Companies give staff colouring books.

Some of Australia’s biggest companies including ANZ Bank, Wesfarmers and Bupa are handing out adult colouring books to staff to help handle the stress of the modern workplace.

by Irene Harrison
Melbourne neuropsychologist and author of Colourtation (a colour book for adults), Stan Rodski, says the simple act of colouring can change brain behaviour and help workers achieve calm and balance.

Rodski’s book evolved from tests that showed colouring pictures could change a person’s “beta” brain wave frequencies – the type associated with physical or mental stress – to the restful and positive “alpha” brain wave frequencies.

“This brain of ours in its current shape is about 150 million years old and still operates as if it were 150 million years ago,” Rodski told The Age.

“But in the last 20 years we have started to keep it awake and active more than we ever have in our whole history. Now that has consequences. By colouring, we move ourselves from these beta waves to an alpha wave. It is akin to sitting listening to music, or focusing on watching your favourite TV program; you are singular, you are not focusing on a lot of things.”

Australian Adult Colouring Books Suppliers

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» : “Australia’s biggest companies hand out colouring books to staff to foster mental health”

Apr 11 2015 | by Irene Harrison | Original Source: "Companies give staff colouring books"

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