bill.

We’ve made it very easy for you to Email your MP and Senators: Do this  today HERE

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