The Secret of Lasting Happiness

happy is the man who delights in doing His commands.‘ Psalm 112:1 TLB

Lasting happiness isn’t found in money or career success. Does that mean these things are wrong? No. When you put God first He will actually give you these things (Matthew 6:33)! But you must never let anything God gives you rob Him of first place in your life.

The psalmist said:Happy is the man who delights in doing His commands. His children shall be honoured everywhere, for good men’s sons have a special heritage. He himself shall be wealthy, and his good deeds will never be forgotten. When darkness overtakes him, light will come bursting in. He is kind and merciful – and all goes well for the generous man who conducts his business fairly. Such a man will not be overthrown by evil circumstances. God’s constant care of him will make a deep impression on all who see it. He does not fear bad news, nor live in dread of what may happen. For he is settled in his mind that Jehovah will take care of him. That is why he is not afraid, but can calmly face his foes. He gives generously to those in need. His deeds will never be forgotten. He shall have influence and honour‘ (Psalm 112:1-9 TLB).

Somebody said that the best things in life aren’t things. Happiness isn’t determined by what you own; it lies in relationships, and the first relationship you need is with God because every blessing in life flows from Him. In a world of urgency and confusion, God will give you values and priorities to live by. ‘Happy is the man who delights in doing His commands.’

Soul Food: Ruth 1-4; Matt 11:1-19; Ps 88:1-9a; Pro 13:1-3

Written by Bob & Debby Gass

Monday, 18 May 2015

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