1961 JAN 17 34th WARNING by Dwight Eisenhower about Secret Societies & Military Industrial Complex

Quote: We face a hostile ideology-global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose, and insidious in method. Unhappily the danger it poses promises to be of indefinite duration.

Quote: We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

Quote: We should take nothing for granted only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together

Speech Transcript: 1961-JAN-17-Eisenhower-Farewell-Address-TRANSCRIPT.pdf

Hashtag: #Eisenhower, #MilitaryIndustrialComplex, #SecretSocieties, #GlobalIdeology, #WorldOrder

CBC 041: William Densberger (Col.)

Clinton Body Count (CBC)

Name: William Densberger (Col.) (Bill Clinton’s Bodyguards & Associates 1/4)


CBC 041: William Densberger (Col.)

V Corps Chief of Operations and Plans,


Other Team Members Were:

(Maj. Gen. Jarrett Robertson)

[Deputy Commanding General, V Corps, Europe]

(Col. Robert Kelly)

[V Corps Chief of Intelligence]

(Spec. Gary Rhodes, Jr)

[Crew Chief]

Robert Horan | @Robby12692 | Jun 11, 2018

Details: On February 23, 1993, a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter crashed in Weisbaden, Germany.

A TEAM of Four Bodyguards & Associates of Bill Clinton‘s. KILLED!

Col. William Densberger [V Corps Chief of Operations and Plans, Europe] Was killed in the Mysterious UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Crash.

CBC 010: Honey Sherman

Clinton Body Count (CBC)

Name: Honey and Barry Sherman

Tweet: https://twitter.com/Robby12692/status/1019416773773361152?s=20

Robert Horan | @Robby12692 | Jul 18, 2018

Details: Honey Sherman: She and Her Husband Barry were both found strangled to death in their home on Dec 15, 2017. Supposedly he strangled his wife, then himself.

Barry founded Apotex, a drug company that supplied medications to Haiti and Puerto Rico, through the Clinton Foundation.

Image: CBC10 Honey Sherman

Courageous Folau is fighting for all of us. by Alan Jones

Israel Folau with his wife Maria at Kenthurst Uniting Church. Picture: Hollie Adams

by Alan Jones

I’ve known Senator Cory Bernardi for a long time.

A finer human being I have never met.

Only this week he ruled out returning to the Liberal Party after having formed, in February 2017, his own party, the Australian Conservatives.

To demonstrate his honour he made the point this week, “If you’ve left an organisation, no matter how well-intentioned the decision was, I don’t think it’s right to say ‘can I come back?’”

This suggests a man with a commendable moral compass.

Against that, it is therefore instructive to note that in relation to Israel Folau, Cory Bernardi has said,

I find it extraordinary that quoting from the best-selling book in the history of the world is a breach of contractthis is corporate bullying. Alan Joyce wants to weigh into this Folau argument all the time. But he hasn’t weighed in on Emirates or the approach of the Middle East to gay people. He’s happy to do business with them.”

Cory Bernardi summed it up beautifully, “Regrettably, social activists rarely have the consistency gene, choosing instead to back the tribe over the principle.

As he also said, “Naturally, no one complained about the mention of drunks and adulterers, even though there are legions of them. But the reference to homosexuals sparked an avalanche of outrage from the PC brigade.

As Cory Bernardi said of Folau,

“… from his perspective, he’s trying to actually help people by reminding them that much of what is considered acceptable today is still considered sinful under Christian teachingstens of thousands of preachers, pastors and priests say the same thing to their congregations every single day.

It is instructive to compare an earlier statement by Israel Folau in which he said at the time of the same-sex marriage debate, “I love and respect all people for who they are and their opinions. But personally, I will not support gay marriage.”

Now, I did support gay marriage. I believe that love is very elusive, and if people can find genuine love they shouldn’t have to apologise for it or explain themselves in relation to it.

But Israel Folau expressed an alternative view.

This is what the battle is about; the right to do that without persecution.

As Janet Albrechtsen wrote this week,

“The sporting censors are stifling basic freedoms, be it Folau expressing his religious beliefs about homosexuals, adulterers and thieves or the right of a bloke watching an AFL match to direct a few choice words at an umpire.”

The former National Party MP, John “Wacka” Williams, has also highlighted the absurdity of the situation in which quoting the Bible contravenes vilification laws.

“Wacka” Williams said, “Three times I have been sworn into the Senate on my great, great grandfather’s Bible. If you go to court, you swear on the Bible to tell the truth. But don’t quote from the Bible or you’ll be sacked.”

As Miranda Devine wrote this week, and I concur,

“I don’t agree that homosexuals are automatically bound for hell any more than drunks, fornicators, idolaters or any of the bulk of Australians on his list of ‘sinners’ whom he urged to repent.

But why must Folau be sacked, hounded out of sport, bankrupted and threatened with audits by unnamed tax officials

why must his netball star wife, Silver Fern, Maria Folau, be attacked for posting a link to his GoFundMe account to the point that the ANZ Bank has expressed displeasure to Netball New Zealand.

ANZ Bank!

The sheer effrontery and audacity of ANZ sucks the oxygen out of the room. A bank, found at the Royal Commission to have some serious moral and ethical issues is now lecturing others on moral and ethical issues — self-awareness, zero.

The City Journal is a public policy magazine and website that covers a wide range of topics.

In a brilliant piece, recently, it offered an observation into which the Folau episode can be given some context; or anyone else who dares to speak against the settled orthodoxy.

And this is why people are subscribing to the Folau cause — not because they are bigots or even because they are religious; but rather as Miranda Devine has written, “They are donating because they know they are next. How many quiet Australians work for companies like Qantas and have to stay silent in the face of gratuitous, corporate activism that conflicts with their private values?”


Why are they silent and frightened to speak, though social media does provide them with some cover?

Well, City Journal explains:

“Under Stalinism, dissidents were liquidated or vanished into the gulag; the American left could only liquidate careers and disappear reputations …”

Fast forward to 2019 from the 1930s and that is what is happening with Israel Folau.

His career and that of his wife are being liquidated and their reputations are being “disappeared”.

The support for Israel Folau comes not just from the quiet Australians putting their hands in their pockets; people from the left and the right, in the political spectrum, are rallying to the cause.

Gillian Triggs, the former Human Rights Commissioner has said,

“I don’t think employers should have the power to sack someone and I don’t think that one should lose one’s job for putting a view in good faith that you have put, particularly as a reflection, that could be a religious view … it is a very wide view. It encompasses a lot of us. We are all going to go to hell. I think it’s really foolish and disproportionate to prevent him from preaching something that I think he probably believes quite deeply as a matter of religious expression.”

And this is the guts of it.

Thousands and thousands of quiet Australians have donated generously and many of them are the same quiet Australians who stood up for religious freedom at the federal election on May 18.

Martyn Iles is the General Manager of the Australian Christian Lobby and he said Israel Folau’s treatment “speaks volumes” of the religious freedom challenges in society and he argues Australian politicians cannot “wash their hands like Pontius Pilate” when it comes to the issue of religious freedom.

He said, correctly and ominously, “It’s time for our politicians to lead. It’s time for Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese to outline in detail how they will protect people of faith and the important principles of freedom that are raised by Israel’s case.

Tom Mangan wrote to the newspapers this week, from Woy Woy,

“I’m a homosexual, an atheist and a serial drunk so I don’t know if there is a deep enough circle in hell for Israel to consign me to. However, I don’t give a toss what he thinks, or says, where or when he says it or to whom. I would rather see tough and vigorous discussion than this mealy-mouthed attempt to shut opinion down. I have confidence that the majority has enough common sense and fairness to handle full and open debate to a reasonable outcome.”

Tom Mangan

One of my listeners made a telling point, “Here is a question for Scott Morrison. The Australian rugby team is only allowed to have the national coat of arms on the jersey with the permission of the Australian Government. Will Scott Morrison, a Christian, allow, the Wallabies to continue as a national team, with the national coat of arms, while it persecutes a Christian rugby player?”

Among the mountain of correspondence I have received, I noted a piece from a, highly intelligent rugby international from the 60s, a magnificent centre, who wrote in part,

I can’t see why anyone would be offended by his restating the particular biblical text, especially if they didn’t believe in hell, then his beliefs become irrelevant.

As it turns out, I am one of those sinners and I am certainly not weighed down by guilt, nor do I feel that I have been vilified.

I don’t think you can regard this case as a normal one. It is a landmark event with enormous consequences for our society and with so many affected by the outcome.

I think it’s reasonable that all the expense doesn’t fall on one individual.

One of the most famous landmark decisions was started by Eddie Mabo with the case lasting 10 years. He probably didn’t pay a cent. And people wouldn’t argue against that as he was fighting for a principle which deserved financial support.”

Only this week, media-barons were at the National Press Club, in the wake of Federal Police raids, arguing for their freedoms to express views.

But, as one correspondent said, they don’t seem to “give a rat’s about similar individual rights”.


I wrote earlier this year on this matter and cited the words of Martin Niemoller, the German theologian and Lutheran Pastor, best known for his opposition to the Nazi regime during the 1930s. In his widely quoted poem, First They Came, he argued:

“First they came for the socialists and I didn’t speak out because I was not a socialist.

“Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

“Then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak out because I was not a Jew.

“And then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.”

That is where we are today.

This courageous young Polynesian Christian is fighting for all of us. There is a corollary to the freedom of speech and it is the freedom not to listen and the freedom to ignore.

Put bluntly, this Folau affair is simply another excuse to beat up on Christians and their faith; and another example of rule 13 of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Alinsky is an American writer and community organiser.

He died in 1972.

Rule 13 is simple.

It’s at work here against Israel and Maria Folau.

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalise it and polarise it.”

And that is why this young man deserves support — Israelfolau.com.au

For those of you who have written to me and expressed your hope that this gifted footballer is in a good place, Israel Folau told me on Tuesday night, “Going really well. Thanks, mate. Faith is strong and nothing to fear or worry about. Thanks for your support.”

There is a good man of moral courage leading as Will Swanton wrote beautifully in this paper on Wednesday, “a deep and meaningful existence that goes beyond himself”.

Think about it. Put to a similar test, would we respond in the same way?

No hate, just calm faith in his God. It is a comfort that seemingly only a deep Christian faith can provide.

Original Source: Date-stamped: 2019 JUNE 28   -  Time-stamped: 12:00 am   Author: Alan Jones  Article Title: Courageous Folau is fighting for all of us.  Article Link: www.theaustralian.com.au


Forbidden Bookshelf bringing disappeared books back to life so that readers may finally learn what those in power did not want anyone to know.

s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Destructive Impact on Our Domestic and Foreign Policy
by Christopher Simpson.

s Use of Terror in Vietnam
by Douglas Valentine.

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The Classic Study of How American Women Coped with Unwanted Pregnancy Before Roe v. Wade

by Nancy Howell Lee.

How Organized Crime Influences Professional Football
by Dan E. Moldea.

The History of America
’s 1 Percent
by Frederick Lewis Allen.

by Christopher Simpson

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by Richard Severo and Lewis Milford

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by Stephen Pizzo, Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo

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by I. Stone

by Peter Scott

by James Collier and Kenneth Collier

“Tittle Coming”

London’s Soaring crime rates are an indictment of the government’s neglect on “Sadiq Khan’s” watch

Soaring Crime Rates Are An Indictment Of The Government’S Neglect

Article Link: theguardian.com
Date-stamped: 26 Jan 2018
Time-stamped: 02.21 AEDT

‘Recorded crime is rising across the country – in particular the most violent crimes like knife attacks.’ Photograph: Katie Collins/PA

‘Recorded crime is rising across the country – in particular the most violent crimes like knife attacks.’ Photograph: Katie Collins/PA

Article Lead In: Violent offences are ripping communities apart yet ministers continue to cut police numbers and back-up services

The current government is hopelessly weak on crime, and even weaker on the causes of crime.

Recorded crime is rising across the country – in particular the most violent crimes like knife attacks. It has become a major national problem that the government can no longer ignore.

The latest official crime statistics, published today, reveal the terrible repercussions for our country. Between September 2016 and September 2017, recorded crime rose across England and Wales.

OVERALL recorded crime increased by nearly 15% across England and Wales, and by nearly 5% in London.

And knife crime – which is causing so much pain and suffering within our communities – rose by 21% nationwide, and a similar amount in London.

Surge in recorded crime spells trouble for Theresa May Read More

Sadly this rise in crime is not a new trend. While police recording of crime has improved, the truth is the picture across England and Wales has been getting progressively worse in recent years as the government’s long-term approach to crime and cuts to preventative services have started to bite.

Since 2010, ministers have been repeatedly warned that their actions would have grave consequences, but they refused to listen. The statistics released today must surely serve as a wake-up call for the government to change its ways. The prime minister can no longer just disregard the reality of what is happening on our streets and the warnings of our police and crime professionals.

Police officers across the country are doing an incredible job in extremely difficult circumstances. Following the huge central government cuts, national police officer numbers have fallen to the lowest level in more than three decades. At the same time as dealing with the growing terrorist threat, our brave men and women left on the frontline are working above and beyond to tackle crime.

In London, as in many other parts of the country, we are doing everything we can – including a major push from the Metropolitan police to tackle knife crime. In the last two months, for example, the Met ran Operation Winter Nights, with tough measures to tackle violent crime. It made more than 900 arrests and took more than 350 weapons off London’s streets – including 278 knives and 20 firearms.

The real story of the rise in crime over the past few years is the sustained cuts to our public services since 2010.

We are also cracking down on burglary and moped gangs. For example, four moped riders, who had mugged more than 100 people in London, were caught and recently jailed for over 18 years in total.

The Met commissioner, Cressida Dick, and I fully agree that the Met must continue to step up this fight against violent crime – and Londoners should expect to see more tough action throughout 2018. However, individual police forces are not going to be able to solve this problem alone.

The statistics clearly show that the rise in crime in recent years is a national problem that requires national solutions. And one thing is absolutely clear. The government must urgently increase funding for police forces in London and across the country as well as restore funding for the services that provide paths away from crime, such as youth, education, probation and mental health.

We all remember the phrase used by the last Labour government to describe its stance on tackling crime: “Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.” It encapsulated the realisation that as well as investing in the police, cracking down on criminals and ensuring justice is always done, we must also address the root causes of crime. It’s an approach that saw crime halve during 13 years of Labour in government – and it’s the only approach that will make our communities safer now.

These are services that not only help talented young people rise to fulfil their potential, but also steer many away from falling into a life of crime and gangs.

In London, government cuts to council budgets have led to more than 30 youth centres closing since 2011, with at least 12,700 places for young people lost. London’s schools face £99m in real-terms cuts in 2018-19 alone and children’s services face a funding gap of at least £2bn by 2020.

Rise in recorded crime is accelerating in England and Wales Read More

For many young people growing up, particularly those from deprived and disadvantaged communities, there are often key crossroads in their lives. And without the necessary support and direction at these crucial moments, they can take decisions and paths that not only harm their own future, but negatively impact the rest of society.

This is not just a theory, but something that has been seen time and again in cities and countries around the world. In London, we are changing the way we do things and introducing new services to complement the work of the police. This includes working with mental health providers and extending the provision of youth workers in A&E departments.

But, despite our best intentions and endeavours, cities and regions across the country will never be able to solve this problem alone. Today’s crime figures show the scale of the national problem we face. Violent crime is ripping communities apart and devastating lives. This is something the government can no longer ignore. It’s time to step up, take responsibility and help London and other parts of the country to tackle crime, as well as its causes.

Mayoral Reporting:

34 out of 40 Reporting Categories: Real London double digit rises in Crime

Bournemouth 2017 (1) (UK Sex Offences) Mehmet Aytas 34, aka. Mehmet Citak 34

Bournemouth court. Victim an adult/Rapist 34, Turkish. Jailed for 15 years for raping the victim 20 times over 4 years. Judge: he “had a desire to dominate and control … believed he was superior to women and had viewed females as his personal property”.


Name Age Charges Sentence PED Date
Mehmet Aytas aka. Mehmet Citak 34 seven counts of rape (Case: T20167062) 15 years 30/10/2026

(PED) Parole Eligibility Date

Article Title: Man who raped victim more than 20 times and ‘believed he was superior to women’ is jailed
Article Link: bournemouthecho.co.uk
Date-stamped: 26th August 2017
Author: Alex Winter

Snatch picture. .Mehmet Aytas arriving at Bournemouth Crown Court..

Snatch picture. .Mehmet Aytas arriving at Bournemouth Crown Court..

Article Lead In: A WOMAN who was raped more than 20 times by a man who ‘believed he was superior to women’ said she has been left “terrified” by her ordeal. 

The victim, who cannot be named, was attacked by Mehmet Aytas (aka. Mehmet Citak) on a number of occasions over the course of four years. Some of the rapes took place after the defendant watched violent sexual videos. On Friday morning, Aytas, 34, was jailed for 15 years by a judge who said the defendant had a “desire to dominate and control”. The defendant, who previously worked in the hotel industry, was this week convicted of seven counts of rape by a jury sitting at Bournemouth Crown Court.

The court heard he had repeatedly raped his victim after moving to the UK from Turkey around a decade ago. He had studied for a degree in tourism and hotel management in his home country before his relocation to Dorset. The first rape took place shortly after Aytas arrived in the UK, when he was working at a hotel in Bournemouth. The defendant had “ignored [his victim’s] pleas” during the attack. On one occasion, Aytas told the victim he would put her in a dog collar and lead her around until she did as she was told.

In an impact statement read aloud to the court by prosecutors, the victim said: “I feel I will always be looking over my shoulder and always be scared of him.” She also believes it is “inevitable” that the defendant will commit another rape, the court heard. “What he has done is abhorrent and no one should have to go through this,” she said. Susan Wright, mitigating, said: “[Aytas] knows he will of course be given a lengthy custodial sentence. “All that which he has been able to build will be destroyed.”

Ms Wright said the defendant has already researched courses to take in prison, and called for his sentence to be as short as Judge Peter Johnson could allow. “I can do no more than ask for the mercy he is only now beginning to show others,” she said. However, Judge Johnson said Aytas, now of Alder Road in Poole, believed he was “superior” to women and had viewed females as his “personal property”. “You had no understanding or acceptance of your behaviour until this morning,” he said.

Other Sources: Muslim grooming gangs and other rape jihad convictions