Golden Rule No. 1: Never Trust a Politician! Prime Minister Admits Australians are being Asked to Sign a Blank Cheque SSM


Prime Minister Admits Australians are being Asked to Sign a Blank Cheque on Gay Marriage

Posted by Coalition 4 Marriage on September 15, 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today admitted the Australian people will not know the detail of any final legislation to change the Marriage Act before casting their votes in the plebiscite.

The Australian reports the Prime Minister foreshadowed a lengthy parliamentary debate that would involve numerous as-yet-unseen amendments. In a stunning admission today Prime Minister Turnbull said the government had no control over the legislative process in the Senate.

The Prime Minister said:

“Private members will get a bill to protect religious freedoms and there could be an amendment here and an amendment there, a debate about this and a debate about that… No doubt it will be amended and debated and we don’t have a majority in the Senate and in any event, it is a free vote.”

Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shelton said this was an extraordinary admission from the Prime Minister.

“The Prime Minister has confirmed the Australian people are being asked to sign a blank cheque,”

said Mr Shelton.

“The Prime Minister has said he does not know the detail of the bill. He has said he does not control the legislative process. He has said that Australians will not know what protections the legislation will or will not contain.

“It’s regrettable that the dynamics in the Senate are such that members of the Government can’t even be relied on to produce a bill that protects parents’ rights, free speech and freedom of religion.

“Given the fact the Prime Minister couldn’t even convince the parliament to hold a plebiscite on marriage in the first place, how can the Australian people have confidence the parliament will ‘get it right’ on protections for parents, speech and faith?

“I say to all Australians – if you don’t know, vote ‘no’,” he concluded.

Alan Jones

A Yes Vote on Same-Sex Marriage will give Politicians a Blank Cheque.

David Flint
Original Source: Date-stamped: 2017, September 15. | Author: Coalition 4 Marriage | Article Title: PRIME MINISTER ADMITS AUSTRALIANS ARE BEING ASKED TO SIGN A BLANK CHEQUE ON GAY MARRIAGE  Article Link:

PROFESSOR DAVID FLINT: A Yes Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Will Give Politicians a Blank Cheque

The Daily Telegraph
September 12, 2017 10:00pm

It’s not urgent. That’s what the proponents of same-sex marriage told the High Court. So why are we being rushed into trusting the politicians, giving them a blank cheque in what is no more than a pretend or fake ­referendum?

Voters might recall Alan Jones’s advice on the politicians’ republic: “If you don’t know, vote No.”

As to trusting politicians, it’s hard to think of even one of today’s problems which, if it weren’t created by them, they’ve not made significantly worse. From replacing the lowest ­energy costs in the world with the world’s highest, from declining educational standards to the way the criminal justice system better protects the criminal than the victim, today’s politicians have hardly earned our confidence.

Professor David Flint says politicians have hardly earned our confidence, so why are we now trusting them to change the constitution without telling us what exactly they plan to do?

David Flint

Like Professor Flint, Alan Jones was a one of a small number of media commentators recommending a No vote on whether Australia should be a republic in 1999.

Alan Jones

This is because too many of today’s politicians are out of touch, coming from a narrow class of staffers, union and party officials and chosen not on merit but because of their loyalty to some factional boss or lobbyist.

The founders of this country proposed and the people agreed that the new federal Parliament would be authorised to make laws with respect to a limited range of issues. These ­included marriage.

Although they’d never heard of same-sex marriage, the founders and the people were well aware of other forms of marriage, including polygamy. They certainly weren’t about to give the politicians any power to allow men to have four wives, some underage. The meaning of marriage in the Constitution was — and still is — crystal clear. It means marriage ­between one man and one woman, nothing more and nothing less.

Thousands of demonstrators took part in a same-sex marriage rally in Sydney last weekend. Picture: AFP

This meaning should prevail until the Constitution is properly changed.

In any democracy, words in a constitution must mean what a reasonable person at the time it was adopted thought they meant.

And having seen what can happen in other countries, the founders were very careful that the final decision on changing the Constitution should rest with the people. They certainly weren’t going to leave it to the politicians or indeed, to seven judges.

To make sure the people would be properly informed, it was agreed that the only way to change the Constitution would be by a Swiss-style referendum with the precise change and legislation approved both nationally and, to ensure there was widespread support, in a majority of states.

The founders were well aware of the dangers of using plebiscites to change the Constitution. Like opinion polls, plebiscites are just a question. This can too easily be loaded or misleading, as we saw in the 1995 Quebec secession referendum where exit polls revealed that many Yes voters actually believed they were voting to stay in Canada.

The point is that in a plebiscite all the details and especially the consequences of a Yes vote are not known in advance — they’re not on the table. The voters haven’t the foggiest idea what the politicians will get up to if you give them a Yes vote. Just as in the current postal survey or plebiscite.

The founders had seen how plebiscites — fake referendums — can be used to manipulate the voters. They were well aware that Napoleon Bonaparte and his nephew had used them to soften up the French until they agreed to turn them both into ­emperor-dictators.

Why won’t Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reveal his hand concerning what happens if a Yes vote gets up? Picture: Kym Smith

Is this a face of someone you give a blank cheque too?

Even where the plebiscite question seems clear, the voters can too easily be misled by being denied the necessary detail. How suspicious it is that the Turnbull government won’t ­reveal whatever legislation will be introduced if the people vote Yes. But even if the government were to reveal their hand now, it still wouldn’t be enough. Unlike a referendum, there’s no guarantee the legislation would be passed or even introduced.

The politicians could subsequently approve new forms of marriage or measures to punish supporters of ­traditional marriage.

Sydney Uni law courses push for Sharia law recognition

We have no idea what these could be. Some European politicians and clergymen have seriously proposed that sharia law be introduced to ­legitimise polygamous marriages, ­demeaning seriously women’s rights.

This could subsequently lead to the recognition of other practices, ­including underage and arranged marriages.

Even where the plebiscite question seems clear, the voters can too easily be misled by being denied the necessary detail. How suspicious it is that the Turnbull government won’t ­reveal whatever legislation will be introduced if the people vote Yes. But even if the government were to reveal their hand now, it still wouldn’t be enough. Unlike a referendum, there’s no guarantee the legislation would be passed or even introduced.

The politicians could subsequently approve new forms of marriage or measures to punish supporters of ­traditional marriage.


If there is a Yes vote, we have no guarantee that our existing freedoms of speech and religion will be maintained. The bullying and fake news by some of the self-selected leaders of a community, one which seems to only exist in a never-ending series of initials, should put everyone on guard.

There is nothing to stop the introduction of same-sex marriage being used, as it has been in other countries, to step up filling our schools with campaigns to encourage so-called gender fluidity and enforce the access by both sexes to lavatories, showers and change rooms. There is nothing to stop some schools and other charitable institutions being forced to close down and teachers and people generally being gagged.

All of this would have been ­avoided if the details and consequences of the proposed change were on the table before the people vote, as the Constitution clearly requires.

There was no reason why a proper referendum could not have been called to coincide with the next federal election. Instead we are being asked to vote Yes and give a blank heque to, of all people, the politicians.

David Flint, an emeritus professor of law, campaigned for the No case in 1999

Original Source: Date-stamped: 2017 September 12. | Time-stamped: 10:00 pm | Author: The Daily Telegraph | Article Title: DAVID FLINT: A YES VOTE ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE WILL GIVE POLITICIANS A BLANK CHEQUE | Article Link:

Fathers are Male, Men are Male, Boys are Male and Fathers Day is Fathers Day! is Woolworth’s promoting a political agenda on Father’s Day.

SHOPPERS are outraged over a Woolworths mud cake that hit shelves on Father’s Day with icing that read “Special Person’s Day”.

The photograph of the cake was uploaded to the Woolworths Facebook page by a Queensland father on Sunday. It was quickly reshared by dozens of others who called the supermarket giant out on failing to recognise Aussie dads.

One man commented: “This is a disgrace and total disrespect to all fathers in Australia today …

How dare you Woolworths?”

Another wrote: “Please keep Father’s Day to celebrate Dads, and don’t disappoint Australia with your political “special person” cakes.”

One woman said the cake was a “slap in the face to all the wonderful dads”.

“If you want to support a “Special Persons Day”, do it on any other day! So disappointed that you would make this divisive political statement,” she added.
However, others said they disagreed with the backlash against “Special Person’s Day”, saying not all Australians had fathers in their lives.

“There may be other people in their life that may have to take that role on. I truly celebrate that you have created a cake saying “Special person’s Day” because for every family that does not have a mother or father around and someone else to fill that massive role, they are 100% a very special person. Well done Woolies!” A woman wrote.

Another congratulated Woolworths on “taking into consideration other people’s circumstances”.

“My son doesn’t have his father around a very sad day for him in fact but you turned it into a positive by providing a cake acknowledging a special person so he gave that to his uncle to say thank you for being a special part of his life, all round a happy day instead of a sad one,” the woman said.
A Woolworths spokesman responded to customers over Facebook, saying the contentious photograph had been cropped out not to show other cakes that contained “Happy Father’s Day” messages.

“We’re currently looking into this display with our store teams. We want to reassure you that we’re helping all customers across Australia celebrate Father’s Day as seen from our store displays, products and recipe ideas. Cropped out of this image are a range of decorative cakes that have different messages on them, including ‘Dad’ and ‘Happy Father’s Day’. Thanks again for sharing.” Link:

Fact check: Is Australia the only advanced English-speaking country without same-sex marriage?

Facts feature (04)

Is Australia the only advanced English-speaking country without same-sex marriage?

Find out the answer Read below.

From mid-September, Australians will begin receiving survey forms for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, which the Government has commissioned in place of a plebiscite.

A common claim made about same-sex marriage is that Australia lags behind the countries we like to compare ourselves to.

Back in 2015, after the successful referendum to bring in same-sex marriage in Ireland, then Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome asserted that Australia was “the last developed English-speaking country not to allow same-sex couples to marry”.

And in September 2016, Greens MP Adam Bandt told Parliament that “we are now the only developed, English-speaking country to not have equal marriage laws”.

One of the latest to make the claim is Opposition frontbencher Andrew Leigh.

“We’re the last advanced English-speaking country not to allow same-sex marriage,” Mr Leigh told Sky News.

Mr Leigh is not the first or last to make a similar claim. But what are the facts? RMIT ABC Fact Check finds out.

The verdict

Mr Leigh’s claim is overstated.

Most of the countries that Australia shares political, economic and social links with have legalised same-sex marriage.

However, we are not the only “advanced English-speaking country” that has failed to do so.

Singapore, an advanced English-speaking country with a population of almost 6 million people, has not even decriminalised sexual acts between two men, let alone legalised same-sex marriage.

And not all parts of the United Kingdom have same-sex marriage — it is still not legal in Northern Ireland.

Basis for comparison

Mr Leigh refers to a set of countries that are “advanced” and “English-speaking”.

Fact Check has assessed “English-speaking” countries as those with English as an official language.

This will necessarily include countries that have multiple official languages — such as Singapore, South Africa and Canada — and those where English is the language of government and the law but not the most widely spoken in everyday life.

There are at least 70 countries or self-governing/semi-autonomous entities (such as Hong Kong) where English is an official language.

These range from small places such as the Falkland Islands (population of around 2,900 people) to India (more than 1 billion people, where English remains an official language “for official purposes of the Union and for use in Parliament”).

And what is an advanced country? Mr Leigh’s office told Fact Check that he used “advanced” as another word for “developed”.

Unfortunately, there is no settled definition of what a “developed” country is.

Fact Check has considered several metrics:

• The International Monetary Fund’s list of 39 “advanced” economies.The list includes a number of economies that are not sovereign nations including Hong Kong, Macau and Puerto Rico. Only ten of these economies are English-speaking.

• The 35 members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD. Six of these countries are English-speaking.

• The 51 countries on the United Nations Human Development Index said to have “very high human development”. Nine of these countries are English-speaking.

In short, Fact Check has found there to be 10 countries or territories that are advanced (on at least one of the metrics) and have English as an official language.

The results

Out of the ten “advanced” countries or territories with English as an official language, six have legalised same-sex marriage throughout the country. One — the United Kingdom — has legalised same-sex marriage in most of the country.




Advanced economies

OECD Members

HDI – Very High

Human Development

Same-sex marriage
Australia Yes Yes Yes No
Canada Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong SAR Yes No Yes No
Ireland Yes Yes Yes Yes
Malta Yes No Yes Yes
New Zealand Yes Yes Yes Yes
Puerto Rico Yes No No Yes
Singapore Yes No Yes No
United Kingdom Yes Yes Yes Partially
United States Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sources: International Monetary Fund; Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; United Nations Human Development Index; Official documents

Same-sex marriage is not legal anywhere in Singapore or Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, so on its own cannot be considered a “country”, though same-sex marriage is not legal in mainland China either.

Singapore has not legalised same-sex marriage, and in fact homosexual acts are still illegal in that country.

The situation in the United Kingdom is more difficult to characterise.

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the different countries/regions can make their own laws in some areas.

Same-sex marriage is legal in England, Scotland and Wales, but is not legal in Northern Ireland.

This means that same-sex marriages cannot take place in Northern Ireland and are recognised as civil partnerships rather than marriages in that territory.

A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Department of Finance told Fact Check:

“The law of Northern Ireland does not allow for same-sex marriage, but it does allow for same-sex civil partnerships, which confer similar rights and responsibilities; same-sex marriages that are conducted in England, Wales or Scotland are recognised as civil partnerships under the law of Northern Ireland.

Same-sex relationships from other jurisdictions may be recognised as civil partnerships in Northern Ireland…

On 17 August 2017 the High Court in Northern Ireland ruled that there is no obligation to introduce same-sex marriage.”

British citizens are able marry their same-sex partner in many British diplomatic posts overseas, including in Australia.

The marriages are valid as if they had taken place in the relevant part of the United Kingdom (as elected by the applicant).

Consular marriages cannot be conducted if “Northern Ireland” is elected, but there is nothing stopping a person from nominating England, Scotland or Wales even if they come from Northern Ireland.

Some of the British islands near the United Kingdom — such as the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney and Herm) and the Isle of Man — are not part of the UK and in fact are “crown dependencies” with their own legal systems.

Same-sex marriage is legal in the Isle of Man and most of the territory governed by Guernsey, but not the most populous island Jersey.

Australia is clearly towards the back of the (English-speaking, advanced country) pack when it comes to legalising same-sex marriage, but it is not alone.

Last English-speaking democracy?

Others have made claims around Australia being the last English-speaking democracy without same-sex marriage.

Again, this is an exaggeration.

Fact Check considered at the The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, which lists countries on a spectrum from full democracy to authoritarian.

Fact Check also took into account the annual Freedom in the World report, published by the US based Freedom House, which rates countries not free, partially free and free.

Out of the English-speaking countries listed as “full” or “flawed” democracies or “free” or “partially free”, only seven have legalised same-sex marriage.

A narrower claim was made in an August 14 tweet from the Sydney Mardi Gras, which stated there is same-sex marriage in “Every major English-speaking democracy EXCEPT Australia”.


The accuracy of that statement depends on the definition of “major”.

But given the list of democratic English-speaking countries without same-sex marriage includes Singapore (with a population greater than New Zealand or Ireland) and India (with a population of over a billion people), it again goes too far.

All of these comparisons demonstrate that while Australia may be behind those countries that are culturally and economically similar to Australia, there are many English-speaking countries that have not legalised same-sex marriage, many of which can be fairly called “democracies”.

Broader claim, same result

Some politicians and campaigners have gone beyond Mr Leigh’s formulation to claim that Australia is the only English-speaking country that has not legalised same-sex marriage.

Andrew Hastie, Liberal MP from Western Australia and a known opponent of same-sex marriage, told the Parliament on October 13, 2016:

“It is true that Australia is the last English-speaking country in the world to redefine marriage.

We can learn from international experience, and I dare say that we need to appreciate the consequences.”

A few days later, Matt Keogh, a Labor MP also from Western Australia, similarly told the Parliament “we are the last English-speaking nation to make this change”.

When the Senate considered same-sex marriage in early 2017, the organisation Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) stated in a submission:

“It is time to recognise that we are the last English-speaking country that still discriminates against same-sex-attracted couples.”

More recently Professor Kerryn Phelps, Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, told a forum on August 3, 2017:

“So many Australians are saying, ‘hang on, this is really an issue, we’re the only remaining English-speaking country without marriage equality.”

These claims are inaccurate.

Fact Check has found that out of 70 countries and self-governing areas that have English as an official language, only fourteen have legalised same-sex marriage.

These are Bermuda, Canada, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Malta, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, parts of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, South Africa, the United States and most of the United Kingdom.


Date-stamped: 2017, Aug 25. | Time-stamped: Posted Friday at 04:52 | Article Link: | Article Title: Fact check: Is Australia the only advanced English-speaking country without same-sex marriage?

The Biblical View of Homosexuality (i)

by Frances Swaggart October, 2012 The Evangelist

(This article was originally printed in January, 2008)

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet” (Rom 1:26-27).

After reading a vast variety of emails, articles, news clips, etc., I feel strongly impressed by the Holy Spirit to address the very delicate and controversial issue of homosexuality, not only homosexuality as society knows it to be, but God’s Biblical standard concerning it.

I do not wish to speak from standards of my own making here nor the ethical standards of our modern culture, but from the standards of a Holy God who has asked me to reach out to all who will hear Him concerning this very critical issue of our time.

I hope to make it clear to you how the Lord feels about homosexuality and, as well, His Solution for this terrible sin.

I once heard a wise man say that while God is the greatest embodiment of Love which has ever existed or will ever exist, it is not love that makes Him God.

God is God because of His Power! He is God because of His Authority! He is All-Powerful, All-Mighty, and All-Knowing. Yes, God is Love, but love is not God.

The Love of God is Holy. This presents a problem for a fallen, sinful creation. Mankind cannot receive the Love of God without willingly submitting to His Order and Authority by the Way of the Cross.

The Sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, for the Redemption of our sins was God’s way of showing us that within His great Power was also great Love. But, the conditions inherent in this Way of the Cross must be met for a man to receive the Love of God on a personal basis — to receive Salvation.

We must make Jesus both our Savior and our Lord.

Therefore, the Way of the Cross requires a man to surrender lordship of his own life to God, and he must also agree with God that it is His Standards alone which constitute Holiness.

Therefore, if God deems anything to be sin, man must agree. It is not man’s right to make the distinction between right and wrong; that is His right as Lord.

His Spirit is, in fact, speaking continually to the hearts of men: “I am the Lord.” We are without excuse. “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and He said, Thus shall you say unto the Children of Israel, I AM has sent me unto you” (Ex 3:14).


Many today would try to argue that we can’t be sure how the Lord views homosexuality, because the specific word, “homosexuality,” is not found in Scripture.

However, this argument is completely foolish, because the Bible does use plenty of other words and phrases which mean precisely the same thing. Besides, the word, “homosexuality,” did not even enter the English vocabulary until the early Twentieth Century. It is, in fact, for this peculiar sin that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, giving the word “sodomy” its Biblical origin.

In Ecclestical Latin, “sodomy” is translated “pecatum Sodomiticum,” or the “sin of Sodom.” “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly” (Gen 13:13). “Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven; And He overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground” (Gen 19:24-25).

There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel” (Deut 23:17). “And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before the Children of Israel” (1 Kings 14:24). “And he broke down the houses of the sodomites, who were by the House of the LORD . . .” (2 Kings 23:7).


Also, referring specifically to homosexual acts, Leviticus 18:22 says: “You shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” And perhaps, the most obvious evidence that the Lord opposes homosexuality is that it is simply unnatural.

It clearly goes against His intention as Creator because it goes against the natural sexual expression of human beings. It also tears down the Spiritual Type the Lord intended for marriage to display. God created marriage, as a covenant relationship between a man and woman, as a picture of the covenant relationship a Believer enters into with the Lord when he is Born-Again.

A Christian becomes one with Christ as a husband and wife become one. The family unit then becomes a means of protection, security, and love, which demonstrates the very provision the Lord provides for His Children. “And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” (Gen 2:22-24).

1 Corinthians 6:9, uses the word “effeminate,” which is a Greek word specifically meaning “sodomite” or “male homosexual prostitute.” It does not merely refer to a man with feminine qualities like we use it today. I Timothy 1:10 uses the phrase, “. . . them that defile themselves with mankind. . . .

The Greek word used in this verse is “arsenokoitais,” and means “male homosexuals.

Referring back to I Corinthians 6:9, this same Greek word was also originally used in place of the phrase, “. . . abusers of themselves with mankind.

Therefore, “arsenokoites,” more specifically refers to “abusers,” or “to be guilty of unnatural offenses; a sodomite; a homosexual; a sex pervert.

The Holy Spirit, here, likens homosexuality to predatorial abuse, even the abuse of oneself.


Yet, today, in city after city, there are entire areas given over to the homosexual lifestyle. The acceptance of this practice in modern society has been gradually building for sometime now, but in the last several years we have seen an explosion in its growth, as the minds of reprobate men fail to understand its far-reaching consequences.

With this delusion has also come the “demand” for the approval, inclusion, and support of homosexual “rights.” The demand is harsh and determined, and it is not only coming from homosexuals, but from our very own government.

They press on, despite the fact that, historically-speaking, every time a city was inflicted with this vice and left to run its natural course, the city became so shaken that it crumbled and fell.

Homosexual practice is, in fact, widely recognized as one of the causes for the downfall of the Roman Empire. They destroyed themselves by their own perversion, similar to ancient civilizations that literally sacrificed themselves out of existence.

This is exactly what we are facing today in the United States! From this point on, every decision we make concerning the issue of homosexuality will have lasting effects on our survival, not only as a nation, but as a human race.

In times past, it was only particular segments of the world which were permeated with this vile sin and destroyed.

Today, because it is embraced worldwide, the entire global community stands to be judged. This is absolutely one of the greatest signs of the times before us! Get ready, saints, for our “Redemption draweth nigh!”


It is evident that intolerance and outrage is already coming from both sides of the fence in America. The battle cry has been sounded, the fight has been started, and the stones have been thrown. Indeed, the nation is once-again divided, and the war for the soul of America has begun!

So, how should a Christian fight?

Certainly not with hate, because it is not the sinner which God hates; rather, it is his sin.

It is homosexuality that we are against, not the homosexual.

A true Christian will do everything possible to show a homosexual the Love of God and the Way of the Cross, for he realizes that he was also once lost in his sin.

We would also welcome any homosexual to come to Family Worship Center as long as you conduct yourself properly and do not disrupt the Service in any way (which is the same requirements we have for everyone who attends our Services).

We look at our church like a hospital; it is there so the sick may receive Healing. Just understand, though, that we will preach the Truth regarding sin.

A true Christian can never fail to tell the homosexual the truth about his sin, no matter how much others may misinterpret the attitude of his heart. Love does not lie. The Apostle Paul once asked, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” (Gal. 4:16).


Under a distorted version of what some homosexual activists are calling “freedom,” there is a movement taking place today which is designed to convince the American people that homosexuality is normal and that the homosexual’s perverse practices are only a matter of “sexual preference,” something to be seen as perfectly natural and non-threatening.

But, if everyone practiced this lifestyle, we would quickly see the extinction of the human race! How can we simply call any so-called “preference,” which puts man on the endangered species list, normal or natural? It doesn’t even adhere to America’s Declaration of Independence which was written to guarantee us “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

How can we have life without procreation?

On a spiritual level, the reality is that Satan despises the fact that man has been favored by God.

The Devil’s wish is to destroy His highest Creation.

Homosexuality is his most conscientious effort to eliminate the human race.

It not only stops procreation, but destroys the family unit.

Already, more than one spouse has been abandoned due to unnatural lust, and more than one marriage was forsaken before it ever took place at all. Homosexuality is, thereby, demonic in nature as unclean spirits aid Satan’s goal to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10).


Of course, laws cannot put a person in right standing with God, because the problem is more than ethical, it is spiritual, but laws help guide society as a whole. This is why it is important for Christians to vote in the right laws for our country and speak out as much as possible.

However, this is also why homosexual advocates are pressuring the Christian community, as well as the heterosexual community in general, to cater to the homosexual agenda in every way possible. In the mean time, our minds are being desensitized by the media.

Every time we turn around we find that a homosexual character in a story is also the hero of the story. Or, another one of our favorite celebrities unashamedly announces his homosexuality.

We laugh at their jokes and admire their talents, but what we forget is that the homosexual community will not stop until it becomes a crime in America for anyone to call a homosexual act a sin. In fact, we just recently saw another major step in this direction.

Bill HR 2015 (a.k.a. the Employment Non-Discrimination Act), which prevents employers from refusing to hire someone based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, just passed the House.

Most of the time America’s citizens are denied the chance to speak out against the homosexual agenda, and those who try are quickly labeled as homophobic, narrow minded, and ignorant.

But, may we not force our moral and spiritual conscience to take a back seat because we fear our peers and the labels they may give us.

If homosexuals can “come out of the closet,” so must we.

Christians claim to be people of Faith, but remember that James said it well, “. . . Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26).


Also, contrary to popular opinion, it is possible for a person to speak out against homosexuality and vote against homosexual agendas without hating the homosexual or treating him harshly in any way. Anyone who does such is not dealing with the issue with a correct spirit or attitude.

And, so-called “Christians” who do such are actually hurting the cause of Christ. Yet, organizations are being formed today, which wish to label anyone who will clearly speak the Truth according to the Bible, as a “religious bigot.” For example, one organization called, Faith In America, is actively holding educational campaigns across America.

They state on their website  ( “The fundamental mission of Faith In America is to end bigotry disguised as religious truth and in doing so, ensure full and equal civil rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in America.”

These organizations try to put homosexuality in the same category as race or gender.

But, the two are not comparable, because the Bible does not label race or gender as sin like it does homosexuality.

Actually, Christians cannot accurately be called “bigots,” because the definition of a “bigot” includes prejudice. Prejudice cannot exist in the proper understanding that the ground is level at the foot of the Cross.

The only thing the true Christian is against, is sin.

Are homosexuals born that way? Part 1 & 2

By Jimmy Swaggart. Extracted from “The Evangelist” 

Part 1 January, 2011

Since men chose to give up God and worship the creature, God could do nothing but give men into the control of the sinful things they preferred.

QUESTION: Are homosexuals born that way? 


We will address ourselves to that to a greater degree momentarily.

There are several places in the Word of God which addresses itself to this perversion (Gen 19:1-13; Lev 18:22; Lev 20:13; Deut 23:17-18; Judg 19:22; Rev 22:15); however, we will address ourselves primarily to Romans 1:24-28.

Hopefully in these Passages given by the Holy Spirit to the Apostle Paul, your questions will be answered.


Paul said, Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves (Rom. 1:24).

The phrase, “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts,” presents mankind not merely drifting toward, but actually, in a sense, being shoved by God in that direction.

Since men chose to give up God and worship the creature, God could do nothing but give men into the control of the sinful things they preferred. In other words, God would not violate man’s will and force him to do something he did not want to do. When men persisted in following their totally depraved natures, God allowed them free rein. The natural result was immorality of the vilest kind.

Alford1) says of God’s Act of delivering mankind over into the control of utter human depravity, “Not merely permissive, but judicially, God delivered them over. As sin begets sin, and darkness of mind, deeper darkness, Grace gives place to Judgement, and the Divine Wrath hardens men, and hurries them on to more fearful degrees of depravity.” God, in other words, delivered man to uncleanness.

The word “lusts” is “epithumia” in the Greek Text, and means, “a passionate craving, longing, desire,” and in this sense, an inordinately sinful one.

Alford again says, “Not by or through the lusts; the lusts of their heart were the field of action, the department of their being in which the dishonor took place.” In other words, this was what their hearts wanted.

The phrase, “To dishonor their own bodies between themselves,” carries with it more than mere profligacy in the satisfaction of natural lusts, but rather bestiality, which refers to impurity in the physical, and not only in the social and religious sense. In other words, man is grossly immoral.

It speaks of adultery, fornication, pedophilia (sex with children), bestiality (sex with animals), lesbianism, and homosexuality. In other words, this “dishonor” includes all of these things mentioned.


Paul said, “Who changed the Truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, Who is blessed forever. Amen” (Rom. 1:25).

The phrase, “Who changed the Truth of God into a lie,” refers back to Verse 23, which speaks of spiritual and sexual uncleanness.

In the realm of idolatry, it refers to the images of men, birds, cattle, dogs, crocodiles, frogs, and snakes, which are common among all idolaters.

Such idolatry has been the root of all the abominable immoralities of the heathen.

For man to worship and serve the creature, means he is doing such to something he has made with his hands and is, therefore, less than him.

The idols have been the patrons of licentiousness.

When they formed their gods in human shape, they endowed them with passions and represented them as slaves to disgraceful sex perversions and as possessing unlimited powers of sexual gratification.

However, this condition of men’s hearts in purposely refusing the Truth of God, led to the Lord using no restraining force over man whatsoever, allowing him without restraint to push headlong into this lie of darkness, which, in effect, is the same as God giving man a push. Considering man’s already depraved condition, the slide even further downward was terrible, to say the least!

As we see here, the words, “God also gave them up,” as given in Verse 24, is a restraining force exercised by God even on unregenerate mankind, unless refused, which it was and continues to be.

As well, there is far greater restraining force on Believers as should be obvious (Job 1:10; Ps 91; Rom 8:28).

However, this restraining force even on Believers can be removed, as well, through disobedience and rebellion.

The phrase, “And worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator,” (Rom 1:25) presents that of which Paul spoke in his Message to the Athenians (Acts 17:29-30).

For man to worship and serve the creature, means he is doing such to something he has made with his hands and is, therefore, less than him.

Regarding the “creature,” even if man worships himself or other men and women, which most of the world does, still, what good does that do him?

The phrase, “Who is blessed forever,” should have been translated, “bless-ed,” because it refers to God.

The word ‘vile’ in the Greek Text is ‘atimia,’ and means ‘dishonor, ignominy, and disgrace.’

The word “blessed” refers to one receiving a blessing, in which, as should be obvious, God needs nothing.

The two syllable word “bless-ed,” in effect, refers to the One doing the Blessing, in this case, the Lord.


The idea is all True Blessings come exclusively from the Lord, with idols or anything else for that matter, able to produce none at all.

The word “Amen” means that this is anchored in the Word of God, and, as such, will not change.


For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature” (Rom. 1:26).

The phrase, “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections,” presents once again the people purposely and with forethought rejecting God, desiring instead a way of gross evil, with the Lord removing His restraints and, therefore, giving them unimpeded access to their desires.

It must be remembered that the way down picks up speed as it goes, therefore, making it more and more difficult to stop or turn around, even though desire to do so may ultimately come about.

I speak of the untold millions who are hooked on alcohol, drugs, immorality, gambling, or any vice one may name. It begins oftentimes as a lark, but as the acceleration downward increases, it becomes more and more difficult to stop, actually impossible without the help of God.


The word “vile” in the Greek Text is “atimia,” and means “dishonor, ignominy, and disgrace.” 

The first word in this meaning is “dishonor,” and looking at the meaning of its opposite “honor,” means to evaluate the worth of a person and to treat him with the consideration, respect, and love due his character and position.

Let it ever be understood, man can never improve upon that which God has done. He cannot add to it, or take away from it, at least with any positive results.

Conversely, to dishonor a person is to either put an incorrect appraisal upon his worth and treat him accordingly, or, having properly evaluated his character, to refuse to treat him with the respect and deference that are his due.

Paul is using this in the sense of the world putting an incorrect estimate upon the sacredness, dignity, and purity of the physical body which was made by God and, in effect, in God’s Image, and thus, using it in a way which dishonors it.

In that this is what the world wanted, they were given over to a “condition,” and not merely to an evil desire. It is one thing for an individual to do something which is very evil, but something else altogether for that person to “become” what they do, which is always where sin leads one. As stated, the problem can only be rectified by the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The phrase, “For even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature,” in short, speaks of lesbianism — unnatural sexual relations between women (homosexuality).

Several things are said here:

The word “women” as used here is not the word used as in John 4:9, which simply speaks of designation, but rather the Greek word “thelus” which means “a female.” In other words, the Holy Spirit through Paul is pointing to the gender, meaning that it is to stay that way.

That women tried to “change” the purpose of their gender, is the reason that Paul used the Greek word for “female.” They were not trying so much to change the gender, but rather its purpose respecting the sexual sense.

Consequently, they were changing what God had designed, and doing so in a rebellious, base, and ignominious way. They went from a far higher use down to a far lower use. Even though this is one of the worst, or possibly the very worst example, still, this is the great sin of man, changing God’s Ways for man’s ways, and in every capacity.

• The “natural use” presents that intended by God, in this sense, the way sexually that women were originally created.

The word “natural” in the Greek is “phusis,” and means “the nature of things, the force, laws, order of nature, as opposed to that which is monstrous, abnormal, perverse.

• That which is “against nature” respects that which is against Nature’s laws, or God’s Laws, which are one and the same.


Paul said, “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet” (Rom. 1:27).

The phrase, “And likewise also the men,” presents the word “men” used in the same fashion as the word “women” in the previous Verse.

The Holy Spirit through Paul is not pointing out the mere designation of man, but rather the male as distinguished from a female. These terms are used because only the distinction of sex is contemplated.

The phrase, “Leaving the natural use of the woman” speaks of the sex act which is to be performed between the man and his wife. This natural way formed and made by God, is set aside, in favor of that which is far, far lower.

Let it ever be understood, man can never improve upon that which God has done. He cannot add to it, or take away from it, at least with any positive results. He always drops down to a lower level, which is the problem with the world, and always has been since the Fall.

The Holy Spirit through the Apostle is using this example of lesbianism and homosexuality, because it portrays in the most glaring way, the obvious truth of these statements. In other words, this example portrays in the worst way the folly of changing God’s Designed Direction, and designed, I might quickly add, for our good and not harm.

However, I must remind the Reader, that there is no ‘professional help’ for something of this nature or any sin for that matter, be it great or small.

Actually, this is one of Satan’s greatest ploys, even as he tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden. He tried to make them think that God was withholding some good things from them, exactly as men think today; however, let it ever be known, that all good things are found in the Ways of God, and not outside those Ways. Satan has no good ways, only bondage.

While he is able to offer some pleasure and can titillate the flesh somewhat, without exception, his efforts will lead to destruction. In other words, the Marlboro man dies of cancer.

The phrase, “Burned in their lust one toward another,” refers to that which is terrible in its intensity.

The word “burned” in the Greek is “ekkaio,” and means “to burn out,” and can be explained as “the rage of lust.

Robertson2) defines it as, “to inflame with lust.” In other words, this type of lust satiates or consumes the entirety of the individual. It is an all-out endeavor to satisfy their totally-depraved natures.

Once again, we are speaking here of homosexuality.

The phrase, “Men with men working that which is unseemly,” specifies its direction.


The word, “working” taken from Verse 27 in the Greek is “katergazomai,” which means “to perform, accomplish, achieve, to do that from which something results, to carry to its ultimate conclusion.” It is a “lust” which will not be satisfied until it obtains its desired results.

Many would ask as to how a man could take advantage of a little boy, sexually molesting him, when the man knows in his heart the child will be greatly affected mentally and emotionally?

The answer is obvious, it is “lust” which drives the person and will not quit until it is momentarily satisfied.

As well, each act takes the man lower and lower in its depravity.

At this stage, it is not why the man does such a thing, but that he has reached the point to where he has no choice in the matter. That is the reason that many pedophiles openly state, if given the opportunity they will do such again.

They are right!

Within themselves it is not possible for the situation to be changed.

At this stage and even long before, the favorite word used, and even by the Church is, “they need professional help!” Of course, they are speaking of Psychological counseling, etc.

However, I must remind the Reader, that there is no “professional help” for something of this nature or any sin for that matter, be it great or small.

I would ask the reader to think back to the Catholic situation, where scores of Priests have been exposed as being pedophiles. The Catholic system has the greatest psychologists in the world. As well, many, if not most, of these Priests have undergone untold hours of psychological counseling, but with no positive effect. To be sure, if psychological counseling was the answer, it would have worked in those situations. It didn’t work, because it cannot work.


The only answer is Jesus Christ and what He did for us at the Cross (Rom 6:1-14; Rom 8:1-2, 11; 1 Cor 1:17-18, 23; 1 Cor 2:2; Col 2:14-15).

As we have previously said, and will continue to say over and over again, if, in fact, man has the answer for these problems in the realm of psychoanalysis, or any other way, Jesus Christ made an unnecessary trip down to this sin-benighted world to die on Calvary, thereby, paying a terrible price to redeem humanity.

Once again I remind the reader, man’s problem is sin, not environment, association, or education, even though these things certainly may have some affect.

And once again I say, man’s solution is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, and that alone! In other words, there is no other answer.

Also, I remind the reader, Jesus needs no help in this capacity, for, in effect, He has already effected the cure, which is His Shed Blood coupled with His Power.

For the Church to look elsewhere, to do otherwise, to think otherwise, is not just sin, but actually, rank, raw, ignominious blasphemy.


The evil consequences are necessary as ordained by Divine Law. When one violates the Laws of Nature (God), one must pay the price.

The word “unseemly” as used in the Twenty-seventh Verse, in the Greek is “aschemosune,” and means “want of form, disfigurement, deformed, one’s nakedness, shame.

It does not matter that modern man may attempt to label homosexuality as merely an “alternate lifestyle,” insinuating that there is nothing wrong with this direction, the Truth is the opposite, and irrespective of what type of erroneous laws that Congress may make, or the Supreme Court may judge. Man’s law in no way changes God’s Laws, i.e., that which God has deemed will happen!

The awful results will always come about, irrespective of how much man may attempt to apply a seal of approval to this issue, or any other issue pertaining to Life and Godliness.


The phrase, “And receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet,” refers to the penalty that is attached to wrongdoing, and if persisted, will always be brought about.

Recompense” in the Greek is “antimisthian,” and means “a reward given in compensation, requital, recompense.

The word here refers to that natural result of their sin which pays them back for what they have done. The evil consequences are necessary as ordained by Divine Law. When one violates the Laws of Nature (God), one must pay the price.

The word “error” in the Greek is “palne,” and means “a wandering, roving, or wrong action.” It carries the idea of an individual leaving the natural instincts created by God and forcing those instincts into perversion.

The “wandering, roving, wrong action” steadily gets worse and worse, with the “error” becoming more and more pronounced.

An excellent example is the many homosexuals and lesbians who have had their mental, emotional, and even physical appearances changed, and for the worst.

In other words, their homosexuality shows in their mannerisms, which again are unnatural and repulsive.


The Bible has much to say about this sin, as it does all sin. 

Historically, according to the Bible, homosexual behavior was linked with idolatrous cult prostitution (1 Ki 14:24; 1 Ki 15:12; 1 Ki 22:46).

However, the stern warning against this practice is included in Levitical Law, and upheld under the New Covenant as well, even respecting these Passages in Romans, which we are now studying (Lev 18:22; Lev 20:13).

The evil consequences are necessary as ordained by Divine Law. When one violates the Laws of Nature (God), one must pay the price.

In this Chapter, to which we have already alluded, Paul greatly condemns homosexual acts, lesbian as well as male, putting them in the same breath, in a sense, as idolatry. However, his theological canvas is broader than the expression of the homosexual act regarding idolatry, but is rather held up as the terrible exchange fallen man has made in departing from his Creator’s intention. Seen from this angle, every homosexual act is unnatural, not so much because it cuts across the individual’s natural sexual orientation, or even infringes Old Testament Law, which it definitely does, but rather because it flies in the face of God’s Creation Plan for human sexual expression. END

By Jimmy Swaggart. Extracted from “The Evangelist”

Part 2 February, 2011

While it is true that the seed of original sin carries with it every type of deviation, aberration, perversion, and wrongdoing, the homosexual cannot claim to have been born that way any more than the drunkard, gambler, killer, etc.


Paul makes two more references to homosexual practices in other Epistles. Both occur in lists of banned activities and strike the same condemnatory note. In 1 Corinthians 6:9, practicing homosexuals are included among the unrighteous who will not inherit the Kingdom of God; however, Paul then adds a redemptive note, saying, “And such were some of you” (1 Cor 6:11). In other words, the Lord Saved these once practicing homosexuals, cleansing them of their sin, and made them new creations in Christ Jesus.

The idea is, as should be obvious, that the Lord does not save in sin, but from sin.

A newsman asked me once if God would save homosexuals.

My answer to him was very clear and concise: “Yes, God will save homosexuals, or anyone who comes to Him for that matter. Actually, that is the very reason Jesus came and died on Calvary.

“However,” I quickly added, “But that means they will have to give up their sin of homosexuality, just as the drunkard gives up his drink,” etc.

In 1 Timothy 1:10, Paul again speaks of the sin of homosexuality, and by inference, declares the lost condition of those who practice this sin as well as other sins.

It has been suggested that the meaning of “arsenikoites” in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10 may be restricted to that of “male prostitute.” However, Greek linguistic evidence to support this view is lacking.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that Paul intended to condemn homosexual conduct in any capacity, but not homosexual people. As Creator, Law-giver, and King, the Lord’s condemnation of such behaviour is absolutely plain, but yet He loves the sinner.

Following are some questions respecting homosexuality with some answers, which hopefully will be helpful.


In a word, “No!”

While it is true that the seed of original sin carries with it every type of deviation, aberration, perversion, and wrongdoing, the homosexual cannot claim to have been born that way any more than the drunkard, gambler, killer, etc.

However, I think it correct to say that the gene pool which constitutes the character and personality make up of every individual is more predisposed toward some aberrations in certain persons than others. In the spiritual sense, the perverted or abnormal number of genes in any particular direction is not the cause of these situations, but rather the results.

The genes are that way because of man’s fallen condition in a spiritual sense. So, even if scientists one day can find a way to control the genes, the problem will still not be solved, because that which feeds the genes, which is the soul and the spirit of man, cannot be changed by medical or psychological procedures, but only by the Power of God.

It is called the New Birth, and is referred to in the Word of God as “Regeneration.”

The actual Passage says, “Not by works of Righteousness which we have done, but according to His Mercy He Saved us, by the washing of Regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit” (Titus 3:5).

The word “Regeneration” in the Greek Text is “Plaiggenesia,” and means “once more or again,” in other words, “re-gened.”

The Lord Jesus Christ and Him Alone can change the person, i.e., “Re-gene the individual, hence, Regeneration.”

“However, the homosexual, upon coming to Christ, must abandon the former lifestyle immediately, and that goes for the drunk, gambler, or anyone for that matter.”

To further prove the point, when identical twins are born, the gene pool is identical, at least to a greater degree, in these twins. At times one has become a homosexual, while the other one did not. If, in fact, they were born that way, if one was homosexual, the other would be likewise. The very fact that both seldom turn out to be that way proves that they are not born in that manner.

Again we stated, that even though there are greater propensities toward certain proclivities in some people than in others, does not mean the thing is set in concrete, but only that there is a lean toward a certain direction. In fact, the Lord does not condemn the sinner for what he is, but rather for refusing to accept God’s Way out of the situation, which is the Salvation afforded by Christ at Calvary. That goes for every sinner, homosexuals included!


Actually, this is a question we have already answered.

Yes, the Lord will save homosexuals, or anyone who comes to Him, irrespective as to who or what they may be. That is the very reason Jesus came to this world, “to save sinners” (I Cor. 6:9-12).

However, the homosexual, upon coming to Christ, must abandon the former lifestyle immediately, and that goes for the drunk, gambler, or anyone for that matter.

When a person comes to Christ, he leaves something (the old lifestyle), and comes to something, and more particularly to someone, the Lord Jesus Christ. As such, we take upon ourselves, and by His Help, His Lifestyle.


Biblical Counseling will help, but not Psychological Counseling. The problem is Spiritual, and the Bible alone deals with such.

“In order for the person to be set free, there has got to be a power greater than the powers of darkness, and the homosexual spirit is one of the most powerful spirits of darkness in the world.”

Biblical Counseling will simply direct the person to the Lord Jesus Christ and the price that He paid at Calvary, so that one may be Saved. It must be understood, that Jesus atoned for every sin at the Cross. This means that Satan and all of his cohorts of darkness were defeated at Calvary (Col 2:14-15). Sin is that which gives Satan the legal right to hold man in bondage.

With all sin atoned, he has no more right to do such.

That being the case, how is it that he keeps most of the world in bondage?

He does such simply because men will not take advantage of what Christ has done for us at Calvary.

Untold millions in the world are lost without God, but it’s because they will not avail themselves of the opportunity of accepting Christ.

Regrettably, many in the Church, if not most, fall into the same category. They do not understand that it was at the Cross that all victory was won. This means that the Cross of Christ must ever be made the Object of our Faith (Rom 6:1-14; Rom 8:1-2, 11; 1 Cor 1:17-18, 23; 1 Cor 2:2; Gal 5; Gal 6:14; Eph 2:13-18; Col 2:14-15).

When the Believer places his Faith exclusively in Christ and the Cross, and maintains his Faith exclusively in Christ and the Cross, the Holy Spirit, Who Alone can effect what is needed in our lives, will work grandly on our behalf. However, the Holy Spirit will not work outside the parameters of the Finished Work of Christ, which necessitates our Faith in that Redemption Plan.

Paul said: “For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of Sin and Death” (Rom. 8:2).

The Cross of Christ is God’s Way, and His only Way, because that is all that is needed.

“The age-old problem of mankind is the desire to live in sin and have Salvation at the same time; however, those who would attempt such a thing have not truly been Born-Again.”

In order for the person to be set free, there has got to be a power greater than the powers of darkness, and the homosexual spirit is one of the most powerful spirits of darkness in the world. The greater Power is in the Holy Spirit, Who works exclusively, as stated, within the parameters of the Cross. This is God’s Way, the Way of the Cross, and it does not need the help of the ways of the world.

In fact, psychology holds no help at all for the homosexual, or anyone else for that matter, only harm. It is harm because it attempts to make the person believe a lie, and it keeps them from their only Source of help, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Psychological counseling, for the most part, attempts to make the homosexual “feel good about himself,” in other words, to accept his orientation, as it is called. If the truth be known, many psychologists claim that the guilt felt by homosexuals (or anyone for that matter), is the real problem, and is present because of certain myths, they say, called the Bible, etc.

While it is true that the “Law” of the Bible does point out man’s terrible sins, still, if the Bible did not exist, the guilt of man’s fallen condition would remain. The guilt can only be removed by Jesus Christ. The Bible did not originate the guilt — sin being the fault — it only defines it.

Concerning guilt Paul also said: “There is therefore now no condemnation (guilt) to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit” (Rom. 8:1).


In fact, yes! Actually, it can be no other way, if Salvation is to be Salvation (2 Cor 5:17-18); however, whereas this terrible bondage, as with other problems such as temper, alcohol, nicotine, etc., are at times broken immediately, with some, certain things regarding particular victory does not come quite so quickly. In other words, at times there is a struggle.

However, the Lord does not throw us out if we fail or slip back, but, in fact, instantly forgives us as we ask for such (I Jn 1:9). Consequently, the new Believer must continue to believe God, making certain that his Faith is strictly in Christ and the Cross, which, as stated, will then give the Holy Spirit latitude to work within his life, which will ultimately bring victory. In fact, the struggle may continue for a period of time, but if the Believer keeps his Faith in Christ and the Cross, and doesn’t allow it to be moved to something else, ultimately, that sin will no longer have dominion over that person, whatever type of sin it might be.

Paul said:

For sin shall not have dominion over you (the sin nature will not have dominion over us if we as Believers continue to exercise Faith in the Cross of Christ; otherwise, the sin nature most definitely will have dominion over the Believer): for you are not under the Law (means that if we try to live this life by any type of law, no matter how good that law might be in its own right, we will conclude by the sin nature having dominion over us), but under Grace (the Grace of God flows to the Believer on an unending basis only as long as the Believer exercises Faith in Christ and what He did at the Cross; Grace is merely the Goodness of God exercised by and through the Holy Spirit, and given to undeserving Saints)”.

(Rom. 6:14)

Yes, that is if the person does not repent and, thereby, forsake that lifestyle. Of course, the same can be said for alcoholism, drug addiction, or religion for that matter (Gal 5:19-21).

“They wanted a God to their liking, and finding that He did not meet those specifications, the world refused to approve Him as the God to be worshipped, or have Him in its knowledge.”

The age-old problem of mankind is the desire to live in sin and have Salvation at the same time; however, those who would attempt such a thing have not truly been Born-Again.

When the person truly comes to Christ, making Him the Lord of one’s life, affections change totally and completely.


Actually, the Scripture is rather implicit about this, saying, “Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Cor 5:17).

In other words, the new Believer does not want the old sinful lifestyle any longer, even though he may at times sense its pull.

He is now a “new creation in Christ Jesus.


The Courts legalizing something, does not legitimize it in the Eyes of God. The Word of God does not change irrespective of what others may do. That is the reason it is referred to as Objective Truth, which means it is the same Standard forever and for everyone.

The recognition of homosexual marriages by the Courts is an abomination in the sight of God.

As well, the allowing of homosexual couples to adopt children is again, an abomination. Putting a child in such an abnormal environment, can do nothing but have an adverse effect on that child, which will affect them negatively for the rest of their life. In fact, a study was recently done in England concerning this very thing.

They found after exhaustive surveys, that irrespective what the world of psychology said, that the children who were placed in homosexual homes did not fare near as well as otherwise. In fact, there was such a negative influence on these little hearts and lives, that most of them, if any of them, outside of Christ, would ever get over the situation.

Regrettably, this is also the case in many so-called straight homes and for the simple reason that most do not know Jesus. Only Jesus can make a marriage, and He definitely will not do so with such an unscriptural, perverted lifestyle of homosexuality, irrespective of claims to the contrary.

However, if a home does have Christ, it has the only solution for its problems and the only guarantee for success.


To which we have alluded elsewhere in our comments on this subject, the Lord loves the homosexual just as much as He does anyone else. When He died on Calvary, He died for these people just as well as He died for you and me. In fact, His Atonement is no different for them than for us.

Likewise, Christians must show kindness and the God kind of Love toward homosexuals, as they do for others.

That means, at least as far as possible, to treat them as human beings, and that means with respect and dignity; however, the Believer must never leave the impression that such a lifestyle is condoned, while at the same time not leveling condemnation on the person. No one has ever brought people to Christ with a club, but millions have been brought to the Saviour because they felt somebody cared for them.

At the same time, I do not think it is possible that Believers could be close friends with a homosexual, or anyone outside of Christ for that matter! The Believer and the unbeliever have absolutely nothing in common, at least on which to build and sustain a friendship. One serves Christ, while the other serves himself.


The Scripture says, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (Rom. 1:28).

The phrase, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge,” carries the idea of the human race putting God to the test for the purpose of approving or disapproving Him. They wanted a God to their liking, and finding that He did not meet those specifications, the world refused to approve Him as the God to be worshipped, or have Him in its knowledge.

The “knowledge” spoken here, in the Greek is “epignosis,” and means “full and precise knowledge.” In other words, their knowledge of God, due to their rebellion against Him, and, therefore, going into deep sin, was only a dim and perverted memory!

“As they did not think it fit to keep God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a mind which has no way to comprehend God.”

If one wants to know what is wrong with the modern School System in America, despite the fact of hundreds of billions of dollars being thrown at this ever-worsening situation, it is because educators “did not like to retain God in their knowledge.” So, and speaking of the Public School System, we have Godless schools, which means that the schools are filled with Satan. We have Godless education, which means that what knowledge the students do have is largely warped and twisted, ill-preparing them for life. We have Godless direction, consequently we have erroneous ways.

The phrase, “God gave them over to a reprobate mind,” presents the third time such a statement is used (Rom. 1:24, 26, 28). Once again, humanity wanted that which was licentious and evil and the Lord took away the restraining forces, allowing them to have what they desired.

The words “reprobate mind” in the Greek Text is “adokimon noun.” It carries the idea of the human race putting God on trial, and because it rejected Him, God gave it a “trialless” mind, in other words, one incapable of discharging the functions of a mind with respect to the things of Salvation.

As they did not think it fit to keep God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a mind which has no way to comprehend God. In other words, Light rejected is Light withdrawn. The one thing answers to the other.

Virtually, they pronounce the True God disapproved and would have none of Him, and He in turn gave them up to a disapproved mind, a mind which actually is no mind, and cannot discharge the functions of one, a mind in which the Divine distinctions of right and wrong are confused and lost, so that God’s condemnation cannot but fall on it at last.

This speaks of people who are completely perverted.

As the Canaanites of old who did their abominations unto their gods, the last depth of evil has been reached.

There were three terrible sins pandemic in the great empires of the past, which contributed greatly to their fall.


1. Homosexuality; 2. Pedophilia (child molestation); and, 3. Incest.

Regrettably, America is heading down the same path.

The only answer for the homosexual and anyone for that matter is the Lord Jesus Christ. When He comes into the heart, this bondage of darkness will cease, and it will only cease if He comes into the heart. There is no answer other than “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.” END

(This article came from Jimmy Swaggart’s Book, “BROTHER SWAGGART, HERE’S MY QUESTION...”  (EV1202). It is hardcover, 426 pages. It contains 29 of the most important Questions. This is a book that you want.)

References   [ + ]


“Franklin Graham Urges Georgia Gov. to Stand Against NFL and Sign ‘Pastor Protection Act'”

Profile: Franklin Graham (03)

(Photo: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) The Rev. Franklin Graham.

 Franklin Graham Urges Georgia Gov. to Stand Against NFL and Sign ‘Pastor Protection Act’ Leading evangelist Franklin Graham is calling on Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal to stand against corporate pressure and sign a religious freedom bill passed by both houses of the state’s legislature that would protect faith-based organizations and pastors from government backlash over their opposition to same-sex marriage.

After a spokesperson from the National Football League insinuated last week that the passing of Georgia’s “Pastor Protection Act” would be taken into account when deciding whether Atlanta will get to host the Super Bowl in either 2019 or 2020, DISNEY and MARVEL have also announced that they, too, will take their business elsewhere if “any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.

Graham, the head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, took to Facebook Wednesday to urge the Republican governor not to cave into the demands of LGBT and corporate communities and decried the notion that this legislation will permit “discrimination.”

“LGBT forces and corporate superpowers are using this threat to try to stop the bill that would protect pastors from performing same-sex marriages and give faith-based organizations permission to deny use of their facilities for things outside their religious beliefs,” Graham explained. “It does not legalize discrimination as opponents are trying to say, rather it helps contain the growing discrimination against Christians who simply want to live out their faith.”

Franklin Graham

As Deal is set to make a decision on whether he will sign the legislation in the coming weeks. Graham is calling on Christians to pray.

“Let’s pray that Gov. Deal will protect the religious freedoms of Georgians,” Graham, who is also the president of the humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse, wrote. “Write him and let him know how you feel about this — stand up against this NFL blitz!”

Deal has given little indication as to whether he will sign or veto the bill but has stated that he is still listening to arguments from both opponents and proponents of the bill.

“I have heard from both sides, and I’m sure I’ll continue to hear from both sides,” Deal said. “I will take their opinions into consideration, and I’ll do what I’m required to do: Which is to make the difficult decision on a very difficult subject.”

Although the LGBT and corporate communities staunchly oppose the legislation, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins stated in a recent blog post that the initial version of the bill has been so compromised that the current version doesn’t go for enough to protect Christian businesses and religious government employees.

“While activists at the Human Rights Campaign resort to lies to defeat the measure, the reality is that H.B. 757 doesn’t offer even the barest of buffers for people like Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, or Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. If anything, it does as much to quarantine faith as it does to defend it,” Perkins wrote.

Georgia is not the only state considering “pastor protection” legislation, as lawmakers in Louisiana are now weighing a bill that has similar protections.

Stephen Perry, head of the New Orleans Visitors & Conventions Bureau, said that although the H.B. 597 contains many of the same provisions that the initial Georgia bill offered, he doesn’t believe it will get the state in trouble with corporations.

“We have nothing but support and understanding for the ‘pastor protection’ act — the way it is worded now,” Perry told The Times-Picayune. “This is no way it would provide an issue for the NFL or the NCAA or any of our corporate customers.”

March 24, 2016 | by Samuel Smith , CP Reporter | Source: "Franklin Graham Urges Georgia Gov. to Stand Against NFL and Sign 'Pastor Protection Act'"

Doctor Expelled From Hospital for Exposing Truth About Homosexuality — Charisma News

Morality (01) feature

Urologist Paul Church was expelled from a hospital after voicing medical and religious concerns about homosexuality. (Courtesy)

A Harvard-affiliated hospital reportedly expelled a popular doctor after he voiced his religious beliefs about homosexuality.

Dr. Paul Church, who had admitting privileges at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston, was told his position on homosexuality constituted as “discrimination,” “harassment,” and “unprofessional conduct,” and that Bible verses regarding homosexuality are similarly “offensive” and discriminatory.

“Dr. Church was censured and subjected to disciplinary action for stating an objection on medical and religious grounds to the promotion of homosexuality,” says Richard Mast, a Liberty Counsel attorney representing Church.

Mast confirmed Church received a letter from the hospital, assessed the letter and exercised his rights under the bylaws for admission purposes. Though the hospital had handed down the expulsion in March, Church was denied an appeal in early September.

LifeSiteNews reports the hospital began censuring Church’s comments more than a decade ago.

Church’s comments were allegedly posted on a BIDMC communication server years ago.

“The evidence is irrefutable that behaviors common within the homosexual community are unhealthy and high risk for a host of serious medical consequences, including STD’s, HIV and AIDS, anal cancer, hepatitis, parasitic intestinal infections, and psychiatric disorders,” Church reportedly wrote.

“Life expectancy is significantly decreased as a result of HIV/AIDS, complications from the other health problems, and suicide. This alone should make it reprehensible to the medical community, who has an obligation to promote and model healthy behaviors and lifestyles.”

For attorney Mast, Church’s case represents the fight for religious freedom many Christians face when making their faith public in the private sector.

Just because an act is legal—be it abortion, education standards or gay marriage—doesn’t make it moral, Mast says.

“This needs to be a wake-up call for America,” Mast says. “What we see being enacted in corporate America is vague terms like labeling something ‘offensive’ is grounds for being fired. We’re seeing deligitimized expressions of religious beliefs. … Rather than disagreeing with ideas, (corporate America) is characterizing the expression of a Christian worldview as offensive, hateful and hurtful, effectively enacting gag orders across corporate America for religious beliefs.”

9/25/2015 | Jessilyn Justice |Source: "Doctor Expelled From Hospital for Exposing Truth About Homosexuality"

One of the Most Confusing Elements of the Prophetic Movement

Eye to the Future Prophetic Insights (01)

Editor’s Note: This the third part in a series. For Part 1, click here: “A Generation of Simon the Sorcerers Rising.” For Part 2, click here: “A New Prophetic Generation Is Rising.

One of the most confusing elements of the prophetic movement of the past is how prophets could still prophesy accurately and perform signs and wonders, yet be living in a compromised lifestyle.

In Romans 11:29 Paul writes, “… for the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.” Another translation says that they are “without repentance.”

by Jeremiah Johnson
In other words, individuals can continue to perform miracles and prophesy without God revoking or changing His mind, without repenting about the gifts and calling.

The gifts and calling of God are about God and His Graciousness. They have nothing to do with us, or our character.

How one handles and operates in the gifts and calling of God is all about one’s character. While God may give His gifts and calling “irrevocably,” “without changing His mind,” and “without repentance,” we cannot properly handle and operate in those gifts and calling without repentance.

While prophets (and all others) may be allowed to operate in their gifts and calling without repentance, and only God knows why He allows this, they cannot walk in the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit without repentance.

One does not need to look any further than the life of King Saul who lost the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit (1 Sam. 15:26), but still prophesied, and then led Israel for another 20 years.

It’s interesting to note that the only person in the whole nation of Israel who knew and recognized that Saul had lost the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit was Samuel, the prophet. An entire nation was deceived and led astray by the horrible character of Saul, while the irrevocable gifts and calling upon King Saul’s life remained. And so it is today, thousands are being led astray by compromised lives and voices astounding people with their gifts and calling. But these do not have the approval and fresh touch of God upon their lives. 

They will be like those in Matthew 7, where Jesus said, 

Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not cast out demons, and in your name perform miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.

The Need to Distinguish Spirits

The new prophetic generation rising up in the earth will carry great wisdom and discernment to know the difference between the genuine and fresh anointing of God versus prophets that are just operating in irrevocable gifts and callings. As previously stated in an earlier chapter, this is why it is so dangerous to rely upon gifting. Remember, when we stand before Jesus on Judgment Day, He will reward no one for the gifts He gave them. No one with the gift of prophecy will be rewarded for prophesying and no one who was given the gift of miracles will be rewarded for the miracles they performed. We will simply be rewarded for how we stewarded the gifts that we were given.

After Todd Bentley’s moral failure during the “Lakeland Outpouring” and the massive fallout in the body of Christ that took place after it, Dutch Sheets, a well known leader and author in the body of Christ, offered a letter of apology to the public. His words are sobering, revealing and should be received as a fatherly warning to the new prophetic generation.

Dutch wrote and said:We, the leaders of the charismatic community, have operated in an extremely low level of discernment. Frankly, we often don’t even try to discern. We assume a person’s credibility based on gifts, charisma, the size of their ministry or church, whether they can prophesy or work a miracle, etc. (Miracles and signs are intended to validate God and His message, not the messenger; sometimes they validate the assignment of an individual, but never the person’s character, lifestyle or spiritual maturity.) We leaders in the Church have become no different than the world around us in our standards for measuring success and greatness. This has contributed to the body of Christ giving millions of dollars to undeserving individuals; it has allowed people living in sin to become influential leaders—even to lead movements, allowing them influence all the way to the White House.

“Through our lack of discernment we built their stages and gave them their platforms. We have been gullible beyond words—gullible leaders producing gullible sheep. When a spiritual leader we’re connected with violates trust, is exposed for immorality or falls below other accepted standards of behavior, it does not exonerate us simply to say we don’t condone such behavior. Those we lead trust us to let them know whom to trust. We have failed them miserably in this regard. For this lack of discernment, and for employing and passing on inappropriate standards of judgment, I repent to the Lord and ask forgiveness of the body of Christ.

Wounds From the Past

The new prophetic generation will not only embrace every aspect of God’s Character and Nature regardless of their personal experience, but they will also give the Spirit of God access to every area of their personal life that needs healing and deliverance. As prophetic people, it is not enough to acknowledge the Character and Nature of God. We must allow him to change us inwardly.

The Glory of God passed before and through Moses on Mt. Sinai, and transformed his face so that it shone. However, it is the desire of God that the new prophetic generation of the New Covenant would not settle for the Glory to pass in front of them and through them, and merely transform them outwardly.

The Father wants His Glory—His Character and Nature—to utterly transform us inwardly, so that our inward person reflects His Glory, and then comes out of us in all we say and do.

Several years ago I received a call from a pastor that was struggling with a prophet in his church. 

While this prophet had become a trusted voice in the community over many years, he began to say some things to the pastor that were alarming. The pastor called me and said, “Jeremiah, this prophet is accusing many women in our community of operating in a Jezebel spirit. Every woman I give authority to, he brings an accusation to me in private and I need your help.”

I agreed to meet with this prophet on behalf of the pastor and as we sat down, I immediately felt prompted by the Spirit to ask him to describe his family growing up, and specifically the relationship that his Mom and Dad had.

As I have seen over many years dealing with prophetic people, this prophet immediately put his walls up and had no interest in talking about his past. He tried to change the subject and wanted to talk about what God was saying over the American Church. Refusing to be distracted, I asked the question again. He looked at me right in the eyes and said, “OK, I hate my Mom and my parents had a terrible relationship growing up.” Now we were getting somewhere.

I asked the next question, “How many times have you been married?” He said, “Three, why?” I said, “So you hate women and the reason why you think every woman that get’s put in authority is operating in a Jezebel spirit is because you are jealous and still have never dealt with your hatred toward females.” The prophet looked at me and said, “How do you know that?”

I said, “Because I have sat with thousands of prophetic people just like you who have major character issues and unresolved conflict and they’re deceived into believing that all these things will not distort and defile the word of the Lord. And I’m telling you right now that, you need to repent to your pastor, repent to the Lord and submit to some serious healing before you think about prophesying again. You are releasing poison to the body of Christ rather than healing.” After our meeting, the pastor never heard from the prophet again.

While this story is incredibly sad, I have seen it repeated more times than I care to mention. In fact, a majority of pastors that I run into across the country do not trust or have honor in their heart toward the prophetic ministry because they have had interaction with a prophet or prophetic person that carried the word of the Lord, but did not have the heart of the Father because they refused character transformation over the years. Perhaps the most dangerous and blinding position to be in as a prophetic person is to have the ability to hear from the Lord for everyone, except for yourself! It’s amazing how many prophetic people are quick to point out the flaws and sins of others, but cannot see their own.

Issues With Authority

Another primary area of character transformation that the new prophetic generation will give themselves to is walking in healthy relationship with those in positions of authority.

There are too many prophetic people in the earth who have little to no connection with church leadership. They carry deep wounds of rejection, bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment. These individuals constantly seek to minister prophetically to others despite their pain and it’s even more exposed when they minister to those in authority.

Not every church leader is a King Saul of the Old Testament or a religious Pharisee of the New Testament. I’m convinced that many prophetic people who are constantly complaining that the Holy Spirit is not moving in their local assembly need to have their motives checked. The spirit of Jezebel wants freedom in the church so that she can move, but the spirit of Elijah wants freedom in the church so that God can move.

I’m concerned that what a majority of prophetic people want right now in the earth is a free-for-all where they are in charge rather than freedom in the church where the Holy Spirit can move under the facilitation of a shepherd who is called to guard the flock.

I repeat:

Freedom does not equal a free-for-all where anything goes.

These type of environments and atmospheres are what is doing so much damage to the prophetic movement in the earth.

The Street Prophetess

Several years ago, there was a woman who was traveling from city to city around Florida, claiming to be a prophetess of the Lord. She would enter into churches and begin rebuking the leadership publicly for their sin.

I remember the day she visited the church that I shepherd because I felt her demonic presence in the room. As I kept an eye on her in the back, I specifically asked the Holy Spirit to keep her quiet until after the service. I could tell that no one in the room knew who she was except for me.

As I made my way out to my vehicle after service, sure enough, she was standing right beside it. I walked right up to her and she began cursing me. In fact, she accused me until she was out of breath and had nothing else to say. During her rampage, I began asking the Holy Spirit what was wrong with this woman. Why was she so heavily gifted in the prophetic, yet incredibly unstable and angry toward church leadership? Didn’t she know I was prophetic too?

The Holy Spirit said to me, “Jeremiah, her bitterness and unforgiveness toward those who have attempted to hold her accountable regarding her character issues over the years is demonically tormenting her. She is carrying an elitist mentality where she will not submit to the Godly authority that I have placed in her life because she believes she hears from Me more clearly than anyone else. She has become an island unto herself, measuring herself by herself, and I say to you that she is without understanding (2 Cor. 10:12).

Healthy and Whole

If the new prophetic generation will give themselves to every aspect of God’s character and nature and commit to a life-long journey of dealing with their character flaws, they will be like no other prophetic generation that the earth has ever seen.

In fact the new prophetic generation will contend for voices being raised up in the earth that will not tear down with their character what they have built with their gifting. Humility, meekness and gentleness will be hallmarks of their lives. To the degree that the new prophetic generation allows God’s Character and Nature to be worked in them, to that degree it will flow through them.

Releasing individuals who do not know who God is and who do not value inward character transformation to prophesy over people is absolute foolishness.

Pockets of true revival are breaking out across America. Want to know more about the next great move of God? 

Click here to see Jennifer LeClaire’s new book, featuring Dutch Sheets, Reinhard Bonnke, Jonathan Cahn, Billy Graham and others.

Jeremiah Johnson is the servant leader of Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, Florida.

A gifted teacher, book author, and prophetic minister, Jeremiah travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker. Jeremiah and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their two children: Bella Grace and Israel David. Check out Jeremiah’s new book release, I See A New Prophetic Generation and visit him online at  Unknown Dreamer Ministries or connect with him on Facebook.
4/10/2015 | by Jeremiah Johnson | Original Source: "One of the Most Confusing Elements of the Prophetic Movement."

A New Prophetic Generation Is Rising

Eye to the Future Prophetic Insights (01)

Editor’s Note: This the second part in a series. For part one, click here: A Generation of Simon the Sorcerers Rising.

I was in the Garden of Gethsemane while visiting Israel last May and as I was deep in prayer and meditation, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, 

If you do not deal with your flesh privately, your flesh will deal with you publicly. This is what has happened to many prophets that have gone before you.

by Jeremiah Johnson
I believe God the Father is raising up a new prophetic generation that is going to seek to put to death every idea in people’s minds regarding words that are associated with prophets and the prophetic movement. I see strategic days in the body of Christ that are quickly approaching where synonyms for a new prophetic generation that carries the glory and anointing of God will be: holy, uncompromised, righteous, loving their spouse as Christ loved the church, above reproach, not lovers of money and—most of all—radically given over to character transformation.

One of the most grievous sins of the prophetic movement in the past has been the acceptance of powerful gifting and huge moral flaws as a packaged deal. We have been deceived into believing that we cannot walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the power of God without having huge character issues that must be addressed.

This type of thinking does not reflect the ministry of Jesus Christ in any way.

How many more Christian leaders are going to use the example of David and Bathsheba as to why their affair is OK?

Do we realize that the Bible is full of flawed individuals to show us how much we really need Jesus, the model of perfection, instead of using the sin of a Bible character to excuse our sin? The new prophetic generation is going to fix its eyes upon Jesus and His sinless life and example like no other generation before them. They will define success in the prophetic ministry not based on how accurately they can prophesy or how many dreams and visions they’ve had, but on how well they are submitting to being conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

The new prophetic generation will be taught by a new breed of prophets who will accurately instruct them in the revelation that God is more interested in changing them than using them. Some of the most prophetically gifted individuals that I personally know are also some of the most emotionally unstable people that I know. These men and women have been wounded by numerous leaders and family members and are convinced that God is more interested in opening up ministry doors for them than leading them to the foot of the cross to find inner healing and deliverance.

Holy Father

There is a direct connection between our revelation of who God is and its immediate application in our lives.

In other words, people operate their lives according to their revelation of who God is. Much of the immorality and sin that we are currently witnessing and have witnessed in the prophetic movement is directly connected to a misunderstanding and oftentimes distorted perception of who God is. Many are currently voicing a revelation of God being “Father” that somehow now excuses their sin, rather than confronting it in love. Connecting the revelation of “Yahweh” in the Old Testament and “Father” in the New Testament has proven to be a very difficult task for this current prophetic culture.

In the midst of the confusion of who God is in the 21st century and its direct effect upon the lives of people, Jesus Christ Himself gave us revelation and insight into who God really is in John 17:11 as He said, “Holy Father, keep them in your name which you have given me, that they may be one, even as We are” (ESV). We must understand as the new prophetic generation that God is not just “Holy,” nor is He just “Father.” He indeed must be embraced, received and related to as “Holy Father.”

As our Holy Father, He invites us into a love relationship where He tenderly and affectionately affirms and speaks destiny over our lives. But make no mistake about this: He is also the same God who will remove everything in our lives that hinders His love because He is Holy. I warn you, beware of false prophets in the earth who are divorcing the “Holy Father.” He is not one or the other, He is both/and.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

I believe the very reason why the greatest need in the prophetic movement right now is to embrace every aspect of God’s character and nature is because it is directly affecting the moral decisions that prophetic people and the body of Christ are making. Paul appealed to the believers at Ephesus in Ephesians 5:1 and said, “Therefore be imitators (mimics) of God, as beloved children” (parenthesis added). Why? Because what we behold, we will imitate.

In other words, 

the lifestyle choices of prophetic people are a direct reflection of their revelation of who God is.

The prayer that Jesus prayed in Matthew 6:9-15 has completely changed much of the current church culture. “On earth as it is in heaven” has become an affectionate tag line for much of the charismatic/Pentecostal movement. While I exceedingly rejoice in this pursuit to see heaven invade earth as revealed in Matthew 6:10, I wonder why verse 9 is never included with verse 10, and for the large part, completely ignored by many?

In verse 9, Jesus begins to pray and says, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name” (ASV). Then in verse 10 it says, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (ESV). I firmly believe that verse 10, which has so radically impacted this current generation, completely hinges upon verse 9 taking place! What is Jesus saying when He prays to the Father and says, “Hallowed be thy name“? A paraphrased translation would be: “God, make your name Holy.

It is only when God makes His name Holy among His people that His kingdom will truly come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We have a generation crying out for the kingdom of God to come, but where are the prophetic voices crying out to God, asking that He would make His name Holy first?

God’s Name Is Being Defiled

Is it not strange that Jesus begins teaching the disciples to pray by telling them to ask God to make His name holy? We might casually or flippantly say, “Well, God is holy. That’s like telling a desk to become solid or fire to become hot. Why bother?” The answer lies in the fact that God is the most holy reality there is, but still His name can be and is being defiled in America.

Ezekiel 36:20-23 addresses this very issue as the word of the Lord came to Ezekiel and he prophesied and said,

When they came to the nations where they went, they profaned My holy name, because it was said of them, ‘These are the people of the Lord; yet they have come out of His land.’ But I had concern for My holy name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations where they went. Therefore say to the house of Israel, ‘Thus says the Lord God, “It is not for your sake, O house of Israel, that I am about to act, but for My holy name, which you have profaned among the nations where you went. I will vindicate the holiness of My great name which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst. Then the nations will know that I am the Lord,” declares the Lord God, “when I prove Myself holy among you in their sight“‘” (NASB).

God Is Jealous for His Name

It is absolute foolishness and unbiblical to believe that God is not concerned about His name and how it is being distorted by numerous prophets and teachers in the earth. Why is God so concerned about His reputation and how people see Him? Once again, because it directly affects the way people live! A distorted revelation and interpretation of who God is among the prophetic movement in the earth is directly poisoning the word of the Lord in America.

The new prophetic generation being birthed in the earth is going to cry out for God to make His name Holy once again. These messengers are going to give their lives to seeing His name restored because they understand that it is the secret to holy and righteous living. When we behold a Holy and Righteous Father, we order our lives accordingly.

Encounters Like Isaiah

No one can make God’s name Holy except God.

In asking God to make His name holy, we are asking Him to do something only He can do. Why then did Jesus ask us to pray in this way? I believe it is because when God makes His name holy, there is only one right response from a generation, namely, to therefore live and be holy.

In Isaiah 6, Isaiah describes an incredible encounter where he sees the Lord sitting upon the throne and the train of His robe filling the temple. In verse 3 he says the Seraphim cry out to one another and say, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory.The temple shook and Isaiah cried out and said,Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts” (v. 5).

The new prophetic generation is going to be marked with encounters like Isaiah.

They will be the burning ones released to the American church who will cry out to God, asking Him to make His name holy, and when He does, it will release encounters with the holiness of God like no other generation has experienced in history. I believe God is about to redeem His name in America like never before and He is going to do it through the new prophetic generation that embraces every aspect of His character and nature.

Mark my words, the kingdom of God will never become fully manifested in America unless we begin to cry out for Him to come and make His Name Holy once again. Jesus Christ fully understood this and that is why He taught His disciples to pray in Matthew 6 and why He referred to the Father in John 17 as “Holy Father” and “Righteous Father” (John 17:11; John 17:25).

Stay tuned for part three of this article.

Pockets of true revival are breaking out across America. Want to know more about the next great move of God? 

Click here to see Jennifer LeClaire’s new book, featuring Dutch Sheets, Reinhard Bonnke, Jonathan Cahn, Billy Graham and others.

Jeremiah Johnson is the servant leader of Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, Florida.

A gifted teacher, book author, and prophetic minister, Jeremiah travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker. Jeremiah and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their two children: Bella Grace and Israel David. Check out Jeremiah’s new book release, I See A New Prophetic Generation and visit him online at  Unknown Dreamer Ministries or connect with him on Facebook.

3/27/2015 | by Jeremiah Johnson | Original Source: "A New Prophetic Generation Is Rising."