From ordinary schoolboy to world’s most wanted man’

Mohammed Emwazi (aka) Jihadi John: “Murderer for Islam”

Why is not the question to be asked! (academics at its best)

Rather what are we going to do to stop this killer [killers] from re-offending.

by “007.5” 
 The actions are not acts of War ie legitimate responses to a Nations Security.This is about conquest for Islam this is about revenge this is about the true nature and Ideology of Islam and nothing less or more. Seriously Only fools! say it is about Jobs, Welfare and Education. And at present we appear to be not short on FOOLS! even at Global Leadership Levels in the world today. ISIS must be having the biggest laugh after reading the American responses to the 21 Egyptian Beheaded,

Foreign workers not “Christians”
The problem is they need jobs, education and welfare?

ostrid2No!! I have to say this response and behaviour is so moronic in every way. These Jihadist’s   want to Dominate the World for Islam, they Want to Usher in their Messiah, and they’ve told us many times we just play Ostrich with the head in the sand; pretending we haven’t heard their stated goals hoping it will just pass over like a bad smell in the air, well the truth is that bad smell is now getting fowl and putrid and it wont go away unless we make it go  and there’s only one way to ride a smell like that find the substances causing it and utterly destroy any trace of it. Not Complicated Really the only issue is having a stomach for getting the job done. Cleaning up such messes is never a fun task but a task non the less that is a imperative if we want to resolve the fowl putrid odor of Murderistic Jihad behaviour we are seeing now in the 20th century.

Mohammed Emwazi-01Born Kwait 1988 but grew up in West London
watermark-jihad-johnjoined ISIS and becomes their Media Murderer
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C.I. Desk of 4CM

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