@4cminews tweet: 2019 OCT 19 Bad Apple Is in Bed with The Reds Pulls Hong Kong from Map APP

VIDEO: **2019 OCT 19 BAD APPLE IS IN BED WITH THE REDS PULLS HONG KONG FROM MAP APP** , , , , , https://www.4cmitv.com/2019/10/19/2019-oct-19-bad-apple-is-in-bed-with-the-reds-pulls-hong-kong-from-map-app/ … **The Bad-Apple China-Whore is up to his old tricks again pulling a Hong Kong map app.**

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2019 JUL 11 Hungarian leader forming new alliances with the Baltic States to protect Christian values against mass Muslim migration.

2019 JUL 11 Hungarian leader forming new alliances with the Baltic States to protect Christian values against mass Muslim migration. , https://www.jihadwatch.org/2019/07/hungarian-leader-forming-new-alliances-with-baltic-states-to-protect-christian-values-against-mass-muslim-migration …

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2019 MAR 23 Jihad Watch Hungary: Muslim “refugee” discovered to have beheaded 20 people for the Islamic State.

2019 MAR 23 Hungary: Muslim “refugee” discovered to have beheaded 20 people for the Islamic State. https://www.jihadwatch.org/2019/03/hungary-muslim-refugee-discovered-to-have-beheaded-20-people-for-the-islamic-state …  The 27-year-old man, F. Hassan, is suspected of executing all family members of a person in Homs city who refused to join Islamic State]

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Has Theresa May signed her Imminent Political DEMISE “UN Migration Pact”?

Theresa May:

While debate on the UN migration pact rages worldwide, with a growing number of nations following the United States in withdrawing, the major deal has seen little discussion in the United Kingdom.

Britain’s ruling Conservative Party made pledges to reduce immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands” in the 2010, 2015, and 2017 general elections, a promise they have not yet made significant progress in keeping.

Indeed, net migration to Britain still runs at over 270,000 a year, and former Tory chancellor George Osborne has suggested the party’s leadership never intended to honour the pledge.

Either way, signing the United Nations’ so-called Global Compact on Migration for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration would be a major step away from ever realising that commitment, a campaign group has said.


British peer Lord Green of Deddington submitted two parliamentary questions to the government this week in which he requested information on whether, and how, the globalist pledge to ease and “enhance” migration would fit with the Conservatives’ long-standing promise to bring it under control and reduce it.

Several recent polls have indicated that controlling immigration levels remains an important topic for British voters.

A press release by Migration Watch UK, the London-based campaign group which Lord Green leads, said of the pact: 

“The UK Government should make it clear that it will not sign… If they have any regard for their election promises it would be entirely hypocritical to do so.”


“The Compact appears to have been drafted by diplomats whose aim seems to be to ‘normalise’ mass immigration from the developing world to the West at a time when the public are very clear that they find the scale and pace of such flows to be unsustainable and unacceptable.”

Alp Mehmet, vice-chairman of Migration Watch UK, remarked on the UN deal itself, saying

During drafting, British negotiators called for clauses recognising that it is the right and obligation of states to control their own borders, and that there should be a distinction between refugees and economic migrants, but they were not incorporated into the final text.

While legal professionals have said the compact acts l will create a legal framework that lawyers will interpret at the national level to advance mass migration, it has received little attention or debate in the United Kingdom, where the political space remains consumed by Brexit.


Yet as the UK works to extract itself from one multinational framework and makes a bid for freedom, it may have inadvertently sleepwalked into another, signed by an ostensibly conservative government which pledged to the people in three consecutive elections to control immigration levels.

Breitbart London has reported on the several nations which have decided the document makes an unacceptable grab on national sovereignty and the right to self-determination, however, following the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw his country from the compact in December 2017.


President Trump said at the body’s New York headquarters in September: “Migration should not be governed by an international body unaccountable to our own citizens.

“Ultimately, the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries: make their countries great again.”

Others nations withdrew after the final text of the agreement was set, declaring they would not be signing up to the compact in December. Among those that have confirmed, or indicated they are rethinking joining, are AustraliaPolandIsraelSwitzerlandAustriaHungary, the Czech RepublicBulgaria, and Croatia.

Resistance to “The Kalergi Plan”: EPP Madrid Congress – Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary

Speech of Viktor Orbán at the EPP Congress in Madrid, on the 22nd of October in 2015.

The European “Left” Has A Clear Agenda:
They Are Actually Importing Future Leftist Voters To Europe Hiding Behind Humanism.



I would like to congratulate to Partido Popular and to the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy for the outstanding performance of their government.

Today I would like to speak about the migration crisis. This issue will determine the future of our political family. We are in a deep trouble.

The migration crisis is able to destabilize governments, countries and the whole European continent. We need a strong and clear-cut answer, timetable and action plan of EPP. The Hungarian delegates welcome the resolution of the congress, declaring that the Spanish approach is the right one.

what we have been facing is not a refugee crisis.

Dear Friends,

The danger we have been facing demands open and honest speech.

First of all, dear Friends, what we have been facing is not a refugee crisis.

This is a migratory movement composed of economic migrants, refugees and also foreign fighters.

This is an uncontrolled and unregulated process. I would like to remind you that free choice of a host country is not included in the international law. I also want to underline that there is an unlimited source of supply of people, after Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa is now also on the move. The dimension and the volume of the danger is well above our expectations.


This is the right time to make clear the nature and the dimension of our moral responsibility.

We are Christian democrats so the issue of moral responsibility must also be put high into consideration.

We have a heartfelt compassion for the people who left their homes.

They are victims of the bad governance of their own countries.

They are victims of bad international political decisions. And they are victims of our bad European policy as well which raises expectations that are impossible to be fulfilled.

They are obviously victims of the human traffickers. But considering them victims must not turn ourselves into being victims. Just because we do not consider them enemies we must not act against ourselves. 

Our moral responsibility is to give back these people their homes and their countries.

It can’t be our objective to provide them with a new European life. Right to human dignity and security are basic rights. But neither the German, Austrian nor the Hungarian way of life is a basic right of all people on the Earth. It is only a right of those ones who have contributed to it.

Europe is not able to accept everyone who wants a better life. We have to help them to get back their own lives with dignity and we have to send them back to their own countries.


Let me draw your kind attention to the fact that European Christian democratic approach doesn’t tolerate any anti-Muslim policy. Muslim faith which we honor and respect is not responsible for the root causes of this mass migratory movement.


We cannot avoid speaking about the quality of our democracies.

Does it comply with the freedom of information and speech that medias usually show women and children while seventy percent of the migrants are young men and they look like an army?

How could it happen that our people’s feel that their opinion is not being put into consideration? And we have to address the question whether our people want what has been happening.

Did we get authorization from them to allow millions of migrants to enter our continent? Did we get authorization not to comply with the Schengen regulations for months?

No, distinguished Delegates, we did not. And it is not a convincing argument any more that what we have been doing is because of emergency.

I believe we have to gather all our courage, we have to throw away PC-ness and we should launch a big debate. We have to discuss our own intentions regarding our own continent without hypocrisy and pharisaism.

What do we think about our civilization heritage?

Can the change of cultural pattern forced externally?

Do we accept parallel societies? Or we defend our tolerant and rule of law based way of life we have lived so far?


Europe is currently rich and weak. This is the most possibly dangerous mixture.

We seem not to be able to overcome our challenges on our own. Turkey is an important strategic partner.

But if based on the lack of our own power we expect the solution from them that will make us exposed. This is the current situation of Europe.

If we do not want that we have to protect our borders. If we are unable to do so at Greece which is the Eastern gate of the Balkans and the first line of defence than we have to do it at the Western gate of the Balkans at Hungary and Slovenia.


We cannot hide the fact that the European “Left” has a clear agenda.

• They are supportive to migration.

• They actually import future leftist voters to Europe hiding behind humanism.

• It is an old trick but I do not understand why we have to accept it.

• They consider registration and protection of borders bureaucratic, nationalist and against human rights.

• They have a dream about the politically constructed world society without religious traditions, without borders, without nations.((the kalergi plan))

• They attack core values of our European identity: family, nation, subsidiarity and responsibility.


We are EPP. Our behavior should not be determined by the opinion of our rivals. We are a strong and great party.

The stronger the attack, the stronger we need to fight back.

We need to be ready to fight for our principles.

We have to be innovative as well. In the rise of the new crises, the old ways do not work anymore.

We need courage and new experiments, even if not every idea we try succeeds, but it should not stop us from trying. And we should not attack those who are trying. I thank for our President and for sister parties who defended us, Hungarians in the difficult times when we offered new solutions.


We are the European People’s Party – Partie Populaire, Volkspartei, Partido Popular, Party of the People – our responsibility is towards the people. Listen to the people. Let’s be determined, let’s defend Europe. Do not let the leftist mess up and reconstruct Europe! And do not let them oust the soul of Europe! Do not let liberals and socialists take away Europe from the people!

Thank you very much for your attention.

Transcript Source: kormany.hu

UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Members Review: Hungary


Fifty Most Dangerous Countries To Follow Jesus.[1]Open Doors World Watch List (ranked 1 to 50) (1 = Worst)

. STATUS: Free
Aggregate Score [2]Freedom in the World 2018 Table of Country Aggregate Freedom Score {0 = least free, 100 = most free}

(0% = least – 100% = most)


US Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2017


Hungary is a multiparty parliamentary democracy. The unicameral National Assembly (parliament) exercises legislative authority. It elects the president (the head of state) every five years. The president appoints a prime minister from the majority party or coalition in parliament following national elections every four years. In the 2014 parliamentary elections, the Fidesz-KDNP (Christian Democratic People’s Party) alliance retained a majority in parliament. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) election observation mission’s report concluded the elections were efficiently administered and offered voters a diverse choice following an inclusive candidate registration process. The OSCE also noted the main governing party enjoyed an undue advantage because of restrictive campaign regulations, biased media coverage, and campaign activities that blurred the separation between political party and the state. Viktor Orban, the Fidesz party leader, has been prime minister since 2010.

Civilian authorities maintained effective control over security forces.

The most serious human rights issues included allegations that government action helped consolidate media outlets in the hands of pro-government owners , criminal penalties for libel (though court decisions limited their impact), restrictions on funding for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) ,allegations of corrupt use of state power to grant privileges to certain economic actors, evidence of growing anti-Semitism, allegations of mistreatment of migrants, and a law requiring NGOs receiving foreign funding to brand themselves as such.

The government took steps to prosecute and punish security forces and other officials who committed abuses. Impunity for human rights abuses was not widespread.



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1 Open Doors World Watch List 
2 Freedom in the World 2018 Table of Country Aggregate Freedom Score

are they really needy refugees: Hungary – Watch Clip Not Shown on Main stream News

How can you take these seriously – are they really needy refugees???
This is from people claiming to be refugees. They discard food and water and there is predominance of young men?

Europe a BIG problem.

The food and water was provided by the Red Cross and was not acceptable because – the Cross is a “Christian” symbol.

Why was it not on TV ?

In Hungary