Generosity Pays Off

…The measure you use…will be measured to you.‘ Luke 6:38 NIV

Dr William DeVries, the surgeon who pioneered the artificial heart, is the kind of doctor who shows up at the hospital on Sunday, just to cheer up discouraged patients. He even changes dressings and if a patient wants him to stick around and talk, he always does. His friends say he’s ‘an old shoe’ who fits in wherever he goes. He wears cowboy boots with his surgical garb and repairs hearts to the music of Vivaldi. ‘He’s always got a smile lurking,’ says friend Dr Robert Goodin, ‘And he’s always looking for a way to let it out.’ DeVries believes that ‘arriving’ is not a place where others serve you, but where you get to serve them.

Chuck Swindoll writes, ‘We occupy common space, but we no longer have common interests. It’s as if we’re on an elevator with rules like ‘No talking or smiling or eye-contact allowed without written consent of the management.’ We’re losing touch with one another! The motivation to help, to encourage, yes, to serve our fellow man is waning. Yet it’s these things that form the essentials of a happy, fulfilled life. That’s what Jesus meant when He said, ‘The greatest among you will be your servant‘ (Matthew 23:11 NIV).

Everything God gives you is first a gift to enjoy, then a seed to sow.

Got a good education?

Leadership ability?

More money than you need?

You’ve got seeds – sow them!

Read God’s promises regarding generosity, then start giving to others what He’s given to you. That’s the way to find happiness!

Soul Food: Acts 6-7; Matt 2:19-23; Ps 130; Pro 10:24-26

Written by Bob & Debby Gass

Friday, 17 April 2015

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