@4cminews tweet: 2019 DEC 29 Zuesse; SpyGate; Russiagate Investigation Now Endangers Obama (Zerohedge)

About time Obama is guilty as hell he headed up the coup plot he was being reported back to by clapper Brennan lynch Treason https://www.zerohedge.com/political/zuesse-russiagate-investigation-now-endangers-obama?utm_campaign=&utm_content=ZeroHedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter …

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20 Feb: Putin Exposes the Plot to Destroy America

The Still Report drew my attention to the following YouTube “SGT Report” regarding Vladimir Putin’s Christmas message a few weeks ago.


In light of Presidents Trump’s desire to work together with Russia who is held by the ESTABLISHMENT in DC as an enemy, touting a russophobic narrative clearly in the main stream media.

We post this as it is important to understand there is far more at play than just a “Democrat Party” or a Republican Party in Power

Putin we believe divides the world up into the NATIONALISTS and the GLOBALISTS! And we agree this is what has happened!

We clearly see the Globalists are using the Islamist militants to destabilise: Europe Region” | Africa Region” | East Asian Region” | Middle East Region” and now into the “Americas” Society and also into the “Oceania Region” with the goal to “Create Chaos” and the breakdown of Family, Law and Order and the eradication of all moral boundaries clearly with the plan of driving society back into an animalistic existance laying the seed bed for the New World Order to Rise.

when did poking a bear with a stick is not a smart thing to do?


Sure beats the cold war or physical war with another nuclear super power seriously, poking a bear with a stick is not a smart thing to do in the natural so what makes some think its OK in the political arena

Exposed: Insider Coup to Sabotage Trump




NEW YORK – Acclaimed Haitian-rights activist Ézili Dantò, who endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2016, has alerted Infowars.com of an attempt to sabotage from within Trump’s campaign pledge to be the “champion” of repairing damage Haitian activists claim the Clinton’s have done.

The Clinton’s were reportedly stealing possibly billions from the relief effort organized in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake through the State Department, while Hillary was secretary of state, and the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Rabbit  Holes

Specifically, Dantò is concerned Omarosa Manigault, director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the Trump administration is organizing a delegation to travel to Haiti on Monday to witness the inauguration next Tuesday of president-elect Jovenel Moïse.

Dantò and other prominent Haitian activists in the U.S. that voted for Trump consider Moïse to be another corrupt candidate hand-picked by the Clinton’s to perpetuate their crime syndicate grip upon their beloved homeland.

At time of publication, Infowars.com is waiting for a response to an inquiry placed with the White House press office for comment.

Former president of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, issued a blistering statement last September that was posted  on the Trump campaign website accusing that Bill and Hillary Clinton used the 2010 earthquake disaster as an excuse “to steal billions of dollars from the sick and starving people of Haiti.”

The Clinton’s’ financial exploitation of Haiti is discussed at length by Peter Schweizer in his 2015 bestselling book, “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.”

In my 2016 book, “Partners in Crime: The Clinton’s Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit,” can be found documentation that after the 2010 earthquake, President Clinton formed the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund and raised $16.4 million from individual efforts for immediate relief efforts.

Yet on the Clinton Foundation website there is no documentation an IRS Form 1023 application to form the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund had ever been filed, nor is there any documentation of an IRS letter determination granting the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund tax-exempt status.

In 2016, the pages of the Clinton Foundation annual reports and website remain peppered with photographs of the Clinton family members mixing with the Haiti people.  The Clinton Global Initiative prose waxed eloquently with praise for the philanthropic good Bill and Hillary Clinton have accomplished in Haiti.

The Clinton Foundation 2013-2014 annual report mentions Haiti 48 times, with the section entitled, “Clinton Foundation in Haiti: Investing in sustainable economic growth,” displaying on pages 38-39 the text against a two-page spread of full-page colour photographs showing smiling Haitian children at their desks in a schoolroom, being instructed by a smiling teacher at the chalkboard at the front of the class.

Yet, as noted by Breitbart.com in an article published July 27, 2016, reports persist that “black lives don’t really matter to Bill and Hillary Clinton when it comes to Haiti,” as the evidence persists that the Haitian people continue to live in essentially the same misery as they experienced in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, while billions of dollars in aid money went missing as it funneled through the Clinton’s’ grasp over Haiti.

Also of concern was that Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham, “landed a lucrative and historically rare Haitian ‘gold exploration permit’ while Clinton Foundation donors, including Digicel mobile phone company founder Denis O’Brien, were winning multi-million dollar contracts that would siphon massive profits from the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.”

Omarosa gained fame as a guest appearing during Season One of Donald Trump’s NBC reality-television show, “The Apprentice.”  Yet her roots are solidly in the Democratic Party.

Her job history shows she worked for Vice President Al Gore in the White House, despite a controversial history of supposedly being banished from four jobs in two years with the Clinton administration, according to a report published by People Magazine in 2004.

The 2004 story in People Magazine reported that Omarosa “was asked to leave as quickly as possible, she was so disruptive,” according Cheryl Shavers, the former Under Secretary for Technology at the Commerce Department, where Omarosa worked several weeks in 2000. “One woman wanted to slug her,” Shavers said, according to the magazine article.

Evidence suggests Omarosa travelled to Haiti in 2007 with the Haiti Support Project – a group founded by Dr. Ron Daniels, the president of the Black World 21st Century, an organizer of the Black World Conference.

Date-stamp: 2017, February, 3. | Reporter: by Jerome Corsi | Source: infowars.com | Title: "Exposed: Insider Coup to Sabotage Trump"

16 FEB: Trump and Patriots need to declare War against “Barak Obama” and “the Shadow Government” he is heading up!

“Barak Obama” and “the Shadow Government” is being FUNDED by THE ELITE, SAUDIS, QATAR, SOROS and OTHERS.

Obama has already recruited approx 30,000 train agitators to create Anarchy and currently training 20,000 more with one goal to unseat the democratically elected President





WARNING: You have 30 days to settle the country. A violent “American Spring” looms.

You are under attack on three fronts:

1: The Extreme Left & The Controlled “Fake News” MSM

2: US Neo-Conservatives Led by Dick Cheney, Funded by Foreigners

3: The Deep state of Entrenched Senior Officials Combined with Senators and Representatives being Blackmailed and Bribed to Betray the Republic.

You are not under attack from Iran or Russia – all your existential fights are right here.

There are four things you need to do immediately in order to survive:

1: Switch Out Preibus and Flynn:
Smart choices for the transition, they are undermining you now, Tillerson and Mattis probably agree they both need to go. You need a loyal Chief of Staff who can manage complexity, and a National Strategy Advisor with balance.

2: Introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2017:
And demand that it go through – this is the only way you will survive the looming demise of the Republican Party; the only way you legitimize your accidental 27% presidency with a majority of the public; and the only way you free Members from foreign and financial community bribery and blackmail.

3: Create the Non-Profit Educational Trump channel Backed up by an Open Source Agency: 
Clear the existing press area in the White House, turn that into Trump Studios, and offer a daily fireside chat as well as short daily briefs by your principals in turn on each threat, each policy, each budget – bypass the fake news media, educate the public, and use PollMole to see what 200 million think on a Presidential Dashboard.

4: Unleash the FBI, with NSA Support, Against the Deep State: 
You may have already started this, the Republican and Democratic Party pedophiles are the Achilles heel. We can isolate 500 other embedded traitors (financial, religious, ideological) in 90 days.


1: Diversify your Senior Team:
Adding Cynthia McKinney and Dennis Kucinich – and Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura in some capacity – will strangle the extreme left and open up the middle. Take your diversified team on the road – 50 states in 30 days.

2: Organize a Grand Strategy Summit: 
Televised for public consumption – the ultimate reality show. The last one was done in 1953 by Ike Eisenhower. Address all high level threats and all Cabinet policy domains in context of achieving a balanced budget.

3: Organize a Revenue Summit: 
Televised for public consumption, in which you invite Dr. Edgar Feige of Wisconsin to brief his idea of an Automated Payment Transaction Tax that allows you to eliminate all other taxes, especially income taxes. This fractional tax puts the tiny burden where it should be: on Wall Street instead of Main Street. Allow the public to scrutinize the alternatives you have been considering. You will be a hero.

4: Invite Every Citizen in Debt to Sign a Debt Renunciation Pledge:
On a non-profit website, authorizing you to negotiate, on their behalf, a reduction of the three trillion dollars in student debt, elderly medical debt, and small business and family credit card debt. This will connect you to 150 million or more citizens and empower you against Wall Street.

BACKGROUND:  Former CIA Spy Has A Surprising Message For Trump

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