FAILED: Groom Kicks Bride In Ribs On Wedding Night After Reception Drinking, Police Use Taser On Angry Newlywed

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A groom, 31-year-old David Wachinski, was thrown in jail on his wedding night after he allegedly kicked his new bride in the ribs and punched her in the face. The newlyweds were drinking at the wedding reception before returning to Wachinski’s Pennsylvania home. Upon returning to the home, The new bride, Katie Thompson, says the pair began to argue. During the argument, Thompson says that her new husband hit her in the face and kicked her in the ribs. Wachinski then allegedly threw a male friend, William Thieret, who was trying to break up the fight, into the wall, leaving a hole and dislodging the flat screen television. The friend held down the enraged groom until police could arrive.


The Daily Mail reports that David Wachinski and Katie Thompson were married on Saturday afternoon.

The pair said their vows and proceeded to a wedding reception that included alcohol.

The police report indicates that both the bride and groom consumed alcohol at the reception before retiring to Wachinski’s home.

However, the newlyweds began to argue and, at around 1:00 a.m., police were called to the home about a domestic dispute.

 The blushing bride claims that her new husband punched her in the face and kicked her in the ribs during an argument. A male friend then intervened and thrown against a wall.

The police report indicates that the friend was thrown hard enough against the wall that it left a hole and dislodged a flat screen television set.

The friend was able to hold Wachinski down until police could arrive, but the angry newlywed did not go with police without a fight.

Source: Groom Kicks Bride In Ribs On Wedding Night After Reception Drinking, Police Use Taser On Angry Newlywed

 Editor of 4cm: Quiz:

Something is wrong about the picture can you spot what shows these people were conducting life where “wrong” is “right”; what is not supposed to be in the picture besides the alcohol and violence?

Rattlesnake Logic…. ‘The foxes are now officially living in the hen house…’

Authorship: Unknown | (Emailed to 4cminews from RNNZ)

RNNZ said: some would argue that this item below is xenophobia at its worst. Others would probably argue that this is a similar metaphor employed by George Orwell in Animal Form, his phanatasy of life in a post WWII totalitarian society. I think there is little doubt; a battle coming. The bible is the inspired Word of God and we know from Genesis that the children if Ishmael are not the inheritors of the promise. End of story.

rattlesnake-flagRattlesnake Logic….
After the Boston bombing the news media spent days and weeks trying to determine why these men did what they did. They want to know what America did (!) to make these brothers so angry with us. They want to know why these men were not arrested before they did something so terrible. The media is in a tizzy about this new era of home-grown radicals and about why and how they can live among us and still hate us.

A friend of mine from Texas explained it all to me: “Here in west Texas, I have rattlesnakes on my place, living among us. I have killed a rattlesnake on the front porch. I have killed a rattlesnake on the back porch. I have killed rattlesnakes in the barn, in the shop and on the driveway. In fact, I kill every rattlesnake I encounter.

I kill rattlesnakes because I know a rattlesnake will bite me and inject me with poison. I don’t stop to wonder WHY a rattlesnake will bite me; I know it WILL bite me because it’s a rattlesnake and that’s what rattlesnakes do. I don’t try to reason with a rattlesnake or have a “meaningful dialogue” with it…I just kill it. I don’t try to get to know the rattlesnake better so I can find a way to live with the rattlesnakes and convince them not to bite me. I just kill them. I don’t quiz a rattlesnake to see if I can find out where the other snakes are, because (a) it won’t tell me and (b) I already know they live on my place. So, I just kill the rattlesnake and move on to the next one.

I don’t look for ways I might be able to change the rattlesnake to a non-poisonous rat snake…I just kill it. Oh, and on occasion, I accidentally kill a rat snake because I thought it was a rattlesnake at the time. Also, I know for every rattlesnake I kill, two more are lurking out there in the brush. In my lifetime I will never be able to rid my place of rattlesnakes.

Do I fear them? Not really. Do I respect what they can do to me and my family? Yes!! And because of that respect, I give them the fair justice they deserve….I kill them… As a country, we should start giving more thought to the fact that these jihadists’ are telling the world their goal is to kill Americans and destroy our way of life. They have posted numerous graphic videos on the internet showing them beheading Americans, British, Japanese and many others. And just recently, they burned a Jordanian pilot to death. They posted a video of a young Muslim boy executing two infidels with pistol shots to the back of the head. They are serious. They are exactly like rattlesnakes. It is high time for us to start acting accordingly!

I love this country. It’s the damn government I’m afraid of!

Look who’s new in the White House!

Arif Alikhan, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S.Department of Homeland Security

Mohammed Elibiary, Homeland Security Adviser

Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference(OIC)

Salam al-Marayati, Obama Adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council and is its current executive director

Imam Mohamed Magid, Obama’s Sharia Czar from the Islamic Society of North America

Eboo Patel, Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighbourhood Partnerships

This is flat-out scary!

fox hens

The foxes are now officially living in the hen house…
Now ask me why I am very concerned!
Do you feel OK with this?

From ordinary schoolboy to world’s most wanted man’

Icon: Get Real

Mohammed Emwazi (aka) Jihadi John: “Murderer for Islam”

Why is not the question to be asked! (academics at its best)

Rather what are we going to do to stop this killer [killers] from re-offending.

by “007.5” 
 The actions are not acts of War ie legitimate responses to a Nations Security.This is about conquest for Islam this is about revenge this is about the true nature and Ideology of Islam and nothing less or more. Seriously Only fools! say it is about Jobs, Welfare and Education. And at present we appear to be not short on FOOLS! even at Global Leadership Levels in the world today. ISIS must be having the biggest laugh after reading the American responses to the 21 Egyptian Beheaded,

Foreign workers not “Christians”
The problem is they need jobs, education and welfare?

ostrid2No!! I have to say this response and behaviour is so moronic in every way. These Jihadist’s   want to Dominate the World for Islam, they Want to Usher in their Messiah, and they’ve told us many times we just play Ostrich with the head in the sand; pretending we haven’t heard their stated goals hoping it will just pass over like a bad smell in the air, well the truth is that bad smell is now getting fowl and putrid and it wont go away unless we make it go  and there’s only one way to ride a smell like that find the substances causing it and utterly destroy any trace of it. Not Complicated Really the only issue is having a stomach for getting the job done. Cleaning up such messes is never a fun task but a task non the less that is a imperative if we want to resolve the fowl putrid odor of Murderistic Jihad behaviour we are seeing now in the 20th century.

Mohammed Emwazi-01Born Kwait 1988 but grew up in West London
watermark-jihad-johnjoined ISIS and becomes their Media Murderer

‘It’s a Mystery At This Point’: Rain With Strange Quality Falls on Northwest, Leaves Experts Baffled

Strange but True feature

Meteorologists are searching for answers after rain with a “milky” quality fell in the Pacific Northwest Friday.

Mark Turner, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Spokane, told BuzzFeed that the “dirty” rain was seen in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Rainwater collected from our rain gauge today. Rather murky. Still not sure why

No one, however, seems to know exactly what caused it.

“We have heard a few theories thus far including; volcanic ash from Mexico or Russia, dust picked up from last night’s strong winds, or perhaps ash from last year’s wildfires over SE Oregon/SW Idaho. We still don’t have a definitive answer,” the NWS Spokane said in a Facebook post.

Turner elaborated on one of the theories to BuzzFeed.

“Oregon has had strong winds,” he told the website. “It could just be that an area has been dry and strong winds kicked up some dust.”

“In some summer dry spells we’ll get big dust storms and then if it rains we can see a similar thing,” Turner added. “But the timing of this is odd.”

Others gave more weight to alternative theories.

Feb. 7, 2015 by Oliver Darcy | original source: | Full Story Here


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