White House Press released image. all I’ve done is put the pointers on the image to help you quickly see the nominally also attached is the original

White House Press released image. all I've done is put the pointers on the image to help you quickly see the nominally also attached is the original

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2019 MAY 30 USA: Former Head of Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell.

2019 MAY 30 USA: Former Head of Pentagon's Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell. https://www.livescience.com/65596-ufo-pentagon-history-channel.html …? footage was captured by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet in 2004 Nimitz, off the coast of San Diego.

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2019 MAY 29 USA: ‘Fleet of UFOs’ Followed US Aircraft, Navy Pilot Says.

2019 MAY 29 USA: 'Fleet of UFOs' Followed US Aircraft, Navy Pilot Says. https://www.livescience.com/65585-ufo-sightings-us-pilots.html … QUESTION: WHY IS IT NOW A TOPIC OPEN FOR MEDIA DISCLOSURE: WHAT IS THE WORLD BEING PREPPED FOR NEXT?

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USA Multiple pilots have reported encounters with UFOs, Navy says

Multiple pilots have reported encounters with UFOs, Navy says https://www.foxnews.com/us/multiple-pilots-report-encounters-with-ufos-navy-says … 2007, the Pentagon began a shadowy program called “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.”

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2019 MAY 27 Lionel Nation: MSM Gets the OK From DS Overlords to Finally Admit Military Pilots Are Seeing UFOs On A Daily Basis

2019 MAY 27 Lionel Nation: MSM Gets the OK From DS Overlords to Finally Admit Military Pilots Are Seeing UFOs On A Daily Basis  https://youtu.be/sA5NFmgNfZg   Navy pilots claiming to have spotted UFOS and EBEs has finally led the Navy to update its protocol for reporting them

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2019 MAY 21 UFO: Why Is the Pentagon Interested in UFOs?

2019 MAY 21 UFO: Why Is the Pentagon Interested in UFOs? https://www.space.com/why-ufos-interest-the-pentagon.html …? U.S. Navy pilots and sailors won't be considered crazy for reporting unidentified flying objects, under new rules meant to encourage them to keep track of what they see.

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UFOs, Warp Drives, Stargates: F.O.I. query reveals secret list of Pentagon research projects

The United States Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) has one great fear: that someone, somewhere, has an unknown advantage … a secret weapon that could topple the world’s sole superpower from its perch. So when it hears talk of UFOs, Stargates and warp drives — it takes it seriously.

Seriously enough to spend some serious money on.

Documents released under a freedom of information request confirm the DIA1)US Defence Intelligence Agency went full “X-Files” and established teams to examine almost every seemingly outlandish idea it encountered.

Just in case.


Now Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy director Steven Aftergood has gotten his hands on some previously classified papers that reveal just how far the DIA2)US Defence Intelligence Agency was prepared to go.

The declassified documents don’t reveal a whole lot more than the titles assigned to 38 secret research programs. But they do detail some of the speculative subjects that were being investigated.

Aftergood wasn’t impressed.

“I think anyone who looks at these titles will scratch their heads and wonder what on earth the Defence Intelligence Agency was thinking,” science and technology blog Motherboard reports After good as saying. “These are the kinds of topics you pursue when you have more money than you know what to do with.”



Nuclear-powered deep space propulsion. Invisibility cloaking. Wormholes through space. Biomaterials.

The existence of research projects involving the likes of NASA, DARPA and private firms probing these subjects are already widely known. But their potential ties to US Defence Department ‘black money’ was not.

Conspiracy theorists claim to spot a black triangle UFO over Russia

UFO hunters claim ‘alien mother-ship’ spotted on Mars in NASA images

Team led by Stephen Hawking believe object in space may be alien spaceship

Leading astronomer claims Oumuamua is alien probe with broken engines

For example, in 2008 it was revealed NASA had engaged in serious studies of the potential for interstellar warp drive engines. Another science paper was released by researchers Harold White, titled Warp Field Mechanics 101. But a follow-up project to create a warp field by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2013 produced “inconclusive” results.

From the outset it seemed a far fetched idea for NASA to be studying. But not so much if prodded — and funded — by the DIA.

And they have competition.

Icarus Interstellar director and theoretical astrophysicist Richard Obousy is also looking into the idea of interstellar warp drives powered by dark energy through alternate universes. But he’s also branching out into the slightly more practical idea of nuclear propulsion, among others.

Stargates leapt into the public conscious out of nowhere with the release of the 1994 movie Stargate, and the follow-up long-running TV series of the same name.

We don’t even know if wormholes actually exist. But EarthTech International Inc hasn’t hidden the fact it’s been looking into the idea of creating one capable of traversing space and time. “Our research interests include theories of space-time, gravity and cosmology; studies of the quantum vacuum; modifications of standard theories of electrodynamics; interstellar flight science; and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, specifically as these topics may apply to developing innovative space propulsion and sources of energy,” its website boasts.

And a multitude of studies, from just as many sources, have been exploring ways of turning Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak into reality.


“I loved science fiction when I was younger,” Aftergood told Motherboard. “Today I love good government. So I was not especially amused.”

US politics is a murky affair. Particularly when it comes to spending defence funds. For example, military bases aren’t necessarily placed where they’re needed. Instead, they often go into the electorates of the most powerful lobbyists.

And the DIA’s secret research funding appears no different.



Undeniable Witness Accounts 

More than 100 Witnesses: Westall High School and Primary School Australia on the 6th of April 1966.


The New York Times reported in 2017 that much of the Pentagon’s $US22 million of ‘black money’ research into UFOs was untraceable.

The Anomalous Aerospace Threats unit lasted just five years before it was shut down in 2012. And not all of its spend was classified ‘top secret’.

Turns out, much of the money was channelled through then Senate majority leader Democrat Harry Reid to his close friend, Robert Bigelow — an alien visitation conspiracy theorist also involved in developing space habitats for NASA.

Original Source: Date-stamped:22 2019, Jan, 22 | Time-stamped: 2:41 pm | Author: by Jamie Seidel | Article Title: UFOs, warp drives, stargates: Freedom of Information query reveals secret list of Pentagon research projects | Article Link: nzherald.co.nz

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Trawling the Farm for Human Energy

by Makia Freeman

Video: Human Farming – Stefan Molyneux – The Story of Man’s Enslavement

In many ways, living on Planet Earth is like living on a human farm.

We are being trawled for our “human energy”. I was starkly reminded of this the other day when I saw someone walking around with a Chevron t-shirt which sported their logo and new motto: human energy. How ironic.

For most people, the motto probably seems harmless enough, or maybe even benevolent, showing a kindhearted corporation caring about its employees and the world, or recognizing the importance of the people running its operations.

Yet if you understand the occult foundation of corporate logos, you’ll know that Chevron’s logo is really a pyramid (2 levels of the corner edges).

The pyramid is favorite image of the New World Order, because it represents a tiny hierarchy at the top being held up by a large majority at the bottom, and symbolizes the compartmentalization of knowledge the further you go up. 

Just like its logo, Chevron’s motto has nothing at all to do with caring for people, and everything to do with controlling people and harvesting energy from the human farm, looking at people as nothing more than batteries that create energy (ever wonder why corporations call it “human resources”?).

Corporations (like Chevron, spin off from Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil) have cut a deal with the real devil or harvester.
Corporate heads are middle managers in the equation. They are conduits to set up human farms, and funnel human energy upwards.

The Ultimate Point of the Conspiracy: Harvesting Energy from the Human Farm

When looking at the headlines and news each day, it’s useful to take a step back sometimes and ask yourself: why? What’s the point of all this control?

The NWO conspirators have all the money, wealth and prestige they could want. Some of them are the international banksters that own the money printing press and could literally print what they wanted.

Some of them would never have enough time to spend all their money.

At a certain point the game is not about money; it’s about power and it’s about energy – or more specifically, human energy.

It’s about setting up a system where people at the top sit around all day, managing the human farm, while their economic or literal slaves do all the work to benefit the controllers.

Check out Stefan Molyneux’s great ebook The Handbook of Human Ownership1)see PDF Backup Copy The_Handbook_of_Human_Ownership_by_Stefan_Molyneux_PDF
for the precise history and techniques behind it all. NWO-owned corporations are the middle managers in this equation: they are the physical conduits through which the human energy is funneled upwards.

These NWO conspirators are not the ultimate controllers, because they themselves are being demonically possessed – and the force which is doing the possessing is a group of non-human entities which many have referred to as the Archons.

Are you on the human-farm, generating energy or loosh for some predator?

Human Energy = Loosh – Food for the Archons

Loosh is defined by the urban dictionary as:

an energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans – engendered by human activity”.

Shocking as it may seem, humans are not at the top of the food chain.

Listen to what Bronte Baxter had to say about the human farm and loosh in her article Tracking the Crack in the Universe (Loosh 101):2)see Backup PDF Copy Blowing the Whistle Chpt 5 Tracking the Crack in the Universe Looshnbsp101

Reportedly the light being told Monroe that when humans die, their energy is released and harvested by trans-dimensional beings, who use it to extend their own life spans. The claim is that the universe is a garden created by these beings as their food source.

According to Monroe’s story, animals are intentionally positioned on this planet to feed on plants and on each other, thereby releasing the life force of their victims so it can be harvested. In a predator-prey struggle, exceptional energy is produced in the combatants. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy, which the light beings call “loosh.

According to Monroe’s informant, our creators, the cosmic “energy farmers,” intentionally equipped animals with devices like fangs, claws and super-speed in order to prolong predator-prey combat and thereby produce more loosh. In other words, the greater the suffering, the more life force is spewed from our bodies, and the tastier the energy meal for our creators.

There you have it. Monroe, Castaneda and many many other sources all talk about the same basic concept of a garden or human farm where energy is trawled.

9/11 14th Anniversary: Recall 9/11 Was a Mass Ritual to Generate Loosh

As we approach the 9/11 14th anniversary3)see http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/category/false-flag-staged-terror-events/911-inside-job/, it is worth remembering that ultimate point of that horrendous false flag operation: to ritually sacrifice people, scare the wits out of anyone else and generate a large amount of loosh.

It’s no coincidence that the operation was carried out on 9/11 when 911 is the emergency number dialled in the US.

Think how many times our so-called leaders have said that “the world changed forever on 9/11”.

Like the hackneyed term national security, 9/11 has become the excuse for the NWO conspirators to do anything they want, whether it’s expanding Government (creation of the DHS), passing draconian legislation (The Patriot Act), attacking innocent, sovereign and foreign nations (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), squelching key aspects of the Bill of Rights and concocting an entirely new faceless, enemy-less and endless war – the Fake War on Terror4)see http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/category/the-fake-war-on-terror/. What a tremendous amount of loosh for the Archons!

We are all “food of the gods” on the human farm until we reclaim our awareness and break free.

Solution: Make a Strong Determination Not to Be Food on a Human Farm

Like it or not, we live in a predatory universe.

Not all of Nature is predatory, but it’s certainly an aspect which is present in a large degree. In our arrogance we may think we are at the top of the food chain, but maybe we’re not.

There is copious evidence from ancient accounts and current ET contacts/abductees that we are not alone in the Universe, and that there are hostile advanced races who are happy to feed on human energy.

Getting out of the human farm starts with waking up to the truth that the human farm exists.

Fortunately, the signs are that a lot of people are doing that.

Hopefully it will be fast enough before the NWO becomes too entrenched …


Articles Original Soure: http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/human-farm-human-energy-loosh/

Makia Freeman is the editor of www.Freedom-Articles.ToolsForFreedom.com and senior researcher at www.ToolsForFreedom.com, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. An avid promoter of freedom, truth and health, his mission is to expose the truth, raise awareness about the conspiracy to enslave mankind and to help create a critical mass of people to stand up against it – and thus restore peace and freedom to the world. Visit www.Freedom-Articles.ToolsForFreedom.com for more, or follow Tools For Freedom on Facebook via www.facebook.com/pages/Tools-for-Freedom/423362341013468

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